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In need of advice on reloading equipment

Hello, I am new to this forum and I'm in need of advice on selling my deceased husband's reloading equipment. He had a RCBS rock chucker reloading press and supplies with 3 RCBS 3 die carb set. I'm guessing that it was made around 1975. More impressive is some of the shell casings that he had. I can give a complete list, but will mention some Western Super X Silvertip 30-06 Springfield 150 expanding bullets. There are also some Winchester 357 mag. Remington High Velocity 20 center fire cart. 30-06 Springfield 180gr. Also Remington target master Xleanbore-S&W 38 special. These are all brass & nickel casing and are not loaded, but this in not a complete list. He also has a lot of bullets ( not loaded ) Hornady pistol bullets 41 cal.410 hollow point 210 gr. Sierra,Speer Winchester, Browning, a lot of bullets. In doing a little research, I am finding that bullets and casings are out of stock. Some are 8 weeks or more on back order. Should I try to sell the bullets and casings at (new) prices? These are new, and have never been used. I do need as much for this equipment as possible, as I am disabled and live on disability SS. My research also tells me that the gun powder he has is probably too old to sell. He has quite a collection of powder, but I cannot tell if any of it is unopened or not. Some of the metal containers feel full, but I do not know. I would appreciate any advice or help that any of the members might give to me. I can provide a complete list of each item, as I have it written down already. My brother is interested in buying the collection, but he may be unwilling to give me what it is really worth.
Thank you very much,
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Sorry to hear about your loss.

I don't have answers to all of your questions but I will give it a shot.

Many reloading items are in short supply right now so this is a good time to sell. I always hate to advise people but I would not try to get full list for most items. If you want to move them, set a fair price and then you still have freight on top of that. Make a list of items with as much detail as you can and then post it with prices. People will respond if the prices are right. Be prepared because if you have a lot of stuff your inbox will get lots of hits.

Make certain to describe items the best you can and how many there are of certain things. Bullets are good items depending on caliber and style so you never know for sure. When you say "casings" I assume you mean brass. Different calibers of brass bring different money. 357 brass brings much more than 9mm. You just have to do some checking to see what that is worth depending on the condition of it. People like "once-fired" but you likely would not know that so you would advertise accordingly.

On the powder, not sure how old "old" is to you. Powder can remain stable for a long time if stored correctly in cool area, away from heat and sunlight. If nothing else people may buy the old powder for the cans. I would try to sell it, you never know.

Pictures will be requested most likely so be prepared. Best of luck and God Bless
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Re: In need of advice on reloading equipment

Keep in mind powder and primers will need to be sold locally.
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Lost Sheep
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I am sorry for your loss. I lost my Father recently. The loss of a husband, though.... I cannot imagine.
Originally Posted by Fire_Moose
Re: In need of advice on reloading equipment
Keep in mind powder and primers will need to be sold locally.
Powder and primers are simpler to sell if they don't have to be shipped, as they are hazardous material and require special handling, for which carriers will charge extra. They don't HAVE to be sold locally, but it is hardly worth the trouble unless you have a tremendous quantity and don't mind the paperwork.

Most reloading gear will sell for about 75% of the new price if it is in decent condition. RCBS has a lifetime warranty on their gear, no matter if you are the original owner or not, so any buyer will receive that benefit. In today's market, you might be able to get 90% of list price. I would not take any less than 50% under any circumstances.

3 to 4 cents each for the primers (4 is full retail, but if there are none available in stores, they will sell). $15 to $20 per pound for the gunpowder if it really does appear unopened. If your husband kept good records of his loading activities, that should give some assurance to any buyer that he kept his powders uncontaminated and in the original containers. If the quality of the gunpowder, it is worse than useless, it is dangerous.

The bullets (sold locally) should be able to fetch full mail-order price or close to it, as shipping is part of the price anyone wanting them would pay. Otherwise half to 75% of what local stores charge for them. Specialty bullets have a limited marked, though the ones you have are name brands, so should find a buyer given enough time.

