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Old February 16, 2013, 08:07 PM   #26
tristar viper
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I have a Taurus TCP, and if I wanted to I could shoot it 150 rounds with no problems in one range trip. I don't, but I could. I do shoot it a little each time out though just to stay familiar with 2 or 3 mags maybe. I shot a friends LCP and wanted to cut my hand off after 25 rounds. That probably explains why he shot the gun one time and it has never come out again.....and he won't carry it.
I shot a Kahr PM9 just a few weeks ago....I didn't find anything objectionable with it as far as recoil.
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Old February 17, 2013, 07:37 AM   #27
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Recoil sting

I had a nice, slim, easy to conceal Kel Tec PF9, and it bit my trigger finger every shot, so after 50 at the range, my finger was hurting. But the gun did disappear inside the waistband.

I switched to a Beretta Nano, virtually the same size and conceal-ability, and the trigger bite is non-existent on this one.

The recoil is still there, because of the gun's mass, but the bite is gone, so there must be differences in the internal mechanics of the trigger. My wrist still gets more tired after 50 rounds than after shooting my M&P 9c, but the trigger bite is gone.
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Shield in 9
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Buying American made, wherever I still can
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Old February 18, 2013, 08:02 AM   #29
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Problem with a concealed carry gun?

Originally Posted by Vinnie Harold View Post
Yes my brain understands that, but my hand says that there must be a smaller 9mm that is built sturdier and absorb more of the recoil.
I was hoping somebody could recommend one that maybe, just maybe I could rent and try.
Try you a Sig P938 and I think you will love it and want to practice all the time.
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Old February 18, 2013, 09:19 AM   #30
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You can also improve proficiency considerably by doing dry fire drills. In some ways they are better than shooting live ammo as you can see any movement you are adding by flawed trigger control. You can also do hours of practice without leaving your house. Obviously some live fire practice is also necessary to maintain discipline on managing recoil and trigger control, verifying the gun will cycle reliably with the ammo you plan to carry etc.

The Taurus 709 Slim I use for carry and use for dry fire drills works very well because it functions as a double action, meaning it will cock and strike each time you pull the trigger so you get trigger break and click each time without racking the slide to cock it.
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Old February 18, 2013, 11:37 PM   #31
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Immediately after I bought my LCP, I shot a box of ammo. My hand hurt the next day due to the abrupt edges of the gun and lack of cushion. I put a Hogue Handall on it, and now I can shoot a couple of boxes at a time without any trouble. No trigger bite or anything like that. It's just a .380, but I can shoot it decent, and it fits in my pocket easily.
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Old February 19, 2013, 10:32 AM   #32
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I have had it for over 4 years, and have had it out to the range 3-4 times because it hurts my hand after 30 - 40 rounds
Put me down with those that opine that this is not a good scenario. If you don't shoot it enough, you will never acquire the comfort and trust needed to depend on it in a pinch. The subsequent flinching and shot anticipation make it
impossible to achieve any kind of accuracy and enjoyment.

Personally, I have come to believe that carry gun size and especially weight are way overemphasized in a typical carry sense. Granted, when wearing shorts and a T shirt, smaller guns or no guns are the only choice.

Gloves at the range are a great idea, and winter golf gloves (very light layer of insulation) are the ticket if you don't want to spend big bucks on special shooting gloves.

I think cheap and low velocity ammo is good for practice, so long as it functions OK and shoots to point of aim at 'typical' and realistic SD range of 3-7 yards.

Want less recoil and/or less hand damage ? Increase the weight of the gun, reduce the velocity of your ammo, and/or perfect your grip and wear gloves.
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I had a K-9 with rubber grips. It was a great little gun.
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