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There may be another aspect to this as well. When I was younger I had very good hearing and what I can only call "woods sense" that made me pretty attuned to my surroundings. I could "feel" what was going on around me in the woods because of it. I'm positive that some of you country boys at least know exactly what I'm talking about. Part of the reason I'm not at all fond of cities is the constant noise.

The first time I was forced to go to an indoor range was horrible. The sound was not only overwhelming, I could feel the concussion from some of the rounds all the way through me. Distasteful and unpleasant didn't really cover it. I depended on my hearing as much as my sight, it was like I was suddenly blinded by bright lights. Because at that point I didn't have an alternative, I did go back, and it got easier each time I did. I still don't like indoor ranges all that much. If she is built like I was I could see that sort of reaction easily.

The solution is simple and has been offered above. Do. Not. Go. Back.

Buy a nice air rifle that fits her. Start her out in a place where it is quiet and non threatening. Move up to .22 rifles to keep the muzzle blast not just small but away from her.

These measures are to ease her over the damage not because it is really needed in and of itself. Once she's over that she should be good to go.

Once I was used to .22's, which didn't take long, I was Okay with other rounds pretty quickly.
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Na,,, Just haul her out into the country where it's nice and quiet.

Don't ask her if she want's to shoot, not like a question.

Tell her, "If you are going to learn to shoot, here is your chance to start".

She'll say "ok" or she'll back out.

Don't make a production of it. If she says OK, then put the ear muffs on her, load the gun, put it on safe, hand it to her and see that she is pointing it somewhere safe.

Have her take it off safe. And tell her to squeeze.

It will make the good noise, she will jump a little, and what you are looking for is a little surprise and a smile. Let her shoot all she wants just off at a tree or into a berm.

Next time she will be ready for a range and some serious learning.

Sometimes all the talking does is heighten the anxiety. She just needs the experience first, she needs to see for herself that the bang isn't so bad, but she also needs to see you attentive to her reaction, supportive of any decision.

But don't ask women straight question, "do you want?" They don't always like questions like that, lead them to it, the offer is plain to see, she will go with how she feels and she will feel her way to what she wants. If she feels pushed she'll resist so just leave the door open and see what she does.
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