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Ignition Override
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Few used Sig 232s are noticed online.

Is it because of the popularity, or the charisma of the name? They often seem preferred over the PPK.

Although I've never owned a handgun, my interest in the nice, handy Polish P-64 (9x18) has cooled a lot, after the third session. The Bersa .380 was much nicer to shoot.

The Bersa T. .380 might cost less than the Sig 232, but 232s appear to be not only very high quality but are sometimes available in stainless steel.
Are original Sig 232 triggers noticeably different than the Bersa Thunder .380?
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We got my mom a Walther PPKS and it was a bear to shoot. The trigger was heavy and the recoil was stout for such a little gun. We ended up getting her a Sig P230 which is the predecessor of the P232 and it was a much nicer gun to shoot. The ergonomics were far better and it was nice having the de-cocker. A buddy of mine also has the P232 and he is pretty happy with it.

I don't have much experience with the Bersas but I have fired a couple. I'd say they are similar to the PPKs but the finish is usually a little worse.
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I don't know about the Bersa, but I am fan of the Sig. My fiancé took it over after shooting it as her all time carry. She liked it a lot more than the LCP she was carrying when we met.

The 232 will shoot well in most hands. I have the hogue overmold on mine to tame the bite of the recoil, which you may or may not notice. Makes it a dream to shoot. I have large meat hooks and it fits my hand good enough. My fiancé has tiny hands and it fits her very well.
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Are original Sig 232 triggers noticeably different than the Bersa Thunder .380?
Both triggers are the normal heavy double action, somewhere around 11 lbs. or so. If there is a difference it would be in the smoothness. This is where a Sig may feel superior to a Bersa. I doubt many people shoot in DA mode much, although anyone that carries either model would decock the gun and may practice the first shot in DA, (or at least should). The Bersa stacks a bit at the end, the Sig is linear and smooth until the break.

In SA both triggers ar fairly light, about 4-5 lbs. Here they are a little more similar. Both reset fairly fast. Again, IMHO, the Sig trigger is a bit smoother.

One difference is the decocking lever mechanism. The Bersa uses a Walther PP style slide mounted lever to first decock and then "safe" the gun. Sig uses a frame mounted decock lever that slowly lowers the hammer but there is no safety on the gun. Pull the trigger and the gun fires.

Another difference is in the mag catches. Bersa uses a traditional button, whereas Sig uses a European heel release.

To me the biggerest difference is in the grip. The Sig is perfection. No other gun I've ever picked up felt so natural in my hand, pointed without effort, or allowed a tight grip.

The Bersa is a pretty good gun, a value, but less refined, less machined, less... perfect. The Sig is a world class gun, with great fit and finish... almost perfect. I've bought both new and used and never felt that I didn't get my monies worth with a Sig. To me that's also a value.

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If you want the best .380 going, find a Beretta M85FS. The P232 is a good choice also, but I like the Beretta a bit better, and it is one of my carry guns.
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Sig P232 or . . .

I have a Sigarms P232, have had for almost 4 years now. It is a very nice looking, accurate and feels great in most anyone's hand. Too bad the reliability of it doesn't hold up the rest of those great qualities. Since day one I have had failure to fire issues in addition to the less frequent FTE and jam of an empty and fresh round. Contrary to some, I see no need to have 3 hands to fix the issue with the jams, two and ingenuity work just fine. I recently acquired another Sauer gun, and it is as well; Sour that is. It's a P290 with failure to fire too often and a 6 round magazine that cannot accept 6 rounds or be inserted with 6 rounds when you finally get it to accept 6 and then be capable of allowing the slide to be racked. Just wrote Sig today about the P232 as I am completely disappointed in their products. I am sending back the 6 round mag for the P290 and shall see if the re-strike necessity situation resolves itself after I have gone through another 200 - 300 rounds. To date I have only put about 250 round through it. There has been about 15 failure to fire incidents. One round required 3 strikes before it fired. The same box of ammo used in other guns has never had a misfire.
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I bought a CZ 83 and the only thing I wish it had was a decocker. From my take it is as good quality wise as the P232. I prefer the type of decocker that deactivates the trigger. If the P232 had that type of decocker I would have spent the extra money and purchased one.
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Way back when my PD switched from wheel guns to semi autos the 380 was the off duty gun to buy, (poor old model 36!) Anyway we all got Walther PPks and the gun bit our hands and never fed HP all that well, plus is was heavy. There was a few guys who didn't have money and bought Bersa and they worked fine. I switched to a P230 and later a P232 and loved it. Didn't bite the hand, shot very well and carried nice. The blued P232 is a great gun for carry, (SS is too heavy IMHO.) The P232 is a work of art!
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