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Old May 13, 2014, 10:11 AM   #1
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10/22 or CZ Bolt Action for competitive shooting?

I went to 4H yesterday for the first time and I took My 10/22 ruger. I saw a lot of people with these nice CZ bolt actions that were shooting better groups than me. So which would I be better off using? My 10/22 of buying A CZ? This was the first time I used iron sights on my Ruger, so they Weren't sighted in like my scope. Anyway, thanks in advance.
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Old May 13, 2014, 10:25 AM   #2
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Strictly speaking, the CZ would likely be the better rifle for target shooting, but really, your 10/22 ought to be fine, too.

It's tough to do nowadays because of the .22LR shortage, but experiment with different ammo - each .22 firearm has it's particular preference.

After that, you might get the trigger tuned a bit, install an aperture sight set, and/or get a good sling.

Beyond this, it's just a matter of quality practice until you're trying to make small groups itty bitty groups.
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Old May 13, 2014, 10:37 AM   #3
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I have read up a lot on rifles these past weeks as I'm gearing up to buy my first rifle. I have been focused on the .22lr platform as my first, so I have run across many threads across the internet on this question (it comes up a lot apparently).

From what I gather in my research, the general consensus is, The CZ is much more accurate out of the box then a 10/22. You can modify a 10/22 to match the CZ in accuracy, but it might cost you as much as a CZ rifle itself to get there. So, most threads end with the vast majority recommending buying the CZ for the greater accuracy. Of course, there are die-hard 10/22 fans that say their 10/22 is as accurate ,or more accurate ,then a CZ, but I gather that is an exception to the rule instead of the norm.

There is a reason the you seen so many CZ's when you went to 4H.

(CZ is one of the two top contenders I am currently looking to buy. The other one is a Henry lever action... not as accurate, but it is in the running for the "fun factor")
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Old May 14, 2014, 08:10 AM   #4
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I'll pitch my vote for the CZ. However, Savage offers a heavy bbl bolt action that comes from the factory with peeps. It's s'posed to be a top notch performer that gets debated on here as being nearly as good or as good as the CZ 452 Military Trainer.

Edit- Just a suggestion, but if you want to stick with your 10/22 while waiting to upgrade, consider a set of peeps. Now these aren't anywhere close to Olympic grade- but they'll be solid and bring the sight back a lot closer to your eye. I went with the TSR200 on mine.
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Old May 14, 2014, 08:40 AM   #5
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I have both, and there is no comparison in the accuracy department between the CZ and Ruger.

They are different rifles for different purposes. If you're shooting small bore, NRA Light Rifle, or CMP Rim fire Sporter matches or 4H Shooting games, the 10-22 cant compete.

How ever, I also shoot action style action matches at steel (like multi gun only using 22s. Here the Ruger wins because its about time. I have some Ruger 25 round magazines that cut down on the reloading.

On the shelf 10-22s need work. The trigger I put on mine cost more then the rifle did. As did the scope, though the Ruger mount works for me.

They are different guns for different purposes, owning both I can't say one is better then the others.

I don't golf, but if you look at golf people you'll see that have several clubs in their bag. Each club has a different so you couldn't say one club is better then the others.

I have other 22s besides the CZ and Ruger, I use them for other task.

There is no "one gun fits" all, regardless whether its 22s or high power.
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Old May 14, 2014, 06:23 PM   #6
Evan Thomas
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Ideally, a person would have both.

The CZs are lovely, accurate rifles; I love mine. But the 10/22 has a place, as well -- you might want to do an Appleseed shoot sometime, and for that, it's much better, especially when you're a relatively new shooter, to have a semi-automatic. The pace of the Appleseed events is fast, and especially in the timed, rapid fire portions, a bolt-action rifle puts you at a serious disadvantage. You can still go, and learn a lot, with a bolt-action, but a semi is recommended -- for good reason.
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Old May 14, 2014, 07:30 PM   #7
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CZ for sure. While 10/22's are pretty accurate rifles,there is no comparision when it come to match shooting. Bolt action all the way
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Old May 15, 2014, 12:07 PM   #8
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My 10/22 is soon to be sold to purchase a CZ or Savage.
Will probably scratch build a 10/22 from third party parts in the future though.
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Old June 11, 2014, 02:50 PM   #9
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Bolt action's are usually more accurate.

In my experience, bolt action rifles are more accurate than semi-autos in the same price range. The CZ has a great reputation and its no wonder why, its a great gun.

Semi-autos are more expensive to manufacture and design so a similarly priced bolt action will have put more of that money towards craftsmanship and materials instead of the more complicated action of a semi-auto.

That said, semi-autos have the potential to be just as accurate as bolt action guns, but you will pay more.

I say go with the CZ, and take a look at the savage .22's. I bought a savage fv-sr as a suppressor host and its easily more accurate than my 10/22, plus it only cost about $250 out the door at a recent gun show.
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Old June 13, 2014, 07:49 PM   #10
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I have both a CZ 452 and a Ruger 10/22. When it comes to accuracy, the CZ wins hands down. The 10/22 is a nice gun but load the CZ with subs or target ammo and it is a tack driver. A while back, I messed with a buddy by hitting his 7mm bullet holes at 100 yards. I was 5 for 5 and those were ordinary subs not expensive target ammo.
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