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Old February 20, 2013, 08:00 AM   #51
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I think you may have to zero in a bit.
American guns? M1, 1911, 1903, 29, 1903, etc...

Commy block? Luger, Mosin, Steyr, SKS, etc...

British? Webley, Enfield MK, etc....

At least that almost cuts down the list.
Or just make it what you like to shoot, my problem is I like almost all of them for one reason or another.
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Old February 20, 2013, 08:10 AM   #52
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Put aside some money, make a list of the top five priorities and keep your eyes open. Money on hand is great when you stumble upon an opportunity, and some great buy will pop up when you least expect it.

For me, here are some must haves to shoot (not necessarily for collector's value), top 10 I would say:

Colt Python
Colt New Service .45C or 1917 in .45 ACP
SAA Clone (I like USFA Rodeo .44S or .45C)
Glock 19
Pre 1980 Colt Cobra or Agent .38
Browning Hi Power
German made PP/PPK or PPK/s
Sig Sauer 226/228 West German
Ruger Single 6 Convertable
Proud NDN
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Old February 20, 2013, 10:02 AM   #53
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Pick 2-3 "halo" guns from each major manufacturer, then go into the weird stuff
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Old February 20, 2013, 11:35 AM   #54
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Commy block? Luger, Mosin, Steyr, SKS, etc...
The luger is commy bloc? Thats a new one! The luger, mostly fielded by those who hated the communists, is now commy bloc itself.....

Does this mean the 1911 is German?
Winchester 73, the TFL user that won the west
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Old February 20, 2013, 11:49 AM   #55
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Well, to be totally accurate, there are lugers with Soviet and East German markings suggesting post WWII use. Some are captures, others were made on captured equipment and/or from captured parts. Still, the luger is primarily associated with the old Imperial Germany, the Republic and Third Reich.
Proud NDN
"The American Idle"
Vote 'Pro-Choice' on 2nd Amendment issues!!!
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Old February 20, 2013, 12:52 PM   #56
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Luger the Sopia Loren of the gun world!
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Old February 21, 2013, 09:21 PM   #57
Deja vu
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Auto Mag, Desert Eagle, Wildey,LAR Grizzly, and Coonan. Now that sirs, I consider a collection!
What do you think?
now that is a cool collection
Shot placement is everything! I would rather take a round of 50BMG to the foot than a 22short to the base of the skull.

all 26 of my guns are 45/70 govt, 357 mag, 22 or 12 ga... I believe in keeping it simple. Wish my wife did as well...
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Old February 22, 2013, 01:20 AM   #58
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the easiest way...

Is to start off collecting Black powder revolvers! There are no 2 per year limits and you can really have a lot of fun shooting your collection! You can then fill-in the 2 per year in S/A cartrige guns of recent manufacture (like Rugers) or stick with '73S/A's. You'd build up a quick battery that way!
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Old February 22, 2013, 01:36 AM   #59
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For a collection

First, I think you have a good start. My approach to colelcting was to get what appealed to me, and if I decided I didn't like it later, I traded/sold it (sorry cheapshooter).

IMHO, these are guns that are good collection pieces, in that they are semi-common now, but will probably be worth holding onto for a while:

Mosin-Nagant- 91/30; m44; m38, etc- these are in almost every gun shop, but if you look at all the mosin threads on here, you hear people belly-aching about how they won't buy one for less than $80 out the door- their prices have been creeping up, and will probably continue to do so for a while.

Smith Combat magnum- Your model 19 is a good start. Still common enough to get at a decent price, but they should start drying up before too long.

Webley-Scott revolver- classic break action revolver, not too hard to find, as long as you aren't looking for ammo.

Browning HiPower- classic handgun, and if you can get one for a good price, I don't think you'll be disappointed (not from my own experience, since I am still looking for my future BHP).

Certain 1911's- I am no pro on 1911's, but if you can find an older one in decent condition from a good manufacturer, it wouldn't hurt.

These are just based on my minimal knowledge and my own nascent collecting look-arounds. Your results may vary-
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Old February 22, 2013, 01:54 AM   #60
4V50 Gary
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C-96 Broomhandle Mauser.
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Old February 22, 2013, 09:18 AM   #61
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I'd like some suggestions on different guns to look at that would be almost necessary to have in a collection
SIG 210
S&W K22
S&W K38
S&W 25-2
Colt Gold Cup
Colt Single Action Army
S&W 41
S&W 52
Colt Woodsman
all original Luger
Browning Hi Power
Colt Python

I'll let others fill in with more
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Old February 22, 2013, 10:37 AM   #62
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Do you all consider yourselves a "collector" or merely a shooting enthusiast?
My insurance agent says, "Nice collection." I don't consider it a "collection." I consider it an "accumulation."

I always considered a "collection" and a "collector" as having a specific goal. A certain "type" of firearm.

I just have a bunch of guns.
"I say, boy, I say, you're doing a lot of choppin', but no chips are flyin'."
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Old February 22, 2013, 11:10 AM   #63
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I'll start with my personal "collection" from the greatest, to the..not so greatest.

Model 19-3, Browning High-Power both hard chrome and blue, Colt Series 70, Cold Gold Cup Trophy Model, SIG P220 (West German), SIG 1911 xo, SIG P226 e2, Hk USP .40, Glock 21, 30, 17, 22, Star Model BM.

They all work like champs! I maintain them all very well.
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