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Old June 29, 2013, 11:45 AM   #26
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Norinco Tokarev seems better made

I don't know what you guys out there who have these guns think, but it seems to me that the Norinco Toks are better made. The machining on the slide to frame tolerances seem much tighter on the Chinese pistols (same, by the way on the old Polish pistols, high quality steel and machining). These new "Zastavas" have what seem to be wide gaps in the slide to frame fit, at least from the pictures. I don't have one so I can't really vouch for this. I'm buying an old Norinco. I like the Polish made Toks but they are overpriced now. I think the Toks 7.62 beat the 9mm in range accuracy and that the 7.62 round is a more penetrating round but this is a different subject.
This leads me to the conjecture of whether the "Zastavas" are actually so. Zastava is an old manufacturer which has produced good quality guns in the past. I wonder if these "Zastavas" are not pieces made somewhere in the hills of Pakistan...
Just wondering...
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Old June 29, 2013, 03:59 PM   #27
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Yes, I have one, in 9mm. I too, have a Norinco model 213, which is why I thought this pistol would be a good one.
First 50 rds it jammed on me. often. After the first 50 rds it preformed perfectly. (After the first 50 rds I cleaned it and lubericate it.) I have put close to 400 rds thru it.
From the start it was plain to see that the front sight was bent, like an elve shoe, a little to the left. Later I looked at other model 70's at gun shows and they were bent to the left also.
I taped the front sight just a tiny bit to the left and the pistol shoots pretty much head on.
There is 1/8 inch play in the tigger pull, for the time being. I just live with it. This is not hard to do, since I know it is there.
I had to put some time and effort into the pistol, but in the end I have a pistol that I'm very happy with. Love the weight and feel of the all STEEL
contruction pistol.
It cost me 279.00 dollars, plus tax and background check. It came with
TWO mags. ( Who gives you TWO mags, these days.) I'm happy with it and hope to get the same deal again, as I think I need two of these pistols.
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Old August 27, 2013, 10:50 AM   #28
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Just picked one up yesterday, in the box, with extra mag for $225. It was sold as used, but looks unfired to me. Well made, IMO. Safety blocks trigger AND firing pin, so it seems like a safe carry pistol, very thin and a good grip and weight. Simple, basic, reliable, accurate, seems to feed most 9mm JHP ammo...should last a long time with basic care and cleaning...based on a very strong military design. I checked the CAI site this morning looking for spare mags...the 9mm version is sold out right now, but they are on order. I think they will be a very popular pistol, especially among us old timers who have little use for plastic pistols.

I am another gun-carrying liberal veteran.
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Old August 27, 2013, 01:57 PM   #29
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Is is a blued finish, and how would you rate it? How is the slide to frame fit?
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Old September 25, 2013, 12:16 AM   #30
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I bought this fairly recent production M70A 9mm 9+1 (basically NIB) from an individual for $275. It was imported by C.A.I. Georgia, VT. In the past, I had an M57 in 7.62x25mm which I really liked a lot but I sold it when 7.62 surplus dried up and the new became even more expensive than 9mm.

On this one, the sights were WAY OFF laterally out-of-box. I've read on other forums that this is quite common. After fixing that problem, I spent a lot of time filing and sanding the rear sight because it was VERY sharp and, since it sticks up so far, downright dangerous, especially in the case of using this for conceal carry. It's quite rounded and nice now. I enjoy tinkering with guns so this mod wasn't a big deal to me.

So far, I've run about 120 varied 9mm rds. through this one with no hiccups whatsoever. Since it's run 100% smoothly, I'm comfortable with it for self defense. It was designed for military and law enforcement use... why not?

It spews spent cases a little erratically but none have been near my head.

The safety on this one is very problematic. It has a little spring-loaded ball which falls into indentations for the two positions. Unfortunately, this one tends to fall way too deeply into the SAFE position sometimes making it impossible to move out of that position without using a small tool!!! Of course this could be extremely dangerous in an SD scenario... But I've never been one to use ANY kind of safety so this is not a problem for me. I simply never intended to use the safety anyhow. This is, however an important factor to check if you're buying one in person. (I assume most of them are OK in this regard, but beware.)

The trigger pull is on the stiff side but I have strong carpenter hands so this isn't a problem for me either. My accuracy with the gun is "average".

I love the thinness of the M70. It fits my hand great and points very naturally. I don't care what anyone else may say, I feel it has an elegant look to it. The slide to frame fit is very good and they are built to last. I can field-strip it using only my fingers... It's quite easy.

In the $275-$300+ range with 2 mags, I feel these are a very good value.
I got it mostly for something else to shoot at the range in 9mm besides my HiPower but I will use it for HD and occasionally carry it as well.

Bottom line: I like it.

What did Mrs. Bullet say to Mr. Bullet? ... "We're having a BeeBee!"...
"Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it."

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