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A newbie has a dumb question, after reading some reloading manuals I see where some state a specific brass case brand. Isn't a 9mm parabellum the same case no matter the brand. Thanks in advance for any help and evceryone have a safe weekend.
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The case brand, aka headstamp, in the manual is just what they used. You can use any headstamp of 9mm Luger, 9x19, 9mm parabellum that you can find.

Me personally, I sort mine by headstamp...a lot of folks don't, it just really depends on how detailed you want to be.
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Actually have run into some cases that don't have a center hole for the primer, rather two holes opposite of center. You cannot remove the primer with the standard die set.

The cases have minor differences some times but most all brass cases are reloadable as far as I have ever seen with the exception of the aforementioned.

Even the nickel plated brass are reloadable. From my experience if it is 9mm luger, it is almost always reloadable. If you are getting your brass used you may run into a few that are needing trimmed or split when re-sizing (better to discard those), but for the most part you should have no troubles.

I finished reloading 500 brass cases in 9mm luger and had no problems with length etc. They were all from the range. I had to tumble them, de-prime, etc. The only one I couldn't reload was the one with the two offset primer holes. First I have seen in forever.
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All cases should be good to go regardless of manufacture unless the are defective or damaged. This can happen through the factory or firing.

Cases from different companies do vary, but the need to sort cases is apparently debatable in pistols. I sort them by headstamp and trim to a uniform size. It forces you to inspect every case.
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Old June 30, 2013, 01:47 AM   #5
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I always thought "Brand" was the manufacturer. Remington, Winchester, Lake City, Federal, CCI, etc. all make ammunition or cases in 9mm Parabellum. The maker's name is usually shown on the headstamp along with the chambering specification.

"Chambering" or "Cartridge" is the SHAPE of the cartridge. .357 Magnum has certain dimensions. 9mm Parabellum has certain dimensions. 45 ACP has certain dimensions.

"Caliber" (just to forestall confusion) is the diameter of the projectile. It often is short-handed as the chambering (because the chambering determines the caliber).

It becomes tricky when one chambering has multiple names.

9mm Parabellum
9mm Para
9mm Luger

Note that 9mm Makarov is also known as the 9x18

9mm Largo is also called 9x23

380 ACP is probably the champion of aliases. It is also known as
.380 Auto,
9mm Browning,
9mm Corto,
9mm Kurz,
9mm Short,
9 mm Browning corto

I hope that clears up any confusion

Lost Sheep
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I sort my 9mm by headstamp, but never trim. I do use the same data with different headstamps and never noticed a difference.

I only use brands that I recognize as being of good quality and I toss any military or oddball headstamps. I use Winchester brass most for 9mm.
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The only one I couldn't reload was the one with the two offset primer holes. First I have seen in forever.
Two holes in the web of the case = "Berdan" primers (used commonly in Europe). One hole = "Boxer" type of primers (USA standard).
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Not all brands (manufactures) are fit to reload. You may run into some cases that are made out of steel or aluminum instead of brass. These are not fit to reload.
Stick to brass cases but stay away from Amerc brand. They are lousy and not fit to reload even though they are brass. The rest of the manufs shouldn't present much of a problem.
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