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Old October 14, 2012, 10:16 AM   #1
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Why Are You People So Harsh?

"An armed society is a polite society"

Boy, you sure can't tell it from TFL. When you guys are harsh to newcomers here to the board, you make yourselves and the board look bad. Have we become a bunch of stuck-up snobs? I see it more and more lately, harsh answers to simple questions, accusations of the newcomer being a troll, and general hostility. Poor show, people!

You can't expect someone to know something that they've never been taught. When a child asks a question, do you become hostile to them? Of course not. If a man comes to the board that has never been exposed to weaponry and knows little to nothing about them, why be hostile to them? Perhaps you have been into pistolcraft so long that many things are a given to you. Perhaps the circle of people that you socialize and shoot with are becoming very professional. It may be easy to forget that there are others who have zero knowledge about weapons and safe handling and use.

The political climate and economy are bringing lots of new people into the gun world that not have even ever touched a gun before. We need to be polite and friendly to these people, good ol boys. These new-comers are but children in the knowledge of weaponry. They are in Kindergarden so to speak.

TFL is a mixture of experience levels. Here we have Kindergardners posting next to Professors. We all like to give advice and be the one to answer the question, but we must remember that we do not know who we are talking to. What seems stupid simple to you, may be an important question to them. Maybe they should know it according to you, but if they do not...why be hostile? Why be condescending? Can you not mentally shift gears to speak to the children of weaponry?

If you were teaching a child to shoot, and they swept you with the muzzle, would you threaten to shoot them for it? If a child who had never shot a semi-auto but had enough presence of mind to ask a simple question like when I insert the Mag, will it be loaded then? Would you then accuse them of being a trouble maker and be hostile? Are you so arrogant and proud of your knowledge that it is beneath you to be helpful to those young in guns?

TFL is going downhill because of these things. TFL is well known and viewed by many. Will you help destroy TFL with your arrogance? To quote Capt. Charlie...We are ambassadors to the world about guns, what kind of ambassador does your post make you?
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Old October 14, 2012, 10:19 AM   #2
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Good points, Ed.

I've noticed this as well. Not good.
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Old October 14, 2012, 10:34 AM   #3
50 shooter
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It falls back to the pack mentality or Lynch mob, once one or two people start in on someone it seems like the rest of the board comes alive and attacks. Being a mod on another board I do my best to keep people from starting that and acting like a bunch of idiots.
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Old October 14, 2012, 10:41 AM   #4
Onward Allusion
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Heh, I thought it was just me thinking that. My favorite is when someone asks a question and some idiot types back - "Google is your friend." Other guys are so dang sanctimonious that it makes me wonder if they're some kind of religious cleric.
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Old October 14, 2012, 10:43 AM   #5
Brian Pfleuger
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If you notice someone causing a problem, use the report button for the specific post. If you have an issue you'd like addressed, that's not a specific post, send a PM to the moderator of that forum or any staff member in general.

I do hope those who might behave in the ways described might read this, reflect on their behaviour and switch from derision to encouragement, but its not really a discussion to continue on the open forum.
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