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My "getting into reloading" complete shopping list

Hi All,

I got into shooting centerfire this year (9mm, .45 ACP) and my wife agreed that if I stuck with the hobby (she knows me well), I could delve into reloading. After quite a bit of research, I made my purchases over the long weekend. I bought all the equipment I think I need along with all the components necessary to load 1000 rounds each of 9mm and .45 ACP. Note that I have once-fired brass on hand, so I won't be purchasing brass.

Below is my list and prices I paid. I bought bullets online through Berry's web site. I bought as much equipment as I could through Amazon, but went local to Cabela's to avoid high shipping costs and hazmat delivery fees.

I decided to go with a turret press as I don't think I'll be shooting enough to justify getting into a progressive.

Item / Price
Berry's 200gr SWC .45 ACP (X1000) $129.44
Berry's 124gr FP 9mm (X1000) $86.45
Federal Large Pistol Primer (X1000) $34.99
Federal Small Pistol Primer (X1000) $34.99
1LB Alliant Bullseye Pistol Powder $22.99

Lyman T-Mag Expert Kit Deluxe with 1000Xp Scale $392.94
- T-Mag II Press
- Universal Trimmer with Expanded Pilot Multi-pack
- 1000XP Digital Electronic Scale
- #55 Powder Measure
- Universal Priming Arm
- Primer Tray
- Auto Primer Feed
- Extra Decapping Pins
- 49th Edition Reloading Handbook
- Primer Catcher
- Deburring Tool
- Powder Funnel
- Quick Release Turret System (T-Mag Press only)
- Case Lube Kit
- 7/8" x 14 Adapter (mounts #55 powder measure in press turret)
Lee Deluxe Carbide 4 die set .45 ACP $43.99
Lee Deluxe Carbide 4 die set 9mm $43.99
Cabela's Rotary Sifter $29.99
Cabela's 100 round ammo box 9mm (X3) $8.97
Cabela's 100 round ammo box .45 ACP (X3) $11.97
MTM Universal Ammo Loading Tray Red (X2) $8.50
Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-Ez Case Tumbler $44.99
Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-Ez Impact Bullet Puller $15.09
6 Inch LCD Digital Caliper with Extra Battery and Case $11.50

Cabela's Corn media + polish $15.99
Sales Tax $22.93

Components: $308.86
Equipment: $611.93
Misc.: $38.92

Total: $959.71

It's worth noting that the cheapest brass-cased equivalent factory rounds on cheaperthandirt would cost me $589.55 including shipping (ball ammo). By my calculation, my first round of reloading has already paid for 40% of my equipment costs, although I suppose I could sell my once-fired brass and recoup some of my factory ammo costs there.

The online orders will begin arriving today, so we'll see if this is absolutely everything I'll need to get started. I'd appreciate any feedback or advice about anything that might be missing.

Also, I will need to start on case prep. I haven't done any research yet, but should I wash my spent brass before using the tumbler? Any instruction on how best to do that? I assume the cases should be deprimed before washing/tumbling? My press is arriving today, so I can begin depriming tonight.

I'm very excited to get into this side of the shooting hobby, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. Thanks again for providing so much knowledge here, TFL is a great resource for new shooters!
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serf 'rett
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Washing optional (my impression is that most people don't wash the brass unless it was dug out of the clay/dirt at the range and is really filthy.)

Some remove primer prior to tumbling, some don't. I wet tumble with stainless steel pins, so I remove the primers first and allow the pins to clean the primer pockets (although ultra clean pockets are not really necessary for pistol - just as long as the primer will seat properly, the round will fire).

Cut a used dryer anti static sheet into strips and toss into the tumbler with medai and brass. Helps collect "dirt".

Welcome to your new hobby of reloading.

Seems I recall Berry's recommends less than 1200 fps for their standard plated bullets (the thick plated can be taken to 1450?). Doubt if your Lyman will list a load for your particular bullets, so you will need to look at their lead bullet at the same weight and jacketed bullet at low to mid range charge. Start low, work up. Pay attention to cartridge lengths.
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Great tips, thanks. My brass is mostly indoor fired, so pretty clean. I'll skip the washing step and see how things go.
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Good going, it looks to me like you've started out in high style. It also looks like you have an eye on the economics of reloading, which tells me that you are probably done buying factory ammo.

Since I started this "habit", I haven't been able in good concience to buy factory ammo. I absolutely won't waste the money to buy factory stuff even to get more brass.

A couple of weeks ago I aquired a rifle of a caliber that I didn't already have. (8x57 Mauser) I almost stopped at the store to buy a couple boxes of shells which would have cost $20+ bucks a box, but instead got on the phone with a couple of gun-nut buddies who swap and sell lots of stuff. Sixty dollars later I had dies and components to load a hundred rounds, over and over.

Now that you have the basic outfit, it will be easy to expand a little at a time, and aquire more stuff at good prices at gun shows and even here on the forum. Good luck and be careful. jd
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Good going, it looks to me like you've started out in high style. It also looks like you have an eye on the economics of reloading, which tells me that you are probably done buying factory ammo.
Thanks! I think the only reason I'd buy factory ammo in the future is for the brass, but now that I've discovered once-fired brass is available on gunbroker, I might go that route. I have enough .45 ACP to get started, but I'd like at least 500 more pieces of brass on hand.

I've read that .45 ACP brass can be reused almost indefinitely due to the low pressure of the round, but what about 9mm?

I have a lot more 9mm brass on hand, but I want to know whether I should keep count of how many times its been fired.
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I would want a beam scale as well. I use a Dillon digital but I always like to check it with my RCBS 505. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy your new hobby!
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