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Loading for the Freedom arms 454

I will be picking up my Freedom Arms 454 Premier grade tomorrow.

I have bought small rifle primers and Lil Gun powder and new Starline brass. I lso picked up some Cast preformance LBT style heat treated solids 325 gr 452 dia. LFNPB.

any recomendations on loading for this ?

I will be starting out with the minimum loads and working up with this particular powder and bullet.

I would like to here from other that load for the FA 454.

thanks for the info
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Why Lil Gun powder? I think FA advises against it in their guns.
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Lost Sheep
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Welcome to loading and thanks for asking our advice.

I assume from your question that you are new to reloading. If I am wrong, please forgive me my mistake.

I would start out with a more forgiving powder, more flexible powder.

Trail Boss under lead bullets lets you get the basics of metallworking, bullet seating, press operation, etc with mid-range to light loads. After you have the mechanical movements down pat, you can get into tailoring your loads for performance. It is the "Learn to walk before you learn to run." advice.

Unique, Accurate #5, Green Dot are also likely candidates for mid-range loads on which to cut your reloading teeth. Save H110, W296, Lil'Gun and other high-performance slow-buring powders for later.

Just my advice.

Congratulations on your FA. Fine firearm.

Lost Sheep

P.S. Edit: After reading 50 shooter's post, I thought I would suggest: Slow powders like H110 are not forgiving; not for the novice reloader.

H110 is an EXCELLENT, Excellent powder, but has a very narrow performance envelope. More than 3% below the top end is not recommended by Hodgdon. While the Freedom Arms is strong, going above 100% of max is generally not recommended. So, you have 97% to 100% charge weight to monitor and have to pay attention also to seating depth (that is, internal case volume), case wall tension and crimp strength to regulate as well.

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I don't own an FA 454 I do own a Raging Bull in 454.

Personally I like H-110 for the 454, never had a problem with it and always get great performance. Check out Load for more info, they have quite a bit of load data for the 454 in different guns.
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What's your crimping strategy for the hot loads?
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Avalibility of powder was one reason I choose Lil Gun powder, there was no blue dot,no Trail Boss,No Unique,no Bullseye, nothing in accurate #9,7,5. or any thing else that I could buy to make liter loads, and as per my post I will be working the lower end of Lil Gun and work my way up, even though there is not much room to work up, as it is 23.2 grains to start and 24 grains of Lil Gun on the max, per Lee's Modern reloading.

I use primarly the Lee's Modern reloading as my guide for loads, I do have the Lyman 49th edition, but that manual does not have as many loads to choose from as does Lee's Modern reloading book, and again powder avalibilty was a driving factor in the choice of Lil Gun powder.

Yes I am a relitive new comer to reloading, I load for 9MM,40S&W,357 mag, 41 Mag 44 Mag 45 colt and now 454 Casull. I keep loading data books for reference to my to what I have loaded and how they preformed.

I never stop reading on reloading,and this forum with by what I have read is a great sorce of information as there is numerous people here with many years of reloading experience, and that is why I came here asking questions about the 454 Casull loading.

I use a Lee Loadmaster press, but I will be using it as a single stage one shell at a time with measured loads with the 454 Casull weighting each load on a electronic scale, I do have Lee's pwder scale but I dont care for that particular scale and will probably buy a diffrent scale some time this year.

I appreciate all the info given here, don't worry about hurting my feelings lol, I take every thing that is given to me and use it when building up a load, I am thick skined and can take a the all the advice I can get

I have been all over the freedom arms load data and didn't see where they did not recommend Lil Gun powder, can you please direct me to that with a link as I would like to read up on that.

thank you all again, you guys and gals are great people to communicate with, and have had great influence in keeping my reloading safe !

As far as Crimping goes the 454 is a pretty stout load so with not being able to get powders such as Mr. Sheep recommended my crimp will be a heavy crimp to prevent bullet creep. My crimping I allways do seperatly from bullet seating, I know that you can do it at the same time as seating the bullet, but for myself I find it easyer to do it in a seperate step.

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Lil Gun Powder


Thank you for that info on Lil Gun powder I found the Freedom Arms forum and sure as you said and it came from Bob Baker on a test that was preformed using lil gun powder, as little as 30 rounds can cause exsesive forcing cone wear do to the heat generated by Lil Gun powder. It generated so much heat that Mr.Barker stated it was to the point that the metal in the forcing cone was flowing and can ruin a barrel in as little as 30 rounds.

They found this out due to one customer having gone through something like 3 barrels in a year and did some test with Lil Gun powder. found out it has about 10% more nitroglycerin in it then say H110 or W296.

Once again thank you, this what I mean about all the info. that can be found on this forum. Mr.Parasite you saved me a barrel, if you are NW Indiana some time PM me I would like to buy you a beer!

Now what to do with this Lil Gun powder as I don't load shot shells.
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