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Issue with JP Sauer and Sohn Model 1930

I have a JP Sauer Model 1930 with a serial number of 184xxx, the serial numbers are consistent throughout, and it is in very good condition, with all its parts. This is not a Behorden, as it has a regular trigger. It does have a spring-loaded indicator which protrudes through the rear slide cap when the slide is racked and it is cocked.

Unfortunately this Model 1930 has an issue, which is that the breech block jams in the barrel after firing approximately 25 to 30 rounds, leaving an unfired bullet still in the barrel. This has occurred both times I have fired it since I originally acquired it. After the first time it occurred, I cleaned all the relevant areas a second time to see if that would cure the issue, but it didn't. The only way of clearing this jam is remove the slide cap and the slide with the bullet in the barrel still in place, and then lever the breech block very carefully out of its jammed position. This is an experience I do not wish to repeat for obvious safety reasons, so after the second occurrence, which confirmed the issue wasn't going to be fixed by just cleaning the relevant parts, I haven't fired the 1930 again.

The breech block on the 1930 seems to be identical to the left-most breech block shown in the three photographs of 1930/Behorden breech blocks on Page 154 of Volume 2 of J.P. Sauer and Sohn by Cate and Krause, which would be the typical breech block for a 1930 according to the description on that page. The breech block and extractor look to be in very good condition without any obvious issues. In addition to the Model 1930, I also own Model 1913's and 38H's, all of which function perfectly. I only use Fiocchii 7.65 mm with the Sauer's, and I have never has a single issue with Fiocchi in these handguns.

The firing pin, its associated springs and the recoil spring all look good, so what's left seems to be an issue with the extractor, but as spare parts for this particular model are so difficult to come by, I don't want to risk working it myself, so I was wondering if anyone on this forum would know anything about this issue, or could recommend a gunsmith who specializes in J.P. Sauer and Sohn handguns of this period.
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Did you check your chamber?
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James K
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Just to be clear, I assume by "bullet" you mean a cartridge, which is stuck in the chamber, not a bullet (projectile) stuck in the barrel.

It sounds like the chamber is tight, so that a little bit of carbon will cause the cartridge to stick. It will probably extract and eject normally when fired, but will stick if you try to extract an unfired cartridge.

An obvious suggestion is to try another brand of ammunition. Another is to find a gunsmith with a .32 ACP reamer and have the chamber recut to spec. A third is to rent the reamer and do the work yourself.

Here is one company that rents .32 ACP reamers:

Jim K
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Yes, sorry, I meant an unfired cartridge in the chamber, not a fired bullet lodged in the barrel.

I have tried other brands of 7.65 mm/.32 ACP ammunition, but having to completely field strip it on the range to clear a live cartridge made the range officers pretty upset the first two times round...

I've also found the non-European .32 ACP brands don't work very well in my Sauer's, unlike CZ's which will take anything. I've tried American Eagle, Winchester, PMC Bronze etc, RWS and Prvi Partizan work okay, but they both have the occasional dud and they're a lot dirtier. In contrast I haven't had a single stoppage or dud in the 2895 Fiocci rounds I have put through my other Sauer's, which I found pretty impressive and is the reason I used it with this one (I keep precise counts of what I fire and when, the stoppages I have, the type of ammo I used, etc).

Thanks, that sounds like a good idea with the reamer, I'm kind of hesitant to experiment myself with this particular handgun, I'll find a local gunsmith who can do the work and test it properly.
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