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Winchester 9422

I'm having feeding issues with this lever action 22. When you work the action back the cartridge cut off releases the next shell fine but it isn't carried up high enough by the carrier. What causes this problem and how do I fix it? I also have to change the carrier pawl because it's causing the gun to jam.

I thought that it was the carrier pawl's job to force the carrier up after the shell was released onto the carrier. And the bad carrier pawl was the cause of the whole problem but a gunsmith with far more experience than me told me I was "Dead wrong" so I thought that I would get your opinions on the matter while I wait for the carrier pawl to come in.

Also what makes the carrier pawl go bad in the first place? This makes the fourth one put in this gun (not by me but the owner claims it has had three put in it over the years).

Thanks guys
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James K
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Is the rifle being fired enough to cause a part to go bad like that? I don't know enough about that rifle to try and diagnose the problem, but I will say that if a part keeps going bad then either there was something wrong with the design/material in the first place or there is some other problem causing the part to go bad.

Jim K
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I have a 9422 that had a problem for a couple of years, and it's possible that you have the same problem. My rifle would eject the spent case but would not always feed up the new round. It happened at random times and just every now and then. Drove me crazy and I thought it was some sort of restriction in the magazine tube, right where it joins the action and the feed 'thingie' that moves the fresh round from the mag tube up to where it can be fed into firing position. I took the rifle apart several times and cleaned it, or at least I thought I had cleaned it, but the problem persisted. Well, I really got ticked one day and I figured that I'd just take it apart one more time and get really dead serious about the cleaning in every stinkin crack and crevice in the action. What I found shocked me. There was a spent case up under the feed 'thingie'. It was black with combustion grime and was really hard to see and had probably been in there for years. Somehow that spent case got into there and what it occasionally did to cause problems was to migrate just a tiny bit in the wrong direction and then it wouldn't allow the feed 'thingie' to drop far enough down to pick up the fresh round. I worked the spent case out, did some more cleaning, and the problem has never come back. How the heck did that spent case get in there and how in the heck did I never find it in previous cleanings. I don't know.

I bought that gun cheap from a gunsmith. I got it for $80. I'm thinking that the reason the gun was so cheap was that it had that pesky feeding problem and that the gunsmith didn't find that spent case and couldn't fix the feeding problem. So he unloaded it on me. And 5 years later I finally fixed it.

Anyway, take your 9422 apart and look under the feed thingie. Look real close, use a good light, and take a toothpick and poke around in there.
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Just an update on this gun. It is now fixed. After I posted this, I finally got my hands on the gun and got it took apart. Yes the action was infact jammed and no it wasn't feeding right.

The carrier pawl was broken and causing the feeding issue but the gunsmith that had the gun before I got it didn't help matters any. Instead of replacing the carrier pawl he streched the carrier pawl spring and reinstalled the end of the carrier pawl. And if that wasn't bad enough for some unknow reason he had the carrier spring installed upside-down, causing the carrier to push up as soon as the bolt moved back.

As for this being the fourth carrier pawl to be installed in this gun? Who knows because that was the gunsmith that this gun was taken to for repairs every time.

After replacing the carrier pawl and righting the spring for the carrier all is well with this gun and it is back with it's very happy owner.

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