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Glock 22 Generation 3 .40 Review/Range Report!



It is widely known that Glock pistols are one of, if not THE, most reviewed brand of handgun in the world (and for good reason). There are more than a few “Range Reports” and “Reviews” on the numerous Glock models, generations, and calibers and there is virtually nothing more that can be said about Glock that hasn’t been said already. It seems that even the positive opinions (provided by Glock advocates) and negative opinions (provided by Glock’s very few opponents) differ ever so slightly rendering opinions as more of a “universal” analysis than a “difference in opinion”. With that being said, I am giving you my personal “experience” with my newly acquired Glock 22 Generation 3 .40 pistol which doesn’t necessarily reflect others experiences with this pistol, though I’m sure many will find my review/range report quite familiar! This is my first ever Review/Range Report so go easy on me!

I purchased this pistol on June 30th, 2013 from a private seller in my area for $500.00 cash (yes, the cost is a little steep but with Colorado’s new gun laws going into effect on July 1st, 2013 the “value” of firearms saw a significant increase). The Glock 22 Gen 3 is my second Glock purchase, replacing my Glock 22 Gen 2 .40 which I never took to the range (I had the Gen 2 for only a week or so before selling it to purchase the gen 3). My reasoning behind “upgrading” from the Gen 2 to the Gen 3 was that I could achieve a better “purchase” on the weapon with its finger grooves and I like the option of a Picatinny rail for accessories such as lights and lasers. The pistol came with 3 15 round magazines and a case and the gentleman I purchased the pistol from claims to have only placed approximately 400 rounds or so through the pipe. Judging off of the 2 pins above the trigger guard, this particular pistol was manufactured post 2002 and was in near perfect shape with the exception of very little holster wear.

The Glock 22 Generation 3 .40 is a striker fired, safe action pistol which holds 15 rounds with an optional 17 round magazine. The measurements are as follows:

• Overall Length: 7.32 inches
• Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
• Overall Height: 5.43 inches
• Overall Width: 1.18 inches
• Weight (Loaded): 34 ounces
• Sight Radius: 6.5 inches
• Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs.

After 4 days of chomping at the bit to take the Glock 22 Gen 3 to the range and test her out I cleaned, lubed, and packed it up and visited my local pistol range to give it a go. I purchased 100 rounds of Federal Range/Practice ammunition, 4 targets, threw on my “eyes” and “ears”, loaded up the magazines, and took my place in Lane #6! Based on previous experiences with .40 pistols, I know very well that the .40 cartridge is a “snappy” little round that generally causes quite a bit of “muzzle flip” resulting in decreased accuracy and I expected nothing less out of the Glock 22. I was wrong! My first 15 shots were taken at a distance of 7 yards and I managed to place all 15 shots center mass in a 2 inch grouping. Not too bad for an intermediate shooter with ZERO experience with a Glock 22. I will say, the first 15 rounds through the pipe inflicted slight discomfort in my hands partially due to the recoil and in part due to my grip. After adjusting my grip to a firm, thumbs forward purchase, and another 15 rounds or so down range, I felt as comfortable (if not more) firing this pistol as I have with any other handgun.

During my range session, I practiced at distances of 5, 7, 15 and 25 yards. At the 5 and 7 yard marks, I was dead center in groupings of 2 inches or less. At 15 and 25 yards, I noticed that I was shooting slightly high right to point of aim which may be due to my lack of recoil adjustment (any other ideas or suggestions?) but still managed groupings of less than 5 inches. I practiced slow fire, rapid fire, dominant hand only (right), off hand only (left), and drawing from my hip and was able to put a round on target using each method, every time. Not surprisingly, I experienced absolutely ZERO issues with this pistol, even when I attempted to “limp wrist” or cause the pistol to malfunction in any way. Every time the trigger was pulled, she went “BANG” and eagerly asked for another! I have found my personal defense weapon.

I am curious to hear about anybody else’s experience with this particular pistol and look forward to discussing this with you fine folks! Thank you for reading! Take care…

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Re: Glock 22 Generation 3 .40 Review/Range Report!

I have a Gen 3 G22 that I bought in 2000. Stock sights and I can hit a 10 inch target @100 yards. I also have a G33 and I'm not near as good with it. The G22 has never failed me. And the recoil seems like a .22 after shooting my G33 357 SIG. Now that has a snappy kick to it But my G33 is what I carry because the G22 is a bit big. All Ive done to my G22 is a lasermax sight and rail light.

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I have a pair of OD color 22s that get to bounce around in my trucks and get generally abused. I have shot them quite a lot and carried them a lot in the woods. Never a hiccup from either and I have complete confidence in picking up either one. The whole situation of people whining about the snappy recoil is grossly overblown.
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I had a failure with mine.

I purposely never cleaned or lubed it to see if it would indeed fail. Somewhere around the 2200-2500 round mark I finally got a FTE.

Mine has around 5000 rounds and I did notice the other day that it is starting to not like WWB ammo but does like the AE bulk. By not like I am meaning bad grouping.

Might be time to clean it again...
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Use police-trade in G22 here.

So far, no problems. I bought it for the right price. I have conversion barrels. It is nice. I don't shoot it much as it just doesn't feel 'right' in my hands [grip angle, grip thickness, trigger].

HOWEVER, when I do use it: reliable and accurate: with .40, .357sig or .40S&W-9mm barrel installed.

Simple, easy to maintain, no prob handgun.

I like my Hi Powers better, but I can NOT fault ANYTHING about Glock that is related to the ability to save my life with it.

I have ABSOLUTE confidence it will work every time I need/want it to, and that any accuracy errors will be due to my technique and not the gun.
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