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dahermit, your statement is correct. Civilizations as defined don't usually last very long and although easy-listening history lessons try to cite the cause of most downfalls as the result of some grand military victory, like Rome falling to the hords after being weakened by decades of decadent revelry. The reality is that they more often simply slowly changed from one civilization into another new civilization.
Hstorically inaccurate. From the dawn of agriculture, when humans stopped living egalitarian and semi-nomadic lives, people have been at almost constant war with one another over resources and territory. It is far more rare that a society would slowly fade into another one. The moment a city state becomes too weak, another culture capitalizes on that weakness and conquers them.
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I didn't look through every page but I did not see it on the first page.

The reason I WANT HC magazines has nothing to do with hunting, range time, or anything else.

Simply, it is for military action against attackers. Let's say zombies
The very reason the 2 ammendment was written was to keep the government in check.

While I can understand the laws against a LAWS rocket being owned by the citizentry let's make no mistake about WHY the 2A was written.

It was to keep the government aware that its citizenry was well armed. Armed enough to form a well regulated militia against the government if need be. So that tyranny would never take hold in this nation again.

WHY was the 2A written?
Because King George was having his troops kick down your front door and you had to give them quarter. They ate the homeowners food. And in some cases raped wives and daughters. Thus the 4th amendment.

Remember, THIS COUNTRY has been through tyranny before. Our homes and our women were violated by the current military of the time.

The 2 amendment was written so this would NEVER happen again.
BECAUSE IT HAPPENED ALREADY! And you say these things could not happen today? Ask the news reporter that covered a story in Egypt.
Ask women in England where ownership of firearms is illegal and there are Muslim "no go" zones where white people better not show up. Men are beaten and women are raped. TODAY, in 2013, in a Western country, because they are unarmed. This happens in MANY modern western countries.

So why do I want HC magazines? Mostly from a practical stand point so when I go to the range I can shoot a lot.
BUT...from a theoretical stand point...I want my government to know that the citizenry have them. So that military members know that many millions have them. So that if an order to subjugate the citizenry ever comes from the government…..troops will think twice before following that order.
And if they did follow that order....the people will win. 300 million guns are in America. And I want bigger, more powerful firearms so the government will know.....DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” ~George Washington
US Coast Guard 76-86 Semper Paratus
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