I am not very knowledgeable about casings, so will just guess they will be 50% to 75% of mail-order prices and full mail-order price, especially if there are none on the local supplier's shelves. Brass tends to move slowly, as it is reusable.

Good luck.

Lost Sheep
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used reloading equipment

You can also see what the equipment is selling on EBAY. Sorry no primers and powder. It doesn't sound like your husband had too much stuff but all of it has value. If you want to give a list I'll give you an idea what is a fair price in today's market. I've bought estates of reloading equipment and supplies before the shortages and offered the best I could at the time. Just list how many sets of dies, full boxes of bullets, full cartons of primers,
(1000), full or partial canisters of powder. You don't have to be too specific except 1 lb or 8lb cannisters of powder. Then give your brother a deal on the whole lot.

I've been using powders that are over 50 years old in this shortage so if the powder was stored in a cool, dry atmosphere it should be fine.
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I am sorry for your loss.

You might want to give your city and state and maybe there will be a TFL member close to you that could help.
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Old Stony
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Craig's list is very active and could scare up some buyers for you. You can advertise anything but guns on there and lots of shooters will take an interest. Be prepared for questions though, I've put stuff for sale on there and had calls with a few minutes.
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What it is "worth" is up to the buyer.
If you are trying to get near retail prices you will have to invest a lot of time and effort to find a buyer, or buyers if you piecemeal it out.
Take a guesstimate of retail and as your relative if he will pay 50%. If he does you will have the money and be relieved of much trouble.
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Sorry about your loss. Don't know where you live but if your husband had friends who reloaded they might help you describe what you have and may be interested in the powder and primers, as well as the equipment itself. This forum, like many others, is self policing, and anyone here trying to take advantage of you will be called on it and quickly. Perhaps there are forum members in your area who can help, never hurts to post and ask.
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If there is a local gun store near you (not a big chain) there may be someone to take a look at what you have and give an honest estimate on the worth...
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list of reloading equipment

I have already calculated prices as new for casings and bullets. Don't feel any obligation to help me on this list unless you just want to do so. Thank you for all that posted for your advice. I live in the Atlanta Georgia area.

I also found an odd piece... I think it is a hand reloading piece.. It is made out of brass.. and it is 2 5/8" inches tall, and 5/8" inches in dia. and the center tube pulls out.. Looks kind of like a bullet casing? and it has a ball on top.. Does any one know what this could be?

thank you


Bullets only
44 caliper unknown brand .429 240gr.ct 68
44 cal Sierra 220 gr.FPJ Silhouette ct.85
44 caliber, 300 grain, copper jacket 30 ct. aprox.
44 caliber Sierra 180 grain, P.J. 8600, 100 ct.
44 Caliber, Sierra 180 grain, JHC 8600, 100 ct.
44 Caliber, Hornady XTP, 300 grain, hollow point (exc condition) 50 ct.
44 Caliber, Speer, 240 grain, 100 ct. (newer)

41 Caliber, Hornady Pistol bullets, 210 grain, copper j., (.410 hollow) 100 ct.
41 Caliber, Sierra, 170 grain JHC, org. 18.43 powder jacket, 100 ct.

