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Bit by the bug, but what to buy?

Hi all, First, let me beg forgiveness for a broad topic post, but I am really at a loss after my research as to what to do so here goes.

Contrary to my long time dedication to modern semi-automatic handguns, I seem to be desiring a SAA or other wetern era/Sass handgun. I have read about the variuos models and makes available and am unsure as to which manufacturer to go with. Certainly Colt would be in the running, But I amd looking for a well made, accurate pistol in 45LC that would be suitable for SASS as well as being strong enough to handle modern pressure loads like Buffalo Bore, etc.

Another concern I have is that more of the reviews I have red indicate greatly varrying degrees of accuracy, especially with reagrds to POA/POI. I must say I personally would not have any interst in a pistol that shot 6 inches high/low out the box. I know the sky is the limit insofar as custom six guns go but I would like to stay around $1200 or less. Would anyone have any recommendations? Please forgive any omissions in this post as well.

Thanks in advance!
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I would say try a gun and see if you like it.
Buy it, use it, learn about it, and take it from there. If you decide you don't like it, sell it, and move on to the next one that interests you.
Or, as a lot of us do, buy one, and then another, and ...
And so on.
At any time you can keep some, and sell others. The market currently appears to be going better than ever for guns, so you should be able to sell.
Around here, things sell fast, as the demand is so high.
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Old December 10, 2012, 05:31 AM   #3
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You need two for SASS. The Uberti Cattleman would be good if you want to stay true to the Colt design. The Ruger New Vaquero if you don't. The thing about fixed sight single actions is you have to shoot it to find out where it prints. Uberti front sights are left tall so you can file them down to POA. Where it hits laterally is luck of the draw. Most will be close, some will be right on. None are guaranteed.
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Old December 10, 2012, 09:06 AM   #4
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These fellows have given some excellent advice. You have to remember that if you are going to stick to original designs, they aren't going to have adjustable sights or anything close to it. On your semi-autos you have a lot of options and usually some sight adjustment as you well know. It's a whole different story in the SAA. You're utilizing a fixed front sight and usually a groove in the top of the receiver - not a whole lot different from more modern designs such as say a Colt Army Special/OP or similar. On the older Colts - the '51/'61 Navies or 60 Armies, you're utilizing the front sight and a notch in the hammer due to their open top design. It's just a different animal and the "nature of the beast".

The trick is to learn the individual pistol and how/where it shoots. Adjustments can be made in sight height but not always easily depending upon the make and how it's installed. Windage adjustment on a SAA was often taken care of by a slight bend in the front sight in the right direction to correct it.

i don't shoot competition but I do enjoy the SAA styles. For me, I enjoy my New Vaquero the most. Would a true Colt shoot better? Maybe. Would a Uberti? Maybe. If you buy a new SAA will it shoot "right on"? Maybe or maybe not. Will one brand shoot better than another? Can't say. But then again, if I buy a semi-auto will I be guaranteed it will shoot great right out of the box? No.

As stated, the best way to decide on one is to handle them in person if you can and see which make/model fits and feels good to you and what barrel length feels balanced and natural in your hand. Then, take the plunge and try it. Again, they are a whole different animal from something like a 1911 or whatever semiautos you have your experience with but I have a feeling that if you already have the "itch", you will enjoy them. Notice I say "them" as they soon become "addictive". Good luck on your new "journey" and above all, enjoy and have fun!
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Fingers McGee
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What Hawg and BBB said. +1 Best advice is to try em before you buy em. Find a SASS club closeto you and visit a couple matches. You will invariably be offered a variety of guns to try out.
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Doc Hoy
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Be careful when you read this......

.....because I don't necessarily know what I am talking about.

I own two Uberti Cattlemen and one is .45 LC. ALso own a Vaquero in .45 LC.

I love that Ruger but the Uberti shoots and acts as well at about 150 bucks less money.

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U.S. Firearms makes a beautiful SAA which some consider to be the best. They also offer a lot of custom services and perhaps can offer to pre-sight in a revolver. Or maybe they're bore sighted during the production process and will make any necessary adjustment after purchase if there's a problem.
Call the factory for orders, pricing and to inquire about all of the details:

Call the factory (860) 296-7441 to order

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