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Old January 26, 2013, 01:06 PM   #1
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First pistol: need input

I have tried out several 9mm pistols and need some input. This is my first firearm.

S&W M&P: liked the pistol but they only have it in 10rnd magazines. I cannot find the larger magazine anywhere. Everyone tells me I'm crazy to get the 10 rnd pistol.

H&K P30: liked it but it is expensive and I wonder if it is too much for a beginner.

FNH FS9: good price, comes with 3 - 17 rnd mags and has night sites. I have heard some issues with a gritty trigger and it locking up. Most reviews seem favorable. Until I saw this pistol I had not heard of FNH.

Primary purpose for gun is home defense but might enjoy target shooting once I get into it.

Thoughts on these guns? Thanks for your advice.

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My advice is to check out CZ pistols as in or to see what upgrades are possible.
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Old January 26, 2013, 01:54 PM   #3
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I liked and still like the fit and feel of the FNH FNS. I thought the trigger was better feeling than the M&P. And the lockup issue is in regards to the trigger and slide. You can find it on YouTube. Basically if you rack it and push the trigger forward it will lock the slide for some reason(not sure why you would push the trigger forward) and if you jam the front of the pistol in the palm of your hand it will also lock up. Some said it was an issue and some said it was not. I was easily able to replicate both when I handled it. And to be honest, the price at the time is what kept me from buying it.
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All three are good firearms and high capacity magazines will fit the S&W and will most likely be available in the future.
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Old January 26, 2013, 02:01 PM   #5
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The fn fnx45 was my first handgun...
I just liked the "way" 45acp 'went bang'

I saw someone shooting a Baretta 92fs in was sweet....
One soon followed me home....

I m a newbie also so take my advice with salt..
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Old January 26, 2013, 02:21 PM   #6
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What do you want it for? Concealed carry, target shooting/range fun, home defense? The answers to these questions will determine a lot.

I like the CZ line of pistols, and for an "all of the above" solution woud go with the CZ-75D PCR or P-01. However, if just for range, and home then a full size gun like the 75B, 75SA or SP-01 would work as well. I own a 75B, and PCR and use the excellent Kadet Kit .22 conversion on both.

After many years of dismissing them I recently picked up a Beretta 92FS because they still can be had at reasonable prices, even during these time, and they are a durable, reliable and accurate 9MM. So far I really like it, and would recommend one especially since many gun stores stock them and their accessories.
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Old January 26, 2013, 02:35 PM   #7
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Pilot asked the right question. How you will use the pistol will help narrow it down. Also, you can find extended mags for many pistols which is fine for range use but could be a challenge for carry. And, the last pistol I bought only held 7 rounds in the mag.
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Old January 26, 2013, 02:46 PM   #8
chris in va
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The M&P would be fine, trigger might need some work. I'll second the PCR/P01 suggestion. I had a full size 75 for years but i can say the P01 is the most flexible handgun I've owned to date. Concealed carry, range use, very well.
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Old January 26, 2013, 02:48 PM   #9
Bongo Boy
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What do you want it for?
Beginner or not, this is a fairly important thing to think through a little bit. It's not a matter of having the 'perfect' gun scientifically tuned to the task at hand--it's a matter of having a gun that you have some remote chance of being happy with.

Not sure why you're 'crazy' to buy a 10 rd pistol, but you're not going to find any magazines above 10rd right now or for the foreseeable future anyway, unless you're very lucky. You're certainly not going to find any in any local gun shop ('LGS'). If and when they become available, they are available from more suppliers than you can shake a stick at. Shouldn't be a showstopper.

'FHN' is actually FNH, Fabrique Nationale Herstal, or FN Herstal. FN has been manufacturing firearms for about 120 years as far as I know, and is very closely associated with John Browning's early design and manufacturing days, and it's production of the Browning Hi-Power. Generally among the most expensive handguns around, in the ballpark of HK (Keckler-Koch) pricing, and maybe a bit higher than Sig-Sauer.

Hands down, I would spend my money on the M&P line, buying a 9mm full size, or if you intend to carry as I hope you do, the 9mm Compact. I wound't buy them in 9, but as you've decided that's how you want to go, either one will be an excellent gun IMO.

I have fired HKs, FNs, owned Sigs and dollar amount was seldom an issue for me in buying an important handgun. I chose M&P having nothing to do with its price, really, having shot the above makes as well as Glock, Sig, Ruger and CZ. After the first M&P, I bought a second one shortly thereafter and sold an $1,100 Sig because it never got fired after owning the M&P. I'm carrying the M&P this very minute.

Of the guns you've listed it's M&P no question, regardless of your financial resources. If you really wanted to spend $1,000 because you felt it would get you something more in a gun than $500, then with the money you have left over, backorder a few magazines and try to find some ammo to shoot. I don't believe any of your other selections will be more reliable nor more accurate. I've been shooting handgun since 1967...I didn't choose the M&Ps because they were beginner's guns or greater 'starter' guns. I chose them because they are among the most comfortable and accurate handguns I've ever fired.

And I don't believe so-called 'accuracy' is a discriminating factor in any handgun you can buy today--they are ALL far more accurate than 99.999% of any shooters can shoot them. Pick one that feels good to you and that you feel you can get along with.

The magazine capacity thing is, to me, largely nonsense. While I too like higher capacity, it's merely a matter of convenience. Any practical benefit for any practical purpose outside of competition is probably overshadowed by the fact the weight and balance of the gun just changes that much more radically during shooting. But as I said, if they're still legal and our brain-farts in Washington have weighed in by the time they're available again, you'll find them relatively inexpensive. Not a good criteria for gun selection IMO, assuming the gun isn't limited by some other factor (e.g., frame size).
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All three are good choices. The H&K is spendy but you will never regret buying quality. However I'd probably go with the M&P. Still great quality and great reputation at a more affordable price.
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