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I was just curious as a friend of mine double lunged a black bear with a bow and he said it went 5 feet and dropped dead.

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Originally Posted by Water-Man View Post
One of these days we're going to see a picture taken of some 'bear hunter' getting a 10mm shoved up his 'dark side of the moon' by a grinning bear.
If you look at post #4 it looks like someone already removed the front sight in anticipation of that problem.

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The guy that started this thread is probably laughing his arz off. What started out as a simple question has turned into a "who's got the bigger gun" contest, and I'm sure that was his intent.

Just read where another nut and his friend stuck an elk with a bow up in Idaho a few days ago. They're following the blood trail with their noses on the ground when one of them is charged by a griz that claimed the kill. Fortunately all he needed was some minor work on his shoulder and he was gun/no spray for either of them. This was an experienced bow hunter from out of state and he learned a lucky lesson this time.

Griz on a kill, with cubs, or surprised for the most part are not afraid of anything. Heck, that picture last week of a huge boar sitting on a dead bison in Yellowstone was typical. Not even a low flying airplane could move him. Had he been off a kill and in the open he would be galloping away at full speed. Shooting one that is charging or amped up is russian roulette with any gun. Use the spray.

That said, there are guys that hunt the docile Alaska Brown's along the coast with large handguns and a guide with a very large rifle/shotgun for backup. These bears are well fed and even get along with other Brown's as they share a food source. Interior bears are not so easy going. Most are battle scarred fighting for calories, and are mean as all get out. It might be easy to shoot an Alaskan bear that is grazing with a handgun, but the hard part is following his blood trail if he's not DRT or trying to figure out what to do if he decides he's going to take you with him.

Black bear are a whole different story and it's the only bear encounter in North America that I would feel semi safe packing heat.

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Hey dor-1 I hat to tell you, but that is a yearly occurrence. for us its kinda like reporting a really bad drunk driving accident on memorial or labor day weekend.

Its not a surprise that it was an out of stater, but then again a few years ago a hound hunters dogs treed the wrong bear and it took him a few days and a new pair of shorts to recover.

That's the thing I do not get, hunting a bear is quite different tat defending from a bear. I personally would not use a 10mm for either in the area I hunt in(just outside Yellow stone NP) I carry spray and a 44 mag that I load for just the occasion.

When hunting a bear you are usually in a tree stand or some kind of a blind or you have a well armed guide or friend behind you. As one poster above noticed it does not take much to kill a bear, archery gear works really well, even traditional archery gear works well. However, you need to be able to get within range of your weapon to use it. The semi auto hand gun IMHOP is a very short range self defense gun as in 20ft or less, not a 30-40 yard hunting gun.

For self defense IMOP after having hunted with them and talked with several wild life biologists and well as a few who have first hand experience defending themselves again bears, even black bear. I have come to the conclusion that spray and be ready to shoot lead. Unless you hit the bear in the nervous system, it is going to take it a little time to expire. Having a bear who is charging to defend a kill is one thing, having a bear who is charging to defend a kill and gets injured and is then angered is another thing. Honestly the time I have not been nervous while hunting in grizz or heavy black bear country is while carrying a big boar lever.
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Old September 18, 2012, 12:41 PM   #30
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Grubbylabs - It's amazing with all the encounters that go on during hunting season, more people aren't killed. Many hunters from out of state probably have been to griz country before and luckily have walked out unscathed. What many don't realize is the species has proliferated and grown exponentially the last 20 years. The GYE is overflowing at this time, but they won't take them off the endangered list for a few more years. They want them to naturally move more westward and hopefully create a genetic highway to the bears surrounding the Bob and up on into Idaho, Washington, and BC.

I have to laugh because many people think a gun is the end all to kill a charging griz. Turning or stopping a griz with a gun before it gets to you is luck in most cases, and foolish to even try unless you don't have spray.

You are right, a semi auto pistol is not designed to hunt bear with, but the 10mm Glock is accurate and would probably due in a pinch for black bear for those that are accomplished. The long powerful revolver is the gun of choice if you are going to be hunting Blackie's with a handgun in griz country....... and bring the spray along as you do.

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We need to define our terms here. What kind of bear? and how long do you figure you have for it to die before it gets at you?
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It all depends what type of hunting your doing. Black bear, in my area, are generally hunted over bait at about 35yds or under, or your using hounds and the bear is treed. Either way a handgun is common. I used a 44 mag. One of the most successful guides in Maine uses a 41 mag Ruger blackhawk. I believe a 10mm, properly loaded, would be fine. A Glock wouldn't be my choice but if you can shoot it accurate enough all the power to you. Nothing kills slower then bow hunting and there are more bow hunters then handgun hunters.

If your doing spot and stalk a 10mm isn't a great choice.
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