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reloading for 223

Hey all, I'm new to the forum and new to reloading and had a question about a particular load.
I've got nosler .224 60gr ballistic tips that I want to load for an ar15 but I can't find any data for the powder I have (cfe 223). Hodgdons site has data for 60 GR. HDY V-MAX, and I am curious if this would work for me.


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Glad to see another new member to TFL, great hobby you have undertaken and there is a lot of good stuff to learn.

I have three suggestions in response to your question.

1. Please buy, borrow or otherwise acquire (ie library) a couple of reloading handbooks and read through them. A few hours over two to three weeks spent reading now will make for years of safe enjoyment. As for suggestions on the best ones first, please see the following thread:

2. Good to see you are visiting manufacturers websites. All are a very good source of information, but some of it is very cryptic at first. In using them, Google is your friend. Please visit the Hodgdon website again and look at the 223 data. You will find a 223 load for the 62 GR. SFT SCIR which is a bullet similar in construction to your Nosler bullet, with the CFE powder you have. Google the abbreviation 'SFT SCIR' to see the differences.

3. Contact Nosler to request load data from them, as they may be the best source and have some unique information to provide.

The decision on how to modify the load data is up to you based on knowledge and evidence you gather.
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More than 1 source is best

The other poster who responded first is on the money.

When I'm workin up a load for a new caliber, I use at LEAST 4 sources of information. Probably more.

Be very cautious with suggestions from the internet in any variety that are not published.

Remember, over maximum loads are dangerous. and so are loads that are too light. Either one can cause massive failure.

Obtain at least 2 of the popular modern reloading recipe guides, and compare.

It is common that you will not be able to find exactly the components you want to assemble. Look up the definition for "interpolate",,, that's what ya gotta do.

notice the other poster referred to a bullet of "similar" construction. Similar shape,,, similar ballistic coefficient,,, similar construction,,, similar bore friction,,

Watch your case overall length,,, be consistent,,, on the trigger,,,, and on the reloading bench,,,

good luck.
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thanks, i'm waiting on modern reloading in the mail. do the reloading manuals generally have answers to these types of questions, or do i pretty much have to contact the manufacturer every time something is not obvious?
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I have 26-27.8 for a 55 grain bullet for CFE223. That's a bit much for a 60gr, I got that info from a Nosler rep. I wrote that in my reloading manual for a later reference when I run out of my other powders!

Here is a good place to reference:

Last edit I swear!

I found for a 60gr bullet: 25-26.7gr of cfe223. I always like to call and talk to the reps, they can be helpful.
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According to the QuickLoad software calculations (use for guidance, but always cross-check with manufacturer data), the VMax bullet is .870" and the Ballistic Tip is .851" long. QL does not list CFE223, but using Varget as a close approximation it shows that the BT can be loaded 0.4 gr more than the VMax for the same max pressure maximum.

I think this would indicate it would be safe to use the Vmax data starting load as a start load for the Ballistic using the same powder. Work up from there and don't exceed the maximum load listed for the VMax unless you get data specific to the BT.
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chris in va
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CFE is a very new powder and probably won't show up in most reloading manuals. I have to consult the powder manufacturer's website all the time.
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For what it's worth (i know the OP is using 60 gr bullets), I have found that a 26.5 gr charge of CFE223 under a 55 gr bullet and CCI450 primers gives me around 3100 fps.

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i contacted nosler, they told me that the starting load is 25.0 and max is 27.0. I wonder how long it takes for the newer powders to get incorporated into the literature.
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+1 to you spitznagel for contacting Nosler.

About right now would be my expectation for printed component manufacturer data beyond the powder manufacturer. CFE hit the shelves as a new product from Hodgdon in January 2012. New products = new loads to be worked up.
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