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Old March 1, 2013, 03:29 AM   #1
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Magpul gave up the fight pretty quick...

Up to 9-pages of Magpul talk at arfcom when it was revealed that Magpul will continue to sell to BAN STATE .gov's.

Maybe they needed to raise cash for moving vans?

Or buy CO properties to build grow-houses for the weed, man...

Way to support the 2A there Magpul...

In a related note, Gwovenor Cwoumo had the NY law adjusted to exempt Hollyweird productions inside NY from the AWB and mag bans. Can't irritate the money men, can they?
In a victim nation, a classroom full of dead children is morally superior to a teacher holding a smoking gun knowing she just protected her students.
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Pond, James Pond
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How would not providing gun accessories to already embattled gun owners in those states with protect the 2nd Amendment?

All it would do is further restrict the choice of products those gun owners can get a hold of and therefore push prices up for them.

Moving your company and production to a gun-friendly state, on the other hand, at least means that tax generated from sales goes to that friendly states coffers, and not those of the unfriendly state they would have just left.

IIRR I think I read something about Magpul moving states as a result... if so, then far more effective, and a massive financial commitment motivated by principles not profits...
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
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Old March 1, 2013, 07:04 AM   #3
Aguila Blanca
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Originally Posted by Pond, James Pond
How would not providing gun accessories to already embattled gun owners in those states with protect the 2nd Amendment?
The point is that Magpul makes 30-round AR-15 magazines, which many states are moving to ban. A growing list of firearms and accessories manufacturers are adopting the position that "what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander," so if a state won't allow private citizens to buy certain guns or accessories, the companies will also not sell those guns or accessories to any agency or department of that state's government.

Colorado is one of those states.
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Old March 1, 2013, 07:17 AM   #4
Spats McGee
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"It was revealed?" Was it revealed by a reputable source?
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Old March 1, 2013, 08:07 AM   #5
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During this period of high demand, and with the possibility of pending state legislation, we at Magpul are taking steps to ensure that responsible Colorado residents who want to own standard capacity magazines have the opportunity to do so. To meet this need, we have set up a process for CO residents to purchase limited quantities of magazines from our website.

In order to participate in this program, go to:

Create your login account and click the “Register” button to submit. Once you receive a “Membership Confirmation” e-mail, forward it to with your name, the email used to sign up for the account, and your CO address.


Once we verify your CO residency (this process can take up to a week due to the large quantities of emails we receive) you will be added to an authorized Special Purchase group, which will allow you to purchase select magazines from a limited access section of our website. You will then receive a notification e-mail stating that you have been added to this group, and instructions for placing your order will be included.

If you already have a login account at, please just send an e-mail to including your name, the email used to sign up for the account, and your CO address, then the process will proceed as above.


All sales are subject to our normal compliance checks.
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Old March 1, 2013, 11:55 AM   #6
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From Magpul's Facebook page:

"We're hearing some rumors that the Gov and the Dem caucus think we are bluffing. Just to clarify for them, then...we're not a political company. We dont play political games. We've made our position very clear, very publicly. We would not survive lying to our customer base, nor would we ever consider it. If you pass this, we will leave, and you will own it. We've already got plans in place to get PMAG manufacturing moved rapidly, and the rest of the company will follow. We will make sure to at least have a small remain-behind operation through the 2014 elections so that we can remind folks why we are gone."

If this position has changed, please provide a link to Magpul's statement.

They say they're selling to CO residents. Fine. Where have they said they're selling to CO .gov agencies if the bill passes?
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Old March 1, 2013, 12:17 PM   #7
Tom Servo
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So, we've got a rumor with no citation other than "another gun forum." Without so much as a link or other substantiation, there's really nothing to discuss.
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