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Old January 26, 2001, 01:57 AM   #1
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A couple years ago, I bought my son a used Model 10 Anschutz/Savage .22lr sport rifle. He's not only good with it, he's damned good. He shoots 3/4"-1" groups at 50yds, 1/4" or smaller groups from 25yds, with the peep sights the rifle came with, from the off-hand position!

I have two questions.

First. Should I go with another Anschutz or the Marlin? The model 10 he shoots with now is a beautiful rifle. Anschutz quality and reputation speak for themselves. The model 1903 I'm looking at now is a purpose built target rifle, as is the the Marlin 2000T. Both are also beautiful rifles. The Anschutz is expensive though, about $900.00 w/ sights, (though as far Anschutz's are concerned, this is cheap). I can get the Marlin at one of my local gun shops, for $550.00 with sights. I can afford either one, so it's not really the money. My main concern is to get my son the best rifle possible. Any ideas?

Second. I'd like to get my son entered in some shooting competitions. I'd also like to try and find him a proper coach. I think I've done okay here, but let's face it. I can't overlook the kid's talent and natural ability ability. As good as he is, how much better would/could he be with "proper" training? How do I go about finding out about youth shooting competitions? How do I find him a coach?

I look forward to hearing from members of this forum about my questions. Thanks ahead of time.

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Old January 26, 2001, 08:28 AM   #2
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I'm no expert on formal competition and I've never owned an Anschutz rifle (I admit to lusting after several), but I do own a Marlin 2000L. What I can say is that as far as informal target shooting goes the Marlin is more than adequate. I bought this rifle four years ago to introduce my son to shooting and it has served that purpose well. It has, since it was purchased, been capable of one hole groups at 25 yards (from a rest) all day long. For a beginning target shooter, the Marlin will probably serve quite well.

However, if your son is a real talent, as you suspect, investing in the more expensive Anschutz might be a better choice. Anschutz makes many.22 target rifles, however, and choosing a model within their product line will depend on your finances and how serious and talented your son is. When you find that coach you're looking, for I'm sure he'll have some sound advice about which rifle is most appropriate to start with. If you don't belong to a rifle club, seek one out that sponsors small bore matches; you'll get to see what the equipment requirements are and probably find out what your options are in the coach department too.

My own choice would be to get the less expensive Marlin first and see how serious your son is about formal competion. If after a couple years he is still interested and is ready to move up, I'd buy the Anschutz at that time. Regardless of your choice, in the end what you'll remember about all of this is the time you spent with your son introducing him to an enjoyable, lifelong pursuit.

Good luck.
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It's going to be expensive if you guys want to get serious.............

I have been target shooting for about 2 years. If you guys are going to be serious about this type of compitition, get the best equipment at the beginning. Many people might suggest you to gradually upgrading your equipment, but you are actually spending more at the end. Besides, Anschütz rifle has ton of accessories that you eventually need to be competitive. These rifle are built to last (don’t compare this to a battle rifle!). You need an accurate rifle to help you shoot better (no reason to get a AK-47 for target shooting, right?). I think Marlin is a great rifle for the money, but it has its limit. The goal of target shooting is to shoot consistently, and an Anschütz will deliver that.

There are other considerations, too. It will be a waste of money to use non-target ammo in an Anschütz. True target ammo cost about $7~8+ per 50 (be a bit cheaper in bulk). Other stuff such as jacket, pants & boots – for international type of competition, are wear items. You need to be prepared to replace them some day. Neal Johnson is properly the largest supplier in US. His price is a bit on the high side, but not by much. Some other smaller dealers usually can give you a cut. Follow the link to learn more about this sport. Target Shooting
You can find some coaching releate topic here: Archive
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Old January 26, 2001, 07:03 PM   #4
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Congrats! Your pup is awesome with that .22!!!!!

You mentioned that money wasn't a problem. That said, I agree with the previous statements regarding constant upgrading - you will spend more in the long run going that route.

Forget the Marlin. Good rifle that your son has already outgrown.

Anschutz 1903. Match 64 action. He has outgrown that as well.

You need to consider the Anschutz models with the match 54 action. That is really what your son will need to be a serious competitor and let his capabilities shine.

As mentioned Neiljguns has them, so does Champion Shooters, and Champions Choice.

Oh, BTW, never shoot anything but target velocity .22 in these rifles.
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Old January 26, 2001, 11:52 PM   #5
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First off I'd say find a club if you have not found one already that offers a good smallbore program and that will help alot. Depends on his age but if it were my son(12)I'd start him with the 1903, this rifle will be competitive at his level. In the remote possibility he does not stick with it or its time to upgrade, I don't see you having a hard time selling it for a good price. The 1907(54 action) is the next step and that will double the 1903(64 action) price. If you want a good answer to your question I would call and talk with Carl Joos of Champion Shooters Supply(800-821-GUNS) and he'll get you squared away, he has forgotten more about smallbore that most of us know. The Joos family are regular folks and all are long time smallbore shooters. They are involved in OSU's program(his son shot for OSU)along with other schools and colleges nationwide.

As far as his progression, it depends on his commitment to the craft(you get out of competitive shooting what you put into it). First it must be fun then you would surprized how hard kids will push themselves with a little competition. Finding a coach is as close as your nearest club. Experienced shooters from our clubs spend time with juniors every weekend sharing their knowledge, some of the best coaches you will find. This was the main reason I got into competitive shooting so I could pass it on to my sons and others. Good luck with your son I hope you all enjoy it half as much as I do.

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Old January 27, 2001, 12:24 AM   #6
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Thanks for the info so far. It looks like the Anschutz is going to be the choice.

Mention has been made about the 64 action (1903) and the 54 action (1907). I pulled up Champion Shooters website and looked at the descriptions for both, but there isn't really anything about the differences between the actions. Can y'all tell me about these rifles, and the differences between them?

We appreciate the comments so far. Thanks folks. Look forward to hearing more.

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Old January 27, 2001, 12:33 PM   #7
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I suggest you give Mr. Joos a call up at Champion Shooters as was previously suggested. He does some design work for Anschutz and give you more details than we could here on the differences.

In simple terms, the 64 is the economy action vs. the 54 which is their top of the line match action.

A further distinction is that the match 54 action can be had in the standard style(1907) and the version which allows quick barrel changes (2007). Also, the 54 action is available in some models as a repeater, like the Anschutz silhouette rifle and biathlon model.

Champion Shooters has the 1907 in stock (that is about all they have right now) and the recent currency changes will save you a few hundred bucks.

I have a 2013 on order right now so my price is going to be a bit higher than if I would have bought a few months ago.

BTW, Champions directly imports and passes the savings on to you.
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