38 Caliber, Speer, 148 grain, hollow base wad cutter lead, 100 ct. (new box)
38 Caliber, Speer, Jacketed hollow point, 146. grain, 80 ct. (open)
38 Caliber, Speer, Semi-wadcutter lead, 158 grain, 70 ct.`
38 Caliber, Speer, Semi-wad cutter lead, 158 grain, 100 ct., new box
38 Caliber, Speer, semi-wad cutter lead, 158 grain, 58 ct. aprox.
38 Caliber, Sierra, Copper Jacket, hollow cavity, 150 grain, 100 ct., .357 dia
38 Caliber, Winchester, .357/38, 158 grain JHP, 100 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, semi wad cutter lead, 158 grain, 50 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, jacketed soft point, 160 grain 30-40 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, jacketed soft point, 125 grain, 90-95 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, Hollow base wad cutter, 148 grain, 20 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, Hollow base wad cutter, 148 grain, 100 ct.
38 Caliber Speer, jacketed hollow point, 140 grain, 100 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, Hollow base wad cutter lead, 148 grain, 100 ct. (new b.)
38 Caliber, Speer, Jacketed soft point, 125 grain, 35-40 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, Semi Jacketed Hollow Point, 146 grain, 100 ct. (new box)
38 Caliber, Speer, Jacketed soft point, 125 grain, (357), 95 ct. aprox.
38 Caliber Special, Browning, Special wad cutter match, 148 grain, 90 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, Jacketed hollow point, 140 grain, 100 ct.
38 Caliber, Speer, Jacketed Hollow Point, 110 grain, 100 ct.
357 Caliber, Browning bullets, jacketed soft point, 158 grain, 60-70 ct.
(BAG-38 Caliber? Hollow point brass jacketed, 60 ct.)
(PLASTIC CARTON- 38 caliber??, Wad Cutters, 130 ct.)

30 Caliber, Sierra, Copper Jacket solid end, New 220 grain, 55 ct. (BAG)
30 Caliber, Sierra, 10 ct. pkg.
30 Caliber, Sierra, 8 Ct.
30 Caliber, Sierra, match, 70 ct.? (bag)
30 Caliber, Speer, 165 grain Spitzer, 100 ct. new box
30 Caliber, Speer, plinker, 100 grain, 100 ct.

Lead Balls, .570, 20-30 count
Lead Balls, extra box
Un-marked bullets? In Bag, 88 ct.


Handloader’s Digest, book, edited by John T. Amber
RCBS Reloading Scale
RCBS case Lube pad
RCBS Uniflow II
RCBS 3-die carb set. 44 mg/.44SP, Group B
RCBS 3 die Carb Set .41 mag
RCBS reloading dies FL Die set .30/06, 57 #14801
RCBS, RC bullet press, Rock Chucker
Twin 60 Loading block flambeau, supreme master reloading, plastic, yellow
RCBS powder trickler
RCBS reloading dies, rusty, 357 mg. wc. 3 die set, (18207)
RCBS burring tool Bonanza Cricket to remove burrs
RCBS 2 primer tray
RCBS shell holder
RCBS funnel

2 Missing pieces
Hex Key set ?
Single reloading hand press?


Bulls Eye smokeless Pistol Powder 6 oz.
Hodgdon Shot gun powder HS-6, 1 lb? 1972
Hodgdon shot gun powder HS-5, 1 lb.
Hodgdon H 110, shot gun powder, 1 lb.
Alcan AL-5, smokeless pwdr., 8 0z.
Red Dot Smokeless shot gun pwdr. 8 oz.
Dupont- 700 x Hi-Skor 8 oz
Alcan AL-7 smokeless pwder. 8 oz.
Norma 10-20, smokless pwdr. 13 oz.
Alcan AL-5, white flake identified 8 oz.
Dupont SR-7625 sporting rifle pwdr. 8 oz.
Buckshot 5-10 lbs. plastic container no label
Hercules 2400, smokeless pwdr. 7 or 8 oz.
Dupont smokless pwdr. SR 4756, 4 oz.
Dupont smokless pwdr. SR 4756, 5 oz.
Dupont Smokless pwdr. SR 4756, 6 oz.
Dupont smokless pwdr. SR 4756, 6 oz.
Dupont Smokless pwdr. SR 4756, 5 oz.
Dupont Smokless pwdr. SR 4756, 5 oz.
Winchester 230 P ball powder, 1974, 12 oz.
Winchester 296 ball powder 9 oz.
Winchester 630 ball powder 10 oz.
Hodgdon H 110 rifle pistol/shot gun 14 oz.
Alcan AL-5 smokeless pwdr. 4 oz.


357 Mag., Winchester Western box, nickel, resized carbide, 34 ct.
357 Mag., Winchester Western Super, with box, Nickel, 50 ct.
357 Mag. Winchester Western Super, with box, nickel, un-primed, 50 ct.
357 Mag. Winchester Western Super, with yellow box, 31 ct.
357 mag. Winchester Western Super, yellow box, resized carbide, 43 ct.
357 Mag. Winchester Western Super, Nickel 50 count
357 Mag., RP, Resized Carbide, 24 count, in Hornady real box,
357 Mag. RP, Nickel, inside a Remington box, 40 count
357 Mag. S & W, Nickel, in a Remington box 50 count
357 Mag. RP, 26 ct. in tray, 2 count speer, and 10 Winchester Western Super
357 Mag. RP, Nickel 19 ct. inside Remington box
357 Mag. Browning, 32 count inside Browning Box
357 Mag., Browning, Brass, inside Browning box, 36 ct.
357 Mag., Browning, inside Browning box, 44 ct.
357 Mag. Speer, RP, Federal, some maybe resized, 70 count
357 Mag. Super Vel, Un-primed, resized carbide, 33 count
357 Mag. Super Vel, 9 primed, 1 un-primed, 5ct. RP primed, and 1 ct. WWSuper in Hodgen Powder box

357 Mag., Federal, in S&W box, 15 count
357 Mag. S & W, Primer CCI500, Resized and reprimed, Nickel, 7.0, 39 ct.
357 Mag. RP & Winchester Western super, 24 ct. in bag

30-06 Mag. SuperXSpringfield, Western Silvertip, 150 gr.Expanding bullets 20 ct.
30-06 Mag. SuperXSpringfield, power point, 180 gr. Soft pt. bullet, 20 ct.
30-06 Mag. FC Spring field, 3 un-primed, red trays, 14 ct.
30-06 Mag. Spring field, 6 un-primed, red trays, 16 count
30-06 Mag. RP, Springfield, Remington box 20 ct.
30-06 Mag., mixed box, Springfield, 17 ct.

44 Mag., Super Rem, not primed brass, 50 ct., in Winchester western white
44 Mag. Super Rem not primed brass,inWinchester western white box? 50 ct
44 Mag. RP Rem. Brass, 11 ct. in peters box
44 Mag RP Rem Mag, 19 ct. brass
44 Mag Speer, 13 ct. in speer box
44 Mag RP remington 4 ct.
44 Mag. FC Remington Mag, 1 ct.

38 Mag special, Browning, Brass, resized carbide, 30 ct., orange box
38 Mag. Special S&W, Nickel, resized carbide, 19 count, orange box
38 Mag. Special S&W F 19 ct. Remington target master box
38 Mag. Special RP, 25 ct.
38 Mag. Special Federal, 6 count
38 Mag Special, Remington UMC, 5 ct. in Norma box
38 Mag. Special, RP, 81 count, in bag
38 Mag. Special Winchester Western, resized carbide, 17 count
38 Mag. Special Winchester Western, 15 count
38 Mag. Special, 10 count, box
38 Mag. Special Browning, resized carbide, 33 count

10 MM auto, PMC, 39 count, in box

45 Auto, 4 count

35 Remington, 2 count

308 Winchester, 4 count

30-30 Winchester (RP) 2 count, 14 mixed extra

2 boxes Speer Empty shot capsules, 50 count each, total 100 unloaded

1 box reloaded empty shot capsules, 40 ct.
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A lot of little stuff not worth much of the effort to sell.

Give away or toss the powder.

You could try to sell the bullets but really not enough of one type to really demand top dollar.

Cases - can sell or give them away either or just not enough to make much money on.

The press, dies and related equipment should be easy to sell. You may or may not be able to get somewhere between 50% and 75 % of the original value on average. Don't get me wrong there is some money in this.

Personally I would offer a package price if some one wanted it all. I just don't see a lot of money in this lot that you listed unless I missed something.
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Ma'am I am very sorry for your loss. If I had to put that equipment up for sale this would be my bottom line, and I'd probably add bit so people could haggle me down and feel like they got a good deal (and with RCBS's warrantee, they would). If I were sellingon ebay, these would be my reserve prices.

RCBS Reloading Scale, I would expect to go from 40 dollars on up depending on model (does is say Ohaus 5-0-5 on it anywhere?)
RCBS case Lube pad, a few bucks.
RCBS Uniflow II, 50 dollars or up.
RCBS 3-die carb set. 44 mg/.44SP, Group B, 20 dollars on up.
RCBS 3 die Carb Set .41 mag, 20 dollars on up
RCBS reloading dies FL Die set .30/06, 57 #14801, 20 dollars on up
RCBS, RC bullet press, Rock Chucker, anywhere from 75 to what someone will pay for it.Twin 60 Loading block flambeau, supreme master reloading, plastic, yellow I honestly don't know
RCBS powder trickler, 10 dollars
RCBS reloading dies, rusty, 357 mg. wc. 3 die set, (18207), 5 dollars
RCBS burring tool Bonanza Cricket to remove burrs, two dollars
RCBS 2 primer tray, a dollar
RCBS shell holder, a dollar
RCBS funnel, a dollar

I would throw all the old powder onto your yard to fertilize it, and see if I could sell the empty tins on ebay. Only about half of those powders are still on the market, and none of them in the vintage tins your husband had.

As far as the bullets go, I'd try to get around a nickel a bullet at least. The brass casings should go for about that as well. Although if you have original boxes you should try to sell those on ebay as vintage.

I'm sorry if this isn't any more help. I'm sure some of the other members will pipe up if I overvalued or undervalued an item.

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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Lost Sheep
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If you sprinkle the powder onto your lawn (or other plants) be sure to water generously. Gunpowder of any kind is loaded with nitrogen, which will over-excite plants like cotton candy to a 5-year-old. It will green up nicely, but without enough water, plants will burn themselves out.

Using as fertilizer is safer than using as propellant. But, in the interest of caution, safety and health, do not use it on food plants or in such amounts that there could be surface runoff into waterways.

Many gunpowders are classed as hazardous materials not only for flammability, but for pollution (I suppose for the ability to cause algae blooms when in runoffs of large quantities). You have about 25 lbs. At $20 to $25 per pound (retail) nothing to sneeze at and a competent loader willing to take the trouble (and risk) to identify the powder and test it for safety might be willing to accept it for a little money or as incentive to quite bargaining down the prices of the other gear.

You could use the powder (with the original tins) as "sweeteners" if a buyer wants to bargain down super hard. Most reloaders don't like to trust powders not purchased directly from manufacturers or retailers. Not a reflection on the seller, but just on the desire for safety inherent in responsible loading.

Still, the safest thing would be to contact your local fire department or hazardous waste office (local trash disposal companies would have the contact information) for free disposal of this stuff which might have as much as $500 full retail value or a negative moral/conscience value. to you.

For myself, I would let it go (only) to someone who assured me that thorough safety precautions would be taken before use, no matter what price consideration was given. (But I think that is better than just burning it.)

Lost Sheep
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I wouldn't toss the powder. Even small amounts can be used and it sounds like a couple of the cans are full. The whole lot of powder is worth around $20. If you post what general area you're in maybe one of use here would be interesting it buying it. As mentioned before it's not worth the trouble to ship it...

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Craigslist or Ebay are two avenues to dispose of these items. Put all that powder in a box. Have its new owner pay the Hazmat & shipping charges. And sell it cheap just to be rid of the stuff. Same goes for the loaded ammo. {As you don't know either's true condition.} Bare in mind all this equipment and product you have is indeed second hand. Try to price it accordingly. I wouldn't expect much more than 1/3 to 1/2 its current retail and more often than not even less. My condolences offered this day also like so many others here.

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