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jp sauer

I was hoping someone could help me with a jp sauer I just inherited .It was my grandfather's he brought it back from WWII. It has the holster but only 1 clip with Cal. 7.65 BM and 6 rounds of western auto 32 in the clip. I have found out that sn 200,001 was the start of the BM and mine is sn 200,635 but it dose not have the trigger safety or bullet indicator .
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First of all, welcome to TFL.
I was hoping someone could help me with a jp sauer I just inherited
What kind of help? Do you want to shoot it, do you want an approximate value, or do you just want general information about it?

BTW pictures are VERY helpful with topics like this.
...1 clip with Cal. 7.65 BM and 6 rounds of western auto 32 in the clip.
First, it's a magazine; clips are used to insert cartridges into a magazine. Enough nitpicking though.

7.65 indicates 7.65mm Browning, the common European name for the cartridge known in the USA as .32 Auto or .32 ACP. The rounds in the mag are probably Winchester-Western brand, although Western Auto stores used to sell guns, and perhaps they marketed ammo too, I'm not sure.

BTW I don't know how much you know about guns, but I'd like to give some important safety warnings:
  1. NEVER pull the trigger of a gun unless you are aiming it at a safe backstop, even if you believe you have cleared the chamber. Better safe than sorry!
  2. NEVER assume a gