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Old July 26, 2012, 11:21 PM   #1
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Ruger SR9c for first gun - Thoughts???

Hi everyone,

I will be buying my first handgun soon and I am leaning towards the SR9c. I am looking for something for home defense, something that is enjoyable to shoot at the range and something that gives me the option to carry without buying another gun.

Before pulling the trigger (no pun intended ) I wanted to hear from those who either own one or have experience with one and what you think - both pros and cons.

Thanks in advance for the advise!

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Old July 26, 2012, 11:51 PM   #2
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Try before you buy... but I say the same thing about any gun purchase, especially if you don't have a point of reference.
Open mind, don't make presumptions about what you will or will not like... try as many out as you can.

Of course, if you don't have a range that rents guns... In my hand, the SR9C has a nice feel, good point and should provide years of reliable service.

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Old July 27, 2012, 12:24 AM   #3
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Save your money.

Just buy it! Your big question is stainless steel or blue. Don't forget extra magazines. Pictures. We love pictures.
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Old July 27, 2012, 12:25 AM   #4
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If CCW is only a "maybe" go with the SR9, it is still concealable but better for HD and range work. The compact is a great gun but what you want it for go with the full size.
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Old July 27, 2012, 12:30 AM   #5
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I was just working with what he was interested in... no preference for me as I usually carry a 1911 and/or a Seecamp. If you have good experience with both, then I'll defer to that experience.

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Old July 27, 2012, 01:12 AM   #6
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SRc only. No 'c' no deal.
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Old July 27, 2012, 04:47 AM   #7
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I have the SR40C and I love it. It shoots like a dream, feels great, and conceals very nicely with a good holster.
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Old July 27, 2012, 06:23 AM   #8
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SR9c was my first handgun and I love it still to this day. Has been reliable, good shooter and pretty accurate. I have the stainless steel model. Not only is it a good gun, but it looks nice too. Ruger customer service is very good and will not hassle you if you have issues.

In the 2500 or so rounds I've put through it, I've only ever had one FTE and that was within the first 300 rounds. I credit it to the break in period, as it hasn't happened again since. I think it is a great pistol to start with and that you will be happy with it if you "pull the trigger"

All that being said, I second Creeper here. If you have the means to do so, try it out before you buy it. That will tell you a lot more than anyone on this forum can.

Happy shooting!

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Old July 27, 2012, 06:32 AM   #9
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SR9c is a great gun. I really like mine.
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Old July 27, 2012, 06:41 AM   #10
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owned one for a few years now
Its been 100% since day one
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Old July 27, 2012, 06:58 AM   #11
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I've always said "can't go wrong witt wunna dem dare Rugers"!

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Old July 27, 2012, 08:10 AM   #12
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I rented an SR9c a few weeks ago. I ordered one for myself last Monday. It's a very nice pistol for the money and seems to be well respected on the gun forums. I'm going to have Ruger's fiber optic front sight installed after I get it. I love FO.

If you're not going to be carrying it though, you might want to look at something a little larger. And that opens up a whole new world of options. I'm getting mine for carry.
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Old July 27, 2012, 08:36 AM   #13
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My experience with both the Ruger SR9s and SR40s is that the trigger pulls can run from very nice to an open insult to the shooter from one gun to the next.
Judged against all other striker fired autos I have shot or even just handled, I have felt a few SRs that were as good as any ----and about 2 dozen that amazed me at how bad they were. In fact, I have to say the worst triggers I have ever felt on any auto pistols in the last 10 years have all been Ruger SRs
The icing on that cake came about 2 weeks ago in a large sporting goods store in Riverton when I was handling a Ruger SR9 alongside a Raven 25 auto. The Raven had an awful trigger pull and the Ruger was much much MUCH worse. I do not exaggerate at all when I say I have never felt a handgun with a worse pull in the last 10 years, and maybe in my whole life.
How Ruger would let something like that out the door is beyond me.
Then the man working the counter handed me an SR9C and its pull was quite good. Better than any Glock I have felt. Both guns came in that day on the same truck.

So try before you buy.

All the reports I have hears so far say the SRs are extremely reliable.

I have only shot 3 so far and every one functioned 100%.

One had a pull that was so bad I could not keep a decent group at even close range, and the other 2 were fine.
With my DA revolvers I can usually keep all shots touching at 10 yards, making a hole in the paper of about the size of a nickel. With that SR mentioned above I was not able to keep them inside a 5 inch pattern at 10 yards and from trying to dry-fire the gun, I could see why. There was no way I could shoot well with that trigger. It was so rough as to defy a good description, and the weight was probably over 13 pounds. So lawyer proof that the gun became nearly worthless, unable to perform the duty it’s advertized to do.
Again, try before you buy!
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Old July 27, 2012, 09:02 AM   #14
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I don't own Ruger centerfire pistols but hear enough about them that I know they are okay for what they are. If you want an affordable pistol to carry they seem okay but won't stand up to lots of shooting. If they were rugged, accurate and super reliable we'd be shooting them in competition. The XDs, M&PS, and Glocks are well represented in competition for a good reason.
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Old July 27, 2012, 09:48 AM   #15
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For some reason, I get a lot of flack from certain people on this forum when I talk about my SR9c experiences. But for the sake of sharing knowledge, I won't let that stop me.

My first handgun was an SR9c. After about 300-400 rounds, the trigger started failing to reset. I had to send it back to Ruger, they had it back to me within two weeks (I requested they expedite it because it was my only gun and I had a class coming up). Great customer service. They said they replaced the firing assembly with "stronger parts", which begs the question why not build them that way in the first place. I know of several cases locally where people had the same issue, but it is always good to go after it comes back from Ruger.

After about 1,000 rounds, I noticed barrel peening. I will let you Google this and draw your own conclusions, but I sent Ruger a picture and let THEM decide if I should send it in, and they requested that I do so. They replaced the barrel as a one-time "courtesy" and made it clear future replacements would be on me. This struck me as strange since they were the ones who felt it warranted being sent in, and replaced, but that I was on my own next time it happened.

At any rate, I shopped around and found a carry gun I liked more. It fit me better, and had features I wanted, and lacked features I didn't want. For me, this was no manual safety, no mag disconnect, and I preferred a hammer-fired gun.

So, I had some minor negative experiences which Ruger mostly made right depending on where you fall on the "peening, is it good or bad or irrelevant" debate.

The gun never had a malfunction in over 1,300 rounds, other than the reset failure which was resolved early in its life. It was accurate, light-recoiling, easy to conceal and carry, and a good value. The trigger on mine was really nice. Personally, I would probably point someone towards an M&P if they were interested in the Ruger, because it has a similar feature set, still has great S&W customer service, and is made in America. But the SR9c is a good choice too.
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Old July 27, 2012, 10:11 AM   #16
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SR9c is one of my favorites. I carry it about 50% of the time. G26 the other 50% now. Got around 1200 rounds down range with out a hiccup. Get one, and enjoy!
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Old July 27, 2012, 12:21 PM   #17
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I think it is a great first or second or third gun to buy. Very nice firearm.
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Old July 27, 2012, 01:27 PM   #18
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My SR9c has been 100%. Sold my Glock 26 after I got the Ruger. I have three Glocks but carry a Ruger, how's that for a starter gun.
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Old July 27, 2012, 02:43 PM   #19
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I carry an SR9c every day. 800 flawless rounds through, so far. I have an extended review thread on this forum, with some good contribution (pro and con) from Scotchman and others.

In a nutshell:
Buying *any* gun, there is a chance that you'll get a bad one. If you have a problem with an SR9c, it would probably be the trigger reset issue that some have. Ruger has a great track record for resolving that.

The trigger pull should be good, and smooth out to 'damn good' as you break it in. The SR9 came out before the compact, and had a notoriously terrible trigger. They improved it significantly with the 'c', and with later full size models.

c > full size. It's more versatile, you won't notice a difference in accuracy, and the recoil system is *better*, IMO. Because of the shorter slide, they designed a dual recoil spring for the c, and it eats recoil very nicely.
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Old July 27, 2012, 02:58 PM   #20
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for the price, it's a very good gun for what you mentioned.
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Favorite semi-auto design - HK P7
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Old July 27, 2012, 05:22 PM   #21
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I LOVE Ruger revolvers. For the money I wouldn't purchase any other brand of wheel gun unless it was a better value and/or it was not available in the caliber I wanted in a Ruger.

That said I can't say I'm a fan of the Ruger autoloaders. I've shot over a dozen in the last few years - a bunch of the following: P85, P95, SR9, SR9c, SR40c and one P345 with some fancy smancy gold inlay/engravings. Some have had good triggers while some have had awful triggers. All have been either fairly or very accurate in my hands and they've pointed well. However the fit and finish of the guns just never appealed to me and they never fit my hand well. In the P series of handguns I though they felt... chintzy. In the SR series they just never felt good in my hands.

My wife had an LCP and I didn't mind the gun. It shot well and wasn't hard to shoot in the way of recoil and trigger (although the trigger was VERY long but that's normal for those little pocket guns). It was very reliable, ate everything we fed it, and was quite easy to carry but it was never my choice of gun for carry.

I love Rugers and have been trying to come up with a reason to buy a Ruger autoloader but thus far I'm going to have to say the ONLY Ruger autoloader I'll consider buying is the SR1911 but then of course its a 1911.
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Old July 27, 2012, 06:29 PM   #22
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I have a SR9C and it is my every day carry gun. they are very decent but not the best. in the $400 spectrum they are unbeatable. they do require a little bit of a break-in which is not necessarily a bad thing but for a new shooter can create some issues. I recommend you try one before you buy one. I would also recommend a full sized for a first time gun buyer unless you are 100% certain that you will begin carrying concealed. compact handguns are more difficult to master even for people with lots of handgun experience, it is not impossible to learn on a compact but it will be more difficult.
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Old July 27, 2012, 08:18 PM   #23
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I've had one for a couple months now. I've only been able to put about 450 rounds through it. I had 2 light strikes within the first 50 rounds, both WWB and both in the 17 round clip. I had not cleaned it properly before I shot it so I believe it was a combination of cheap bulk ammo and grease in the striker channel.

Then around #400 I had 1 more light strike with TulAmmo. I'm going to run some more rounds through it as soon as I get the chance, steering away from Tula and see how it goes.

As far as shooting and carrying, the gun is great. I bought it without ever having fired one and I am very happy with it. For carry it's big enough to feel like you're carrying something worthwhile but easily concealable.

Recoil is very manageable and the trigger pull is nice, not too hard and not too soft.

Mine seems to shoot just a bit high at 20' and out and dead on at 10'. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Old July 27, 2012, 08:24 PM   #24
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I had an early SR9 for about 3 weeks. Does that tell you anything. Couldn't keep the bullets on a paper plate at 15 yds.

Get a G19. Much better gun. I'm not bashing Rugers, their revolvers are great. I had a SR9 and KP95 and got rid of both of them. I actually had better luck with Taurus'.
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Old July 27, 2012, 09:06 PM   #25
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I bought mine in April and have put about 700 rounds through. Absolutely love it. I'll admit that I settled on the 9 instead of the 40 but couldn't be happier with my choice. I still see a 40c in my future though.

I have had 2 FTE due to weaker hands trying it out (limp wristing by new shooters). Other than those two issues, it's been 100%.

I suggest the compact and get at least 1 full sized mag. It turns it into a full size grip for the range/HD/reload but still a good carry piece with the 12 round mag. I'm 5'7" 130lbs and I can conceal it without too much issue.

Hold it and dry fire it a couple times. If you like the trigger, buy it. Now the question is......two tone or black on black????
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