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Taurus 669 .357 4" Blue never fired

I have a Taurus model 669 357 magnum with a 4" barrel (blue finish) that I bought new around 1992. It has never been fired and has been stored in its original box. I'd like to know the value of my gun so that I can sell it, or trade it to a dealer for a gun that will be easier for my wife to handle. She's never fired a handgun before and I want to be sure that she's not overly intimidated with a gun that has a strong recoil when I take her to the range. I was thinking that a 9mm might be a good choice, but I'd welcome any suggestions that others on this forum might have. My budget for a new gun would be around $400.00. Thanks in advance for any help that you might give.
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I have no idea what it would be worth.

I would try asking on, they might be able to give you a better idea of what it is worth.

Have you considered just keeping it and shooting it? Load it up with .38 special for the wife, the recoil from .38 special will be easily manageable by your wife. The nice thing about a .357 magnum is that you can load .38 special in it if you want a lighter recoil.
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In my area --- you'd be lucky to get $500 for it. But it doesn't matter what I think....take it to some local to them / put it on consignment - or take it to a local gunshow and see what happens.

You only need one person to like it ...and buy it....
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I have had the 669 for about 15 years now and I say it shoots real good with 38's. I would keep it and put it for a home defense gun. If you were to sell it I would not let mine go for less $ 400.00. Thats just me......
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I went thru "which gun" with my buddy's girl friend recently...

She was in her 30's ...and fired some guns / but didn't own one of her we accumulated a number of guns in our collections in 9mm and .38spl/.357 mag .....( we thought she'd really like both 1911's and the Sig 239 ):

Sig 239 ...single 9mm
Sig 239 .40S&W
Sig 226 ...double stack, all stainless in 9mm
Sig 226 in .40S&W
Kimber 1911 4", alloy frame, in 9mm
Wilson Combat 5", steel gun, in 9mm
Wilson Combat 5", steel gun in .45 acp
S&W K frame ( .357 mag ) ...model 66 in 2 1/2", and one in 4" and one in 6"
S&W L frame ( .357 mag ) model 686 in 4"...
S&W N frame ( .357 mag ) in 4" and 6"....
We excluded anything in .40S&W or .45 acp ( she thought she wanted a .45 acp for some reason - internet chats)...

When we first got there ...she liked the look of the 2 1/2" and 4" revolvers...hated the look of the Sig 239 ...thought the Sig 226 was very cool in all stainless.

She didn't like the long trigger pull on any of the revolvers....regardless of what grips we put on them ...even in .38 spl.

She thought the 5" 1911 was too heavy...
She thought the Sig 239 DA had a difficult trigger..too long to pull / 10 lb was too heavy. She thought the 226's were too heavy, too wide..and didn't like the DA trigger pull.

She thought the 1911 4", alloy frame, Kimber was pretty good....
We will take the Kimber back to the range for her a couple more times...let her continue to compare it to other 9mm's...until she finds something she likes.
Bottom line buddy will let her ultimately pick what she likes the best ...and then he'll buy it !!
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Load that gun with .38 Special ammo and take her to the range. That gun should really help soak up recoil and be easy to shoot.

If she doesn't like it, then clean it up and try to sell it. You will get more selling it out right rather than trading it.

As far as value, it's a Taurus and they aren't exactly know for holding a lot of worth. In is market, how knows though.

I really don't think that putting 50 rounds through it will effect it's resale vale a whole bunch. Shooting it may cost you a little bit, but it also may save you a lot.
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Old April 19, 2013, 02:57 PM   #7
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Please don't take this the wrong way -- sincerely, I am trying to help.

That revolver has the MOST value if you keep it and start shooting it. It's been my experience that Taurus made some of their better guns around this time period. Taurus has a well-earned reputation in this industry for the absolutely erratic quality and finishing of their firearms. When you combine that (deserved) reputation with the prices that Taurus revolvers go for new, right now at retail, that all adds up to give your revolver a fairly low "value."

I put the word "value" in quotes because we have to remember how this number changes dramatically depending on the situation. If you take that revolver in to a gun store to sell to them, you'll be horrified what they offer. If you don't believe that... try it and report back. Gun stores are in business and they have to figure what they might possibly sell it for before they can even consider giving you money for it. If you took it to them to trade toward something from their stock, the "value" would be a big higher.

The most you could expect to get for it would be in a private sale to someone who wants it. Consider your ability to make that sale and find that market.

And to wrap it up, I go back to where I said that it's highest value is to keep it and shoot it. While each Taurus can vary wildly in quality, I have found the revolvers from this era to be pretty darn good guns (at their price point) and if that one checks out well, it's a solid gun based on a very good design.

Obviously, being a .357 Magnum, it will happily digest any/all .38 Special ammunition on the market. If you buy some 125 grain .38 Special ammo, you may find that it's not all that intimidating to shoot, even for a new shooter. It's too large and bulky to be a concealed carry gun, but would be a fine gun to use for range days... to work on handgun skills and simply for the enjoy of punching paper or knocking down targets.

I am interested to know why you bought it new over 20 years ago and never had occasion to shoot it. It has never been a "collectible" gun and it's true value is as a shooter, even now -- or especially now.

I would choose THAT revolver over a new production similar Taurus revolver right now, in a heartbeat. To be traded in or sold, it does not have a high dollar value.
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I agree with above post.

I just looked into the 669 and it looks to be Taurus's equivalent to a S&W "L" frame revolver, not unlike a S&W 686. It also looks like a very nice revolver from pictures/videos and reviews. If this is the case, then I would keep it for sure.

I just did my pistol permit class, so I'm no expert and probably the furthest from it.. but I did fire a S&W 686 4" with .38 rounds and it was a breeze to shoot. In fact, I thought it was milder to handle then the 9mm alloy-framed semi-auto we shot that day. The young lady in the class was about 5'-nothing and 100 lbs soaking wet and she fired it with zero issues. and even commented on how light the recoil was.

I say try it before you get rid of it... because it looks like it might be perfect to get her into shooting. Too big to carry, but perfect for range and home defense.
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Old April 19, 2013, 05:51 PM   #9
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In my area Taurus has a poor resale value. A gun shop will offer maybe $200. Retail is $350. I agree to keep your Taurus and use 38 specials.
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Thanks for your input!

I'd like to thank everyone that took the time to respond to my question about finding a more user friendly handgun for my wife's use at the range. I've decided to take the advice that was offered to start using my .357, but load it with 38 Special ammunition. To answer the question as to why I never fired it after all these years... back when I bought the gun, I had every intention of taking it to the range, but life moved on and after 3 job transfers to 3 different states, I just never got around to doing it. Once again, thanks to all that replied. I'm glad that I found this great forum.
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357 magnum , 4" barrel , blue , taurus

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