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Scope adj

Hi all pretty new here and into rifle shooting. Bought a rem 700 sps tac aac-sd in .308. Topped it with a vortex diamondback 4-12x40 in leupold rings and bases. I started at 25 yards to get on paper and I was low and left. And after adj I stayed low and left and after more adj still grouping. Here is five shots with 12 clicks of adj 2-3 clicks between each shot. I'm confused as to why I couldn't get it to the center of target.

I decided to see what was happening at 100 and couldn't get it on paper and 50 yd was full. Any advice is appreciated
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Old November 8, 2011, 08:05 PM   #2
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At 25 yds your 12 clicks only move poi about 3/4" on a 1/4" click scope.
When I shoot a gun for the first time at 25 yards I will shoot a couple of times then put the gun back on the rest, line up the cross hairs with the aiming point and adjust the scope to the bullet hole or group center.
Then you can go to 100 yds and finish the sight in.
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Sighting in your scope @ 25 yards, will yield a 200 to 225 yard zero point of impact for most high-power rifles.

If your scope has 1/4" adjustments @ 100 yards (4 clicks = 1"), you will need 16 clicks to equal 1" @ 25 yards.

Keep this thought in your mind: The margin of impact error @ 25 yards, will be 4x greater @ 100 yards. Thus do all sight-in work @ 25 yards. Then set up for shooting @ 100 yards to evaluate the compatibility of your rifle, ammo, & optics combination.

What i have just shard with you is 50 years of rifle shooting experience & helping in excess of 200 other shooters, who were having similar problems as your question indicated.

I hope this info i have provided was of benefit to you.


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Old November 8, 2011, 08:26 PM   #4
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Here's the way I was taught and it saves lot's of ammo and sore shoulders.

1. Bore sight it good (I use a Leupold Zero Point).

2. Put a large target up "backwards" (only white showing) at 100 yards. Then put a small one right in the middle to aim at.

3. Using a solid rest (sandbags or something that you can adjust the turret settings on the scope without it moving) and fire one shot aiming at the small target.

4. Find your hole looking through the scope, move the rifle to put the crosshairs back on the bullseye and then dial your scope settings so the crosshairs are on the hole (without moving the rifle).

5. If you've done it right you should be dead nuts or close to it on the next shot so that you can use the 1/4" clicks to get it perfect. If you moved the gun just fire another one and use that hole.
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Art Eatman
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Not disagreeing with anybody, but another way:

I boresight at 100 yards, since I have a benchrest on my front porch.

I take a sheet of typing paper and make one horizontal line and three 90ยบ vertical lines with a magic marker. I tape the paper to a cardboard box and set it at 25 yards. One shot at a time, I get to dead-on.

That generally puts me within two or three inches of the center at 100 yards, generally a tad high. After that, I just move the group center of each three-shot group until I'm centered and two inches high.

Hey, GURU, I didn't get "growed up" into centerfire and scopes until 1950. Just teasing...
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Old November 8, 2011, 09:35 PM   #6
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Thanks for the advice. I hope my next attempts will yield better results.
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Old November 8, 2011, 11:02 PM   #7
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I do it very similar to what Art does with some slight differences. I look through the bore at 50 yards and align my scope so the crosshairs are aligned at the same spot as the center of the bore. Fire 1 shot. I'm usually within a couple of inches. Then I adjust my scope the number of clicks I calculate I need. I fire shot #2 at 100 yards and am again almost always within 2" of zero. I re-adjust the scope again. I will also shoot at 200 and farther and fine tune if needed.

I don't think I've ever needed more than 3 shots to be right where I want to be at 100 yards with a bolt gun and no more than 4 with anything that I can't see through the bore with. I've never used any of the bore sight tools, but have had the guys at the gunstore offer it to me for free when buying a scope. I always check using my method and I'm always closer.

I don't waste ammo shooting groups until I'm zeroed.
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Old November 8, 2011, 11:06 PM   #8
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keep clickin'

Unless you have run out of clicks, keep at it, it will move. As stated, at 25, it takes a bunch of clicks to move several inches.

If you run out of clicks, ie, reached the limit of adjustment on your rig, you likely have a mount/ring/bases or maybe a receiver holes problem. Or a bad scope.
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Old November 8, 2011, 11:25 PM   #9
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I used to look through the bore at 100 yards and put the crosshairs on the same target since it was always better then the boresighting gadgets that go into the bore or the laser light cartridges. The Leupold Zero Point is a whole different animal. It really works. I'm rarely more then six inches away on the first shot at 100 yards.
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Old November 8, 2011, 11:25 PM   #10
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I'm with Art and warbird; bore-sighting isn't that difficult. I didn't even use a target. Pulled the bolt out, made the rifle stationary and had it aimed at the neutral lug of a transformer down the street (120'ish yards?). With your eye way back behind the stock, that bore hole is tiny and it's easy to see what you're aimed at. From way back there, you can still see your crosshairs through the scope as well. From there it's just dialing it in (assuming you don't have a wonky scope or rings). There will be some parallax error in this, but after this procedure, my 700 was only a couple of inches off at 100 yards. First three shots walked me in to a zero.

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Old November 10, 2011, 05:10 PM   #11
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Nice pick on your scope BTW, I have one also and it adjusts perfectly at one hundred yds. Sound like SOund info has been given.....lucky you OP!!
Thanks for coming!
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Old May 3, 2013, 05:32 AM   #12
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Very interesting and helpful. Tomorrow I intend to sight in a 700, 7mm Rem Mag with a new Nikon 4-12 x 40 scope with BDC reticle. I'll let you know how it goes.
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