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Old November 6, 2012, 11:08 PM   #26
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I've been using the 300WM for 40 years. I love it. You can buy Remington ammo for it at a reasonable price, but reloading is the way to go. You can reload for less than you can buy a box of 06 with a bit to spare.

The 300WM is quite capable of taking any game in NA. and most them at a distance. Trajectory is flat and lends itself to "crosshair" shooting. If sighted in at 200yds, a 100 yd shot at crosshair will be just a little bit high but very well within the clean kill zone. At 300, the same is true except for the impact will be a bit low but still in the kill zone. Most shots through the lung area drops them or they make only a few steps and fall (experience). There is a lot of energy left at 300 to drop very large game.

300WM will also work at 1000yds for playing. It has been used in long range matches with success. The military also used a few as far back as Viet Nam for snipers, although the majority were in 308.

What most people have a problem is with its recoil. It in not unmanageable but is most certainly brisk. Care must be taken in mounting a scope to get proper eye relief and good shooting process (firm sholder socket and cheek weld) or you are liable to get a case of 300itus (scope crease above the eye).

The general trend of today is to use the smaller cartridges. The magnums on here tend to get a bashing (My 243 will do just fine for a lot cheaper, Its a lot more accurate because I dont flinch etc.).

As for barrel burn, You will have to fire more than you can in a lifetime to get it to where it wont perform well for hunting. 1/2 MOA, well, that is another thing altogeter.

The choice is yours young man. I do suggest that you test fire one for a few rounds before purchasing. It may or may not be your cup of tea. Find someone using one at the range and politely ask if you might fire a round or two and tell him that you are contemplating purchasing a rifle in that chambering but wanted to know what it was like before you did. Most people wont have a problem with that and will allow you a few shots. Afterward or before for that matter, offer to pay for the ammo you shoot.

Good luck.
No such thing as a stupid question. What is stupid is not asking it.

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Old November 7, 2012, 07:32 AM   #27
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It's the only .30 I'd consider with the exception of the .300 RUM. It does need a muzzle brake tho if you really want to take full use of its potential.

On a bolt action, I'd take the .30-06 over the .308 if you really want to stick to a .30 and desire a milder recoil w/out brake.
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Old November 7, 2012, 01:08 PM   #28
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300 Win Mag

All, great comments I appreciate it all. I have a 308, 30.06 and many other guns. I have fired my brothers Ruger 300 WM. The recoil does not bother me much, I'm a pretty big guy. Yes it probably would wear on me while target practicing a couple of boxes but just shooting a few rounds is not a big deal. I can't rememebr ever feeling a recoil when shooting at game regardless of the weapon.

I have narrowed my choices to the T3 Tikka or the Ruger and back to my original question is which is preferred amoung hunters. Until recently I'd never heard of the Tikka. I did go to a gun shop and handle one. I do like that I can lift the bolt and open it with only my thumb.

Price wise they are only about 100 dollars apart.

To sc928Porsche, the 3rd car I ever owned was a 911 while stationed in Darmstadt Germany, way to much fun.
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Old November 7, 2012, 02:07 PM   #29
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I have been shooting the 308 Norma Magnum (almost identical ballistics as the .300 win mag). It's definitely a gun you want to reload for. I like the 165 gr bullet, boatail-spitzer like bullet. Very accurate gun.

The percieved recoil for me is less than my 30-06 in a sister rifle. I usually take the 308NM whitetail hunting because of its accuracy. Easily gets a .7 inch group at 100 yds. The recoil is more a push than with the other rifles, so I suspect the recoil is spread out over time longer than the 30-06. But I am not a scientist so I can't tell for sure.

The accuracy drops deer in their tracks. I usually take neck shots and the deer takes no more steps. My longest shot on a deer was 425-450 yrds. Bullet went clean through the chest and raised dust behind him. I thought I had shot over him but he ran in a 20 yard radius circle and dropped dead.

