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@Mr. McCain: That's interesting. I still wonder if there's a a difference in your experience between the old and new, bolt and barrel extension designs. ( that is, between the 760's versus the 7600's)

In any case, I'm going to continue to shoot my .308 7400 and .243 7600 and not worry about it. My handloads are a little milder than factory.
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I hate to say this, but many Remington semi-auto and pump shooters don't clean their rifles well (or ever). In semi-autos, it's a bigger problem because chambers get baked by relatively hot gasses every time the case is ejected.

Because the rifle can't be cleaned from the breech with a conventional rod, those who clean from the muzzle don't realize that the chamber isn't adequately cleaned or protected by whatever oil is used to clean and protect the bore.

Many years ago, when working as a part-time gunsmith, I had several Remington 740s and 742s with rusty chambers. Sometimes the case remained stuck and the extractor tore a portion of the rim off, sometimes the whole case head. Those rifles usually come with a chamber brush that has a patch loop on the other end. Many are never used.

The owner of a "new" 742 confessed that he shot a box of ammo to sight-in, then hunted in the rain and never cleaned the gun, but put it away for the winter, spring, summer. The first shot in the fall resulted in the stuck case.

I tell this, because if bores aren't cleaned/protected, excessive friction increases pressures that can create excessive headspace. The stuck cases tell the tale of poor chamber maintenance and probably rusty bores. The rifles are probably fine as they come from the factory, but they're not foolproof...because fools are either so ingenious or just plain lazy.
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The action bar will come unscrewed and the barrel will move around. It happened on mine and I know some one that bought a new 35 rem carbine that came from factory with action bar loose . So if you suddenly had headspace issues check your action bar. I am going to start reloading for mine soon so I am very interested in this topic.
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Old March 17, 2013, 09:42 PM   #29
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I must say I don't have a 7600 but I do have a 7400. I'm also not your average one box a year hunter. I actually shoot my guns...allot! I've actually worn out a 10/22 barrel. Yes it takes 50 or 60,000 rounds to do it but you can. I have at least 1000 rounds through the 7400 and it shoot better now than when it was new. 20 years ago. I've also had bad luck with after market 10 rd mags from KKK. 12 of them. I have however recently came across a 12 rd'er made by D&E. I don't even know if they still make them but the one I have is comparable in reliability to a stock four rounder. I will be trying to find more and I will report back on them.

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phil mcwilliam
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Depends on the type of deer hunting your doing. I've used a mates Remington pump 30/06 when stalking deer & the forearm part of the stock rattles just when you don't want it to. I've used the same gun flushing pigs & have found it good for follow up shots.
I've been on two shooting trips where we were chasing pigs on motorbikes & my mates pump failed due to the dust, where the bolt actions the rest of us had continued to work. These were however extreme conditions lasting over a week on both occassions.
But really, whatever rocks your boat. I've tended to find after many years of deer hunting that its usually the first shot that counts, rather than the ability to fire quick successive shots, thus negating the influence of action used.
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Re: Remington 7600?

I've had 3 - 308, 257 Roberts, and 35 Whelen. ALL of them shot just under an inch @ 100. The 35 Whelen had a slightly finicky mag, but I have never once had a feeding or ejecting issue with any of them.
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I too have seen 7600s come from the factory with a loose action tube ! Accuracy will fall off markedly when the action tube/barrel nut comes loose . If you find a pump that won't shoot better than 2 MOA , check to see if the barrel is on tight !
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