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Any tips on canning venison?....

Any tips on canning venison?....
I'm expanding my venison processing this year to include canning. Have never done this before, got all the equipment lined up and ready to go.

Any recipes or flavoring tips you'd recommend would be appreciated.
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I don't know anything about how he did it, but a guy from Oregon was doing some painting for me and I took him hunting. He gave me a quart jar of mince meat in return. Pretty cool stuff. He said he liked it on ice cream. Don't know about that. Sort of had the consistence of chewing tobacco, but once you got past that it was good.
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I've never done it, myself. But if you want some, I can probably dig up some Deer from the late '40s and early '50s at my grandfather's place. The jars now look like they are full of albino rats that were pickled in some kind of red solution.

Whatever they used in their canning process drew all of the color out of the meat. It's just a dirty tan/white color now, in a dark red liquid.
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Just a few Google turned up. Never did it myself but after reading a few of these, think I'm gonna try it myself.
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Old January 7, 2013, 02:21 AM   #5
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There are very important safety factors to consider !!!

Follow the procedures carefully, no shortcuts.
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"""There are very important safety factors to consider !!!"""

What the man said right there!!!

Anaerobic bacteria will KILL you in a hurry so be VERY careful........

That said I'll admit to being a little over cautious as a result of being in the business of selling fish, which means I get to see the FDA on a regular basis and am constantly reading food safety warnings.

Time/temperature/salinity/acidity........keep those ideas in mind.
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Sure Shot Mc Gee
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Do it every year here.
(old school recipe>) Some like their canned meat with a small amount of tallow left on the un-trimmed meat to create a grease barrier in the top of a cooked jar. Most folks scoop out that tallow barrier with a spoon before eating. Adding prior to their packing only canning salt, onion, a small clove of garlic to the jar or perhaps a bullion cube also. (Can be strong tasting)

I don't care for strong tasting canned meat myself.
I prefer using meat well trimmed of all tallow or very little of it canned if possible. A store bought liquid beef broth recipe. No salt is required in this recipe when using pre-salted liquid broth. If necessary you can substitute the pre-salted beef or chicken broth with un-salted beef & chicken broths. (For those who need little or no salt in their diets.) There's very little noticeable difference in taste between the two different broths. (Salted & un-salted.)

Quick note about Broth. I use W/Ms Great Value brand. Expensive name brands don't add to the taste. After all broth is just >broth._

Lots of fresh coarse chopped yellow or white onions and dried garlic (Tones or McCormick brand dried garlic) some course ground black pepper sprinkled on the meat and that's it. I like to think of this recipe as being one of those K.I.S.S recipe's.

Start by cubing your meat and adding coarsely chopped onion, (lots of onion) a good sprinkle of garlic, and a nice course ground peppering is all that's required. All mixed together in a large bowl.
Fry your meat mixture just enough as to see it start producing its own liquid in the pan. I'm in complete control of high heat cooking. So do fry your meat in a heat range your comfortable in using. While frying. You'll notice a changing of the meats redness to a gray/tan look. Which is what your wanting to see. (perfect.) > Remove the pot or frying pan off the heat. No browning is wanted or required.

Start packing your jars with a nice hand full of raw onions if wanting (or not is OK.) Loosely pack your jar to it's neck with the mixture of pre-cooked meat and a little of its juices found in the frying pan. If you've fried your meat correctly you should be able to compress it in your PINT canning jar down to its half way filled mark. (Meat behaves much like a sponge when cooked just a short time.) I use a soup ladle for the purpose of jar compressing.

Tip: If meat is under cooked. Its hard to compress.
If its over cooked is hard to compress also.

Immediately add your chosen broth right from its carton or can to your jar after you've compressed its contents. Stop adding broth when it reaches 1" below the jars mouth. Cover jar semi-tightly and put in the cold pressure cooker. Quarts and pints are pretty much done the same exact way. (But quarts require meat compression down to its 3/4 full mark then the broth is added.)

I do pints myself as there is just the wife and I here. So its easier for us to go thru a jar in one sitting.

Remember to use the pressure cookers instructions concerning canned meats.
Time spent in the cooker is important. And all pressure cookers are indeed dangerous. Just be carefull. Especially with small kids in the area.

Tip: >Don't forget to smear or lightly coat the pressure cookers lid seal with cooking oil first before its heating.

So many uses for canned meat in the kitchen. Stew, Hot beef sandwich & mashed taters or rice. Venison French Dip Sandwich, and the list goes on and on. Do use the broth from the jar. Remember you trimmed your meat before canning so there's very little grease in the jars liquid. Venison jar broth.: Excellent for gravy or straight up as a dip for your sandwich. Ooo!! so good. > Bon Appétit .

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I do it too. Mc Gee has a good technique for doing hotpack. You can also do a raw pack - that is what I do. Even though most raw-packers don't add any extra liquid, i do. I think it enhances the look of the finished product. I've never had one come out bad. There is a great canning group on Facebook. I belong to it. Perhas you shoud do a little lurking on there (or even join).
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Its amazing my grandmother lived to 96 years canning stuff and never read anything from the FDA. She could not read and none of us died from food poisoning. I can the way she did and according to the experts I should be dead.
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This is minor, but if you are new to canning, a little bit of vinegar in the canner water keeps the outside of the jars and inside of the canner from getting discolored. Good luck!
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I've never done it, myself. But if you want some, I can probably dig up some Deer from the late '40s and early '50s at my grandfather's place. The jars now look like they are full of albino rats that were pickled in some kind of red solution.

Whatever they used in their canning process drew all of the color out of the meat. It's just a dirty tan/white color now, in a dark red liquid.
Boy..that sounds yummy....
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