I love that rifle and load.
Jim Page

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Old November 10, 2012, 04:19 PM   #30
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Go for it young man. I hunt deer and black bear with a 300wm. It's a Remington 700 sps and it will shoot 3 shot groups of 150 gr Winchester power points at 1 inch all day (got to let the barrel cool awhile between groups). I've tried all kinds of ammo for this rifle and it actually prefers the cheap stuff - about $26 a box.

Don't have any experience with the 2 rifles your looking at, but the rem was a great deal for me. $520

Also I'm of the school of thought that you can take that 300 and download it to 3006, 308, or even 3030. But you can't upload any of those to 300
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Old November 11, 2012, 06:17 PM   #31
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I have a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in .308, with the 20" heavy barrel. This rifle is bad ass! I can print 1/2 to one inch groups at 100 yards all day long.

Since my rifle weighs about 9.5 lbs with the bipod and scope, the recoil is nothing, about like shooting a 30/30. No flinch = accuracy! I can put 30 rounds out of this rifle without even blinking, very easy on the shoulder.

The 300 win mag in a standard sporter rifle will have brutal recoil, pretty close to 30 ft lbs. The ammo will cost you double and the barrel life is less than half of the .308. According to recoil calculators that I have used, my .308 has about 14 ft lbs or recoil.

I reload 168 grain HPBT's for about 45 cents/round.

My vote......308 Winchester!
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Old November 11, 2012, 06:52 PM   #32
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I own the Tikka T3 in 300 Win Mag and use it to hunt elk. I sold a heavy 300 Weatherby and bought this 6.5 lb rifle instead. It was a good move. I love the light weight. You cannot find another rifle in that caliber that weighs the same or less for anything close to the price of a Tikka.

It's a gun to carry a lot and shoot a little. Of course, that's what most people typically do with an elk rifle.

I don't notice the recoil when shooting at an elk. I DO notice the recoil when shooting off a bench. Not my favorite thing to do, so I only do it to check zero each year. However, I don't notice the Tikka kicking any more than the heavier 300 magnum rifles I have owned or shot. The soft recoil pad I put on it helps.

Of course, I don't like to shoot any big game rifle a lot. Not what I consider a fun choice for target practice. A 22-250 is about as big a cartridge as I would go with if you want to shoot it a lot.
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Old November 12, 2012, 04:25 PM   #33
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My Dad has 300 Win-Mag and I started on that, I now have 300RUM. As shown earlier the Army is adopting at least some .300 WinMag giving that cartridge a boost. It's already easier to find Win Mag than RUM in some reloading applications. If your LGS carries it is often either both, or a coin flip and they'll carry a ton of one, and none of hte other.

I road Tripped to my grandparents halfway across the country, stopping at every Cabelas on the way, and it seemed like several in the middle of the trip... Idaho through Wyo/Colo area were pretty hefty in the Win-Mag and skimpy on the RUM. Or Vice versa. I forget which, since I have several reload cycles left and wasn't buying. I just remember being whimsically entertained by the incongruity... An actual example of what I'm talking about though would be the RCBS Lube die. You can get one that fits Win-Mag but not RUM. Not that it really matters, you don't need either, because handloading that much .300 would be rare for anyone not in a camoflage clothed members only club in Northern Idaho of... unque... political beliefs.

I'd use either win-mag or RUM in 300 for anything I would hunt in North America. Though I'm unlikely to hunt anything big enough to hunt back. Fair chase is when I chase them, not the other way around.
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Old November 12, 2012, 06:50 PM   #34
David R. Svatos
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The other thing I didn't mention earlier is the extra meat loss and cleanup due to massive tissue damage (red jello) when shot with a 300 mag as opposed to a 308.
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Old November 15, 2012, 03:37 PM   #35
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300 Win Mag Question

I have decided and have purchased the T3 Tikka 300 Win Short Mag over the M77. Thanks to all for your helpful comments.
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