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Do those "no rust" bags actually work?

Ive seen these things people at gun shows call "no rust bags". Usually like a thick big baggie colored red. Supposedly they are made of some material that inhibits rust for pistol storage. Do those things really work or are they kind of just stuff you see on late night tv that don't really work nearly as well as they are advertised?

I don't plan on storing a lot of pistols but I want to get a couple to keep stored I don't regularly shoot.

I know nothing beats just regularly cleaning your gun and keeping it properly oiled but I figured if they actually worked it might add an extra layer of protection.

Whats your thoughts?
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Long term storage was recently discussed in another thread.
I spray the inside of cases with silicone, from the hardware store.
Works real good.
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Don't really know if they do or not but definitely do not use silicone on a wood stocked gun. The stuff will impregnate the wood and dry it out and eventually it will start to crack. It doesn't allow the wood to breathe. Plus it will be very difficult and maybe even impossible to refinish when it does. Look it up.
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Never used them, but have considered trying them. Brownells has them and they seem to get good reviews.
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On your question. Oxygen+Water+Metal with Iron= Rust. So you put your gun in a vacuum bag. Assuming the gun is oiled and dry when its put in the bag, and then you suck all the air out of it. You no longer have an enviroment that promotes the process of iron oxidation, and then you have much less chance of rust.

If you want to make yourself something that will keep your firearms in a rust free place. There are some types of ultra hydrophobic coatings that can be applied to just about anything. Water pretty much jumps off it.

Coating the outside of an ordinary bag with it, and keeping some type of reusable desiccant system inside the bag would make the inside of your bag a very dry place.

This stuff is a little pricey, but probably well worth it for a range bag. This stuff is a little different in it also being oleophobic, which means it also repels oil. You could sit your bag down in the mud or even an oil spill, pick it up, and it will be as clean and dry as it was before being put in the mud/oil spill. Don't coat your gun with it because it will no longer stay oiled at all.

Some kind of desiccant system in the bag is going to be necessary because the coating will not allow any water in the bag to escape. These are cheap and many are easily reusable.

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The best long term rust preventer I've ever found are the VCI immitter products that come in a lot of different packaging styles. Coming from the electrical industry, I've actually tested them by installing them into various size steel cabinets, stored outdoors in changing temperatures and humidity, with steel, copper, aluminum items, including introducing deliberate water contamination. After being sealed in this containers over a 9month period of time, no metal items showed any signs of rust or oxidation.

I don't intend to recommend this particular supplier, but just list it as one of many possible sources.

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yes they do

Yes they do work. I live in Corpus Christi Texas with the sea breeze everything rusts here. I have seen auto parts packed in vci that someone had opened and put back up only part way in the bag and the exposed portion would be covered in rust while the area still in the bag is clean and rust free. I use vci bags for all my guns and it frees me from having to cover all the surfaces with oil I only have to oil for lubrication.
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