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Old June 29, 2013, 01:48 AM   #26
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I don't understand why the weapon someone is using would make them more or less apt to have an ND. I also think assuming that people buy tactical equipment because they are from the video game crowd is rather silly. Some people just think that type of stuff is nifty, and there is no more wrong with that than there is with you finding wood furniture more attractive. It is their money to spend, but as an experienced shooter, you should not try to sway newer shooters toward one type of gun or another. What they do with their money is their choice, and the best way to make sure someone will be happy with their firearm is to let them test out different types in order to see what they like. Maybe they will like a pistol grip, maybe they won't. Either way it doesn't matter as long as they are getting the safety education and training they need/should have.

That being said, I don'y see one as being better than the other overall. I don't think I'd feel comfortable shooting clays with a pistol grip though: seems awkward. Its all personal preference though.
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Old June 29, 2013, 02:50 AM   #27
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I don't know think weapon makes a person more or less likely to have a NG. I was only explaining why some believe the people who chose a tacticool weapon are more likely to be negligent. Why shouldn't a more experienced shooter try to sway a person towards one kind of gun or the other, when many of the posts are from people asking for advice on what to buy?
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Old June 30, 2013, 04:04 PM   #28
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I think some of you are mixing the "tacticool" crowd in with the "tactical" crowd.

There is a big differanct between the vidoe game fueled tacticool crowd packin AR's( or whatever) bristoling with light's, lasers, red dot's, magnifiers, etc, etc... that just want to look like a bada$$ in front of their buddies and people that actually undertake real tactical training to test all that fancy gear and use only the gear that fits their intended use. Then train with that gear and become proficient with it.

Their is a big differance.

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Old July 2, 2013, 02:30 PM   #29
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I doubt if 25% of the new buyers ever even held a Tactical shotgun or even a plain short barreled riot gun! They just see pictures or see em hanging on the shop wall and get goosebumps!
Likely as not if they actually thought about the weight of all that crap hanging all over the gun or thought about all the snagging cords hanhing all over, they'd opt for KISS and clean!
Maybe(?) a sling if it fits into your combat scenerio.
This gun has to react quick and you don't have time to switch 3 gizmos on or off and still consider if you REALLY are justified shooting?
Nope I have my HD shotgun cut to 19" it holds 6 rounds and only has a safety to operate in times of passion!
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Old July 3, 2013, 03:25 AM   #30
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I bought a Plain Jane Moss 500 w a black synthetic stock about 4 yrs ago. I replaced the stock with a Hogue pistol grip and added a black nylon strap. All the tactical I need. A cheap six round boom stick is great for home defense and snake murdering.
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Old July 6, 2013, 12:07 AM   #31
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I have to agree while i do love all the neat tacticool stuff you can dress up on an AR i think the most effective self defense shotgun is a plain pump action with no extra accesories( although i dohave like thethis sleek looklooking of thea polymer stocks over wood) with the exception of a light as someone said earlier if you cant see what your shooting you should not be shooting..if the gun is for hd a light is very useful if the power goes out and you have to have both hands on your gun but still have light..ither than that most other accessories for a shotgun do nothing but make it look more tacticool and have no real advantage..
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Old July 8, 2013, 01:13 AM   #32
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I bought the shotgun I have because of the features it has or lack thereof. I do not want to play mall ninja and I don't fall into the video game generation either.

Since I have been an LEO for 13 years and and spent 6 of those years on ERT. I use what works for me and what I plan on doing with the weapon. For me that is HD. My job gives me all the tools I need.
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Old July 11, 2013, 09:03 AM   #33
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I don't have anything against tactical accessories if they serve a purpose. I think the most important thing you need on a fighting shotgun is a sling. I have always been amazed by the lack of slings on police shotguns. What do you do with the gun if you need both hands, set it down on the ground or ask the bad guy to hold it for you. One of the departments I work for has slings on the Remington 870s but not the Winchester 1300s, go figure. The other dept. which still uses shotguns doesn't have slings. My go to shotgun is a Win. Model 12 18in and it's only modifications are a sling and a hiviz bead. My truck gun is a Maverick 88 set up the same but with a folding stock I just like the safety in front of the trigger guard where my finger rests. Just what works for me.
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Old July 11, 2013, 09:43 AM   #34
warrior poet
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Tactical is individual or small unit techniques which enable one to win a violent encounter. Tactical gear is gear which works toward this effect.

TACTI-COOL is modern marketing.

P.S. There is a light for my shotgun... it is on the wall. You can not hunt at night (it is illegal) so I have never seen the point. To each their own, but flicking on the lights and racking the round from behind cover has the desired effect in my experience.
Trigger control: The skillful manipulation of the trigger, which causes the weapon to fire, while maintaining sight alignment and sight picture.
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