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Remington Model 14 help please

Hello, my father recently gave me a Remington Model 14 in .32 cal in what he thought was a 14R (carbine). I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I do believe the carbine barrel is marked "Model 14-R" as some other forum members have mentioned, and this rifle is not... also... I believe from the pictures I have seen that this rifle also has a different stock style than a true carbine. Anyhow, I plan on using this gun for hunting and have a few questions first.

1) Based on the pictures, IF this is not the Model 14R carbine, I would assume that means someone took a Model 14 in .32 cal and cut the barrel down as it does measure exactly 18 inches. IF this is the case, the value of the gun will go down significantly correct?

2) If the gun has not been altered, I would leave it alone, but IF it has already been messed with, I would consider adding a scope since I have no intention of selling it. Would you guys think adding a scope is a good or bad idea? Anyone have a Model 14 that can recommend a good scope to add?

3) I know ammo is hard to come by and $$$, but, the gun shoots fine as I tried it out the other day and was quite accurate with just the open sights at around 75 yards. Anyone have a source for the .32 ammo?

4) Anyone have advice on cleaning this gun up? I dont know anything about bluing steel, but I would like to make this thing look a bit nicer... anything I can do to the steel?, wood sand/oil/polish advice would be great... THANKS! - Chris
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Whoa down now

I posted on another sight last night on your gun , and have sent you a PM . I'd advise not getting in a rush to do anything to your gun , till you get all the info you can on it . The barrel has not been cut , and there may be a proper stock out there for it somewhere ! I have a 141 in .35 Rem. which was the next model , basicly an improved mod.14 . Mine has had the barrel cut to 18" and had no sights on it when I bought it for $250.00 . It now wears the front sight from a 760 , and a Williams Guide rear peep sight . It's one very handy rifle in the thick stuff , and just the ticket for hunting Black Bear with hounds . You can cross sling it and it doesn't snag in the brush . If you'd like I can search for a set of dies for your .32 . 32 Win Special data is what's used for the .32 Rem. as they are ballistic twins .
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hey again

Hello fish, I commented on your earlier post. With the new pics, I can say with some certainty that the barrel has NOT been cut on your gun and you have a genuine carbine. The little "hump" that the front sight sets in is forged on the barrel. A rifle gun that had been cut would not have the hump, and would have to have some type of ramp front sight screwed on. The length difference you infer to (18" v. 18-1/2) is likely a measuring error. The barrel length will be measured from the bolt face. Your're likely not measuring to the right point.

I cannot say about the stock. My "blue book" makes reference to carbines having a "straight grip" (as opposed to a pistol grip) stock. The pistol grip cap does not look right either. Note that the grip area on Model 14 is notoriously fraglile. A portion of the bolt/hammer mechanism runs back into top portion of the pistol grip, the grip is basically a bit hollow there. Many model 14's will display a crack at the pistol grip. Yours may have done so and was replaced with a standard butt stock. It may also have been ordered that way. The grip cap.? Well, maybe home gunsmithing. The whole butt stock could be handmade job too.

The sights on your barrel are not factory. The little notch beneath the existing rear sight was a bearing surface for a screw that served as the elevator for a distinctive numbered wheel used to adjust elevation on the Model 14's. The rounded front is not factory either. The front sight on 14's was a beaded blade, set very low, and the rear sight is a low blade with the odd numbered wheel as described. Non factory sights on a model 14 are not uncommon. Mine (in .30 Rem) does not have the correct sights either. There was a guy in TX who specialized in vintage iron sights. Right now I cannot recall his name. He advertised in Shotgun News.

I would not be in a big hurry to refinish or alter the gun. Its age is what makes it special. Good luck with ammo and your hunts.

Oh yeah, the little flange on the mag tube is a brush guard.

Did this old pump come out of PA?????
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Old December 12, 2012, 01:55 AM   #4
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Your barrel has not been shortened, as noted by the integral front sight ramp.
The stock looks like an aftermarket stock, it seems like the angle on the bottom of the grip is different.
I am not sure about the sights, but PetahW typically knows what he is talking about, so I would take him at his word.
Refinishing the gun would cost more than the gun is worth. Leave it alone and cherish it as a memento of your father.
32 Remington ammo is scarce. If you find some, grab it.
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You can look around for the correct buttstock and sights. You can check the auction sites or numrich arms (gunpartscorp). If it was mine I wouldn't bother and I would just clean it up and maybe touch up the real bad spots. As far as cleaning it up I would get some OOOO steel wool and some gun oil and lightly go over the metal parts, that should clean it up some. Like I said in my other post It's your rifle to do with as you please. I don't see alot of collector value in the condition it's in. The metal finish isn't great but after you clean it up it should look better. You could also get some cold blue from Brownells and touch it up in the bad spots. Brownells 44/40 or one of their other blues seem to work good. If you want a scope on it then that's what you should do.
As far as ammo goes that's the tough part. It's out there but hard to find. If you reload it's a bit easier and sometimes you can find reloads to buy. It's easier than factory because you can still get .30 remington cases,run them through a .32 rem sizer die and presto you have .32 rem cases. The older Lyman manuals have 32 rem data but you can use 32 winchester data also. Just don't try and chamber 32 winchester ammo as it is a rimmed case like the 30/30 and will not work. Old western scrounger used to make 32 rem reloads but I'm not sure they still do. If you have any questions just send me a PM. I have loaded for the 25, 30, and 32 rem in the past. I may still have a few boxes somewhere. I know I still have all the die sets. Anyway good luck and have fun with it.
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