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Help loading my 6.5x06 ?

Hi all.... newbie to the forum here.

I have a reloading question for my newly built rifle. It is a wildcat, which I am now just learning all the quirks and necessities of reloading a wildcat.
My rifle is a custom m98 with a Shilen match grade 27 1/2" barrel w/1-9 twist.
6.5x06, NOT the A.I.

Like everyone else, I find I am in need of supplies but can't find everything.
I have a reasonable stock of primers that should last me the summer and through the next hunting season. I also had been, over the last two years buying the most popular (for me) bullets when they went on sale, usually 1 or 2 hundred at a time. However I did neglect my powder stock.

I found three pounds of RL22 for my new 6.5x06. I have never loaded for the 6.5x06 so I find myself at the mercy of those that have to share what you know.

This is what I have:

Fed 210 primers.
Fed LR magnum primers (215?)
Rem LR 9&1/2 primers
Win LR primers

IMR 4007ssc powder
Hodg. Varget powder
RL-22 powder

Hornady 100 gr. SP bullets
Hornady 100 gr. A-Max bullets
Rem 120 gr. SP bullets
Nosler 120 gr. Balistic Tip bullets
Hornady 129 gr. SP bullets
Hornady 129 gr. SST bullets
Sierra 140 gr. Match bullets
Hornady 140 gr. SP bullets

Based on what I have to work with, I'd like to hear any suggestions anyone may have.

I would really like to use the RL-22 with ALL my bullet weights but cannot find a load data for anything less than 125 gr.

Also, can I use the magnum primer with the RL-22? Anyone have experience with this?

Doing some calculating.....

Usualy I'd choose the faster burning powder for the lighter bullets. However, I'd like to find a load for all weights from 100gr through 140gr using RL-22. I think it is possible since I found a listing of a load for the 100 gr. using IMR-7828 which is slower burning than the RL-22.
If I cannot get a load to work I will have to fall back on the Varget powder for the 100 through 120's.

There is nothing listed that I have found for either powder using 100 gr or 120 grain bullets. If I have done my math correctly, the following data I came up with should work, OR WILL IT ??
Can anyone verify my data will work???

120gr. Nosler Bal. Tip or Rem. CLSP
Using RL-22 Start @ 51.9grs(MIN) and work up to 55.8grs(MAX)
Primer ? WW LR, FED 210, Fed 215(MAG), Rem 9&1/2 ??

100gr. Hornady Int. SP or Hornady A-Max
Using RL-22 Start @ 57.3grs(MIN) and work up to 61.1grs(MAX)
Primer ? WW LR, FED 210, Fed 215(MAG), Rem 9&1/2 ??

120gr. Nosler Bal. Tip or Rem. CLSP
Using Varget Start @ 36.6grs(MIN)and work up to 41.5grs(MAX)
Primer ? WW LR, FED 210, Fed 215(MAG), Rem 9&1/2 ??

100gr. Hornady Int. SP or Hornady A-Max
Using Varget Start @ 42.6grs(MIN)and work up to 47.5grs(MAX)
Primer ? WW LR, FED 210, Fed 215(MAG), Rem 9&1/2 ??


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Hogdons handloading manual list some of those bullets, pick up the magazine if you can still find it also, go to Hogdon Powders website....
Also goes to Alliants load data website, I'm sure you'll find enough information to get yourself started.
Thanks for coming!
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Going through my stack of manuals, I found lotsa data on the 6.5-06 but nothing with RL22, Varget or 4007. Sierra's manual was very extensive.

Good Luck!


BTW: I checked the 6.5 Rem Mag & the 6.5-284 both which are shorter but of similar capacity, & RL22 is not list for them either. According to my burning chart, RL22 falls between H4831 on the fast side & IMR 7828 on the slow side. Seems like it should be a good fit for the cartridge, especially with the heaver bullets(?)

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Brian Pfleuger
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I assume that you have the SAAMI standardized "A-Square" version?
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I always used IMR 4350 and 4831 for mine. A very good caliber. If you don't mind the slight risk you could get an idea from .270 data for RL-22 and start low and work up. The reason for all of the variations between loading sources is that there is usually a lot of wiggle room in any given combination.
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If I've picked a ballpark cartridge approximation, and if you believe QuickLoad can point you in the right direction, here's what things indicate:

...which is that RL-22 ain't bad across the board.

But these are point-of-approximation results.
(You need to get better data and/or QuickLoad for your own workup)
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I looked through my back issues of handloader magazine, and there were no recipes using Re-22. H4831 seemed to be the predominant powder for that wildcat.

I did have a thought. You might try contacting alliant powder through their website and inquire if they have any unpublished data for the 6.5-'06 using Re-22. I know it's a long shot, but you can always ask.
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