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Old December 19, 2000, 09:23 PM   #1
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I will soon be reloading for a 1911 that I have purchased, and am wondering if 45 Super Brass will last longer as opposed to regular ACP brass? I plan on loading target type loads, but may need to occasionally load to the IDPA power factor. I plan on using Starline Brass as I have had really good success with it in the past. The same question also applies to my .38/.357, where I plan to load wadcutters. Any knowledge would be appreciated!

--Mike From Iowa
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Starline .45 Super brass

Starline .45 Super brass is quite a bit thicker in the web area of the case head. Considering this is where most case failure will occur, I would have to say they will last longer than standard .45 Auto brass. Of course this also raises the issue of a decreased case volume internally. I have never noticed any difference pressure wise when I load with identical powder/bullet/primer combinations with standard cases vs. Super cases. .45 cases are pretty roomy to begin with, so I think the volume issue is pretty moot. Let me put it this way. All new .45 cases I buy are .45 Super Starlines. What more can I say.


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Old December 20, 2000, 11:11 AM   #3
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If you are loading target type loads (I assume that means you are loading to 700 to 900 fps; somewhere in that area) why would you need stronger brass?

I have regular .45 ACP brass, of different manufacturers (Winchester, Federal and others) that I have loaded so many times in the last year that the logo can't be read. Normal brass for .45 ACP, loaded to target velocities, will last a very long time.

I load on a Dillon SDB, and am getting to the point that I wonder if I will wear the primer pocket out before the brass is acctually unusable.

Just my findings. I guess if you can get the .45 Super brass for the right price, why wouldn't you use it? The only negative other than the volume being smaller (which probably wouldn't matter much at target load velocities) would be the fact that you would have to be careful about picking up your brass at the range and not accidently slipping in normal .45 ACP brass.

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45 Super die question

Airborne or anyone else who knows, can you use .45acp dies with 45 Super brass or do you need special dies?
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You use regular old .45 ACP dies. The external dimensions of .45ACP and .45 Super are the same. After Jan, 450SMC will be available from Triton. It's going to be a zinger, and it also takes regular dies.
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Check out the sectioned cases in this artice:

BTW: How 'bout them Hawks!!! (9/0)

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Thanks Walt.
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