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Old January 24, 2013, 07:11 PM   #1
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Location: Newport News, VA
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A proud husband, and two questions.

I’m so proud of my wife, a little peeved, but mostly proud. We went to our first gun show Sunday last. I wasn’t planning on buying anything: left the checkbook at home, and didn’t bring the Taurus to trade. Never thought to ask her if she was in the market, or tell her we didn’t have the money.
So we entered the gun show and immediately we both turned into kids at Christmas. I was astounded to how interested she was to hold different weapons, and here about their histories. It didn’t take long for her eyes to fall on a stainless single six, with what appeared to be ivory grips. She asked to both owner if should could handle it, and ooo’ed and ahhh’ed. I felt it and asked her if it didn’t feel heavier than my GP100, which she has trouble stabilizing (shoots it well though, did I mention I’m proud?). She agreed, but those classic single action lines had a hold on her. All of a sudden she keeps mentioning our Evil Pawn Shop Guy, and his policy of appeasing his wife with a new weapon, so that he may buy for himself…
I should have run.
To make a long story short she settled on a blued Ruger Bearcat, 4” barrel, NIB. $449. Now I’m a salesmen. I spend most days getting people to spend money. I’m good at what I do, but despite all of my powers of persuasion I was unable to tear her away from the weapon. I tried everything, showing a beautiful lever gun we could shoot rabbits with together, .22lr pistols, Colts, Sigs, Berettas and Brownings, and finally bills. Ultimately she won out, its those blue eyes, I’m helpless to resist. So one trip to the atm latter we walk away with the Bearcat.
Despite my lightened wallet I can’t help but smile. She could have had her pick of the entire show, but she lands herself on a six gun, a Ruger to boot, and blued. A girl after my own heart.
I do, however have two questions for you TFL,
First, how do we grip this thing? Single Action grips are so different than the Double actions I’m used to.
Second, how long it the barrel break in period normally?
Thanks y’all.
Hoppes No 9 and spent powder just overtook fresh baked cookies on my list of favorite smells. Don't tell my wife!
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Old January 24, 2013, 09:12 PM   #2
Bob Wright
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How do you grip a single action? Easy. Hold the gun by the barrel in your non-shooting hand, open your shooting hand and slide the gun butt-first into your shooting hand, closing you fingers naturally.

God made the human hand to fit a single action.

Break in the barrel? Never heard that one before. Just load the thing, cock the hammer, aim and fire. Repeat.

Bob Wright
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Old January 24, 2013, 09:26 PM   #3
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Women can make great shots. A Ruger Single Six is a wonderful little gun and you both will enjoy it for the rest of your lives. Shoot the gun one handed and with two. How to hold the pistol? Buy a gun magazine and look at the pictures. It's not rocket science.
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Old January 25, 2013, 10:27 AM   #4
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wanderingred Your over thinking all this. Just let her figure out holding the revolver, Not really a wrong way and buy the time she fires a few round she will have it figured out.

Breakin?? Just clean the bearcat and lube it , buy some cci standard or even the new cci quiet ammo and shot away. No need to worry about how many rounds to get at its best. Rugers barrels are good barrels to start with.

Bearcats are very cool revolvers for small hands.

Look at the photos at the top and bottom of the page to help with holding a SA revolver.
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Old January 25, 2013, 11:17 AM   #5
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Best to use the SASS style and use two handed grip and cock hammer with second hand.
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Old January 25, 2013, 01:29 PM   #6
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The best thing about your deal is now your wife has "her gun". She got to choose what she liked and while you showed her other choices you didn't get all macho and force her to take something she didn't want. Every handgun shooter needs "their own" .22 (I have about 2 dozend of them now ). This will pay off in both your shooting enjoyment in the long run and I wouldn't be a bit suprised if it didn't payoff in another part of the house in the short run.

Many K and N Frames
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Old January 25, 2013, 05:26 PM   #7
Join Date: January 3, 2012
Location: Newport News, VA
Posts: 45
Thanks y'all

Jmortimer, I never thought of looking at the CAS guys, don't know why that didn't occur to me. Those guys are holding it way higher than I was. I can't wait for her to get a chance to shoot it!
There seemed to be alot of that macho thing running around at the gun show, the booth owners kept talking about it while she looked. Doesn't make any sense to me though. I won't sell a car till the primary driver has driven it. I don't care if your the car guy, the mechanic uncle, or boyfriend: the primary user has to drive it and feel it. I figured that this is very much the same. I just wish she landed on something a little less expensive...
Hoppes No 9 and spent powder just overtook fresh baked cookies on my list of favorite smells. Don't tell my wife!
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Old January 25, 2013, 06:05 PM   #8
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And, for Valentine's Day - You can gift her a nice set of grips for the BearCat .

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Old January 25, 2013, 09:06 PM   #9
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Petahw, so that's where I left my Remington Bird Knife....dam I miss that thing...Rod
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