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Chronograph Record Sheet

I'm interested in developing a record sheet to record my information while at the range when firing over the chrony.

So if you have a sheet you use, please post an image of it, so I can benefit from your work and experience. thanks!
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serf 'rett
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My range "record sheet" ranges from a pad and clipboard to scribbles on a piece of cardboard gleaned from trash.

The important thing is to transfer the info into an Excel spreadsheet on the home computer, where we can play all types of number games.
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Old June 6, 2014, 02:40 PM   #3
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I have binoculars, the back of a target, and a pen on the shooting bench.
I write down each velocity.
I write down what gun and what range on each target as I pull it down.
I write up a range report as soon as I get home.

Range report 2007-2-15 6mmBR 9mm 45acp
It is getting close to varmint season, and I need to see if 1 in 14" twist stabilizes a 65 gr Vmax in a 6mmBR.
I get Friday afternoon off, and I saw that had a couple of hours predicted to be 0 miles per hour wind at Issaquah WA, where my range is, so I tried to get ready.
1918 Savage 99 take down 250-3000 with Shilen 21.375" 5.1 pound stainless barrel benchrest take off 6mmPPC after 400 rounds. I reamed out to 6mmBR .272" neck and cut threads and reliefs to fit on Sav99. It is the second trip for gun and second trip for scope to the range. Leupold VXIII 6.5x20x50 Varmint. I took the scope off to put a magnetic screw on lens cover on the objective.
W748 33..5 gr 65 gr 6mm Vmax moly coated with BBs and magnetically separated.
2.22" OAL, but the chamber will seat it further.
Quickload thinks that this is 3229 fps 45,801 psi
I fired into the dirt over the chrono and measured 3122 fps and 3159 fps.
0.3" 3 shot group at 100 yards. [with the rifle forward in the bag]
1" 3 shot group at 100 yards. [ with the rifle forward in the bag]
The targets were then un shootable with only one staple as the wind was blowing them sideways.

So 7 years later, those velocities will still have meaning.
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File Type: jpg 6mmbr RangeBenchSav99s.jpg (153.0 KB, 146 views)
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Here you go. This is actually done in Excel to ease formatting & let me use the gathered data later.
I usually print 3 or 4 "entries" to a sheet of 81/2X11 so the cells are big enough for easy writing.

The data columns are in the order my chronograph presents them you can just modify to work with your system.

Why 2 "notes",easy, 1 for target info (5 ro[email protected] 100 yds no wind) & so on, the other for the things that happened firing the string. (unusual recoil, lots of muzzle flash) & so on. I mark the target with the "STRING # so I can match everything up when I get back home.
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Excel Spreadsheet

I have an Excel spreadsheet I take to the range.

PM me w/ your e-mail address and I'll send it to you, if you wish.

It works for me (I only shoot pistol, if that matters). It may or may not for you. No harm in taking a peek at it.

(I'm at work right now, so I can't send it 'till tomorrow.)
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Here ya go!
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Old June 9, 2014, 07:49 AM   #7
Doc Hoy
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I like yours better'n mine

I cobbled one together a while back which I use. It is also in Excel. I print the form and carry it to the range, then load the data into Excel for statistical analysis when I get home. Yes...My computer keyboard has BP soot (I shoot mostly BP Cartridge or Cap and ball) and gun oil all over it.

I like both of the examples above better than mine.

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If you'd like a live excel copy PM me with an e-mail address so I can send you the sheet.
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Here's what I use when I'm serious about working up a load (this version is set up for evaluating 5-shot groups, but it's easily converted to other group sizes):

It's a bit more labor-intensive, but provides a great deal more information. I like to shoot on those "sighting-in" targets that provide 5 bulls with a 1" grid around them. I shoot the groups using the chronograph and note the velocity for each shot and also make a little drawing so I know which hole corresponds to which shot. That all gets taken home, where I measure the x and y distance from the aiming point for each shot, then enter those two numbers and the velocity for each into the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet then calculates the center of the group as the mean x and mean y distances and then calculates the distance that each shot is from that group center. Those distances are used to calculate the mean distance from the group center, which is a much better measure of the accuracy (precision, really) of the load than group size, which has lots of drawbacks statistically (though the sheet calculates that as well).

Finally, each shot and the group center is plotted. That all gets printed out and stored in the noteboook. The example I provided represents real data from my .22-250, shot back in September of 2001.
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Old June 9, 2014, 03:31 PM   #10
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One nice thing about collecting data in excel is that it ports directly over into the "Point Blank" ballistics calculator. It also makes plotting impacts easier as you print a copy of the digital target shoot it & then just push the data back into the digital again.
Like this:
Allan Quatermain: “Automatic rifles. Who in God's name has automatic rifles”?

Elderly Hunter: “That's dashed unsporting. Probably Belgium.”
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Old June 9, 2014, 03:41 PM   #11
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Notebook with a pencil. Can't get much simpler.

Caliber, gun, bullet, primer, and powder being tested and temperature out. Then just start a column of velocities for each load tested (at least 10 entries, but I shoot 15, sometimes more). At a glance you can tell pretty much where it's at and target tells accuracy. Simple. When I get home, then I put in a LibreOffice Calc and play the numbers game. I don't need it in 'Excel' but if I did, LibreOffice easily converts to that proprietary format . And if is free and works both on Linux and Windoze.
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