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BP_Cartridge Revolver fouling/cleanup

I shoot any number of BP-charged BPCartridge rifles (falling blocks/rolling blocks) and also BP C&P pistols -- but never BPcartridge revolvers (yet).

How much tear-down/cleaning is involved after a BPcartridge revolver session?
(anything like what we go through w/ C&P?)

And how badly/quickly does fouling build up in the cylinder gap to prevent turning?
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How much tear-down/cleaning is involved after a BPcartridge revolver session?
You clean the frame, cylinder and barrel. Not a big deal.

And how badly/quickly does fouling build up in the cylinder gap to prevent turning?
Depends on the gun. Colt style revolvers last the longest. I have put 2-3 boxes of BP ammo through them at one time and I haven't bound one up yet. Remington style revolvers will go through a box or so before you need to wipe them down. The replica S&W top break revolvers don't do well with BP. You might get 20-30 shots before they get sticky. All this from my personal experience. Others have no doubt had their own.
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Old November 9, 2013, 11:53 AM   #3
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What MJN said.
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Old November 9, 2013, 11:59 AM   #4
Doc Hoy
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As much as you want....

That is a kind of smartypants answer and I don't mean to condescend.

I like to go pretty far with cleaning. Disassembly including the triggerguard so I can see the innards.

I clean in hot water with liquid dish detergent with backstrap, triggerguard, cylinder and pin pulled apart.

On a cap and ball revolver I take the nipples out every time, but I know you are not asking questions about cap and ball. I say that to give you the impression that I am fairly thorough.

Others may be less fastidious as a rule, only doing a deep cleaning once every third outing or something like that.

I buy a bag of bottle brushes from Horrible Freight. They are nylon bristle brushes with about three different diameters. They are great for barrel, cylinder and the pin hole in the cylinder. They also have an assortment of metal brushes which include some brass bristle brushes. I use those to clean up the inside of the frame and forcing cone.

Then out of the dishpan, rinse and into the oven at 275 for about thirty minutes to dry out the piece.

Douche it down with Rem Oil and slap it back together.

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Old November 9, 2013, 12:45 PM   #5
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I admit I don't tear my Colts down each time as far as I do when I shoot them with the C&B cylinders in them. When I shoot with BP cartridges, I clean them up the same as I do my smokeless powder revolvers. Frame, Cylinder, Barrel, inspect and put together.

I use hot soapy water, WD40 (water displacement) and oil.
I lube up the Arbor and Rachet with Wonder Lube and I'm ready for the next match.

If you shoot BP with fillers, you MIGHT not get a full seal on your cartridge case and you MAY get more blow by than a normal round and it CAN create a bit more fouling to clean up. If you shoot a full load, you will more likely get a good seal and not as much blow by fouling.

I use my own cast bullets using Dick Dastardly's "Big Lube" style bullet to carry as much lube as possible. Lots of lube seems to keep the barrel fouling down for an entire match just fine without having to field clean the guns.

I have no problems shooting 40 rounds through each pistol and 80 through my rifle during a match.
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Old December 1, 2013, 06:34 PM   #6
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I use Ballistol 25-75 mixed with water as recommended on bottle. Very clean guns and fast clean up.

deulist1954 has an excellent video on cleaning blackpowder guns on his youtube homepage.
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Yes indeed...

... the big dawgs on this forum that really know what they're doin', have spoken.

You can take that to the bank.

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Old December 6, 2013, 08:14 PM   #8
royal barnes
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I have been shooting BP in CAS matches for about 17 years. I use a Ballistol water mix and wipe the pistol down inside and out, clean chambers and barrel, then wipe down with full strength Ballistol. I completely strip my BP guns down once a year to deep clean. Never had any rust. As an old time BP shooter told me, "if you take your guns completely apart every time you shoot them you're just wearing out the screws. He's right.
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