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ruger single six stainless

hi guys. i'm new to this forum and relatively new to firearms and have a question. i bought a ruger single six stainless with fixed sights and a smith and wesson model 22a new. i can hit the zombie (lol) flawlessly between the eyes from 25 yards with the s&w. with the ruger i'm lucky to hit the paper. it seems to shoot high and to the right but i suspect it may be the way i'm pulling the trigger because if i shoot veeeeeeeeeeeery slowly i do better. is there anything i can do about the trigger and is it possible there's just something wrong with my barrel or something?
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What’s the possibility that it’s you?
Could be your experience level, so the first thing I would suggest is to start at 7 yards. When you master that then work out.
Second have someone else try the guns. That way you can take you out of the equation.
A good exercise for new shooters (that is if you are) is to have someone else load the revolver but only load 3 rounds and load them randomly.
You can see the problems you’re creating when you pull the trigger on an empty chamber.
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i suspect it may be the way i'm pulling the trigger because if i shoot veeeeeeeeeeeery slowly i do better.
Good observation. A simple way to answer the "me or the gun" question is to shoot very carefully with your hands, wrists, and forearms on a firm support like a bench. Shoot five rounds at a modest distance and see how the gun groups and where the group is centered. A tight group centered around the middle of the target means you need coaching and/or practice. It is less common for the gun to be the problem, but far from impossible.
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One thing to help the trigger is to lighten the pull a bit. A simple way is to take the grips off, and lower one leg of the trigger spring off its peg and let it dangle. This cuts the trigger pull in half. Note you'll still have creep, just a lighter pull. If that helps you can either... leave it that way, or slightly bend the trigger spring legs with a thin nose, or buy a set of lighter wolff springs and install. I've done all three.

Unfortunately with Fixed sights you may just have a gun that doesn't shoot to POA. My New Vaquero for example was shooting way left and low. I have a gunsmith turn the barrel and it shot fine horizonally. Then filed down the front sight to bring up to POI. Finally it now shoots to POA with a pet load. If you are lucky the gun would shoot low. If yours shoots high ... then you are out of luck. Either needs a taller front sight or you compensate in your head. BTW, I find shooting Fixed Sight revolvers a bit more challenging than the the adjustable sights. But that's just me!
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ruger single six stainless

I've heard instructors doing the half loaded cylinder before and it really does show the flaws you may have. It did show my problems with trigger pull quite well & shot anticipation. Seems like it would be the same with both Guns though if its you.

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All the above recommendations are good. I bought a new Stainless Single Six, last year. It wouldnt shoot accurately, no matter what I tried. I had a couple friends shoot it, and the same thing... I was pretty certain it wasnt my ability, Ive been shooting for 30 years now. It had another problem, it would bind up with the long rifle cylinder, so I sent it back to Ruger. When it came back, it was supurbly accurate. It will group 2-3" at 25 yards rested. I wanted to post my experience, because there COULD be a problem with your revolver. There was a problem with mine. I would try all the recommendations, and if it still wont shoot the way you want it to, send it back to Ruger. Call them first, explain the problem, and they will pay shipping both ways, and repair the revolver free of charge. Dont ship it without calling them first. Shipping a handgun is expensive, let them pay the shipping.
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thank you all very much. i believe the problem is a combination of a very hard trigger pull and me. i have shot about 200 more rounds through it and when shooting very slowly and focused on my pull i am able to hit cans at about 25 yards but still inconsistently. i let a couple friends shoot it and we all agree, the trigger on this thing sucks. going to try changing it. i love the gun and am looking forward to hunting rabbits with it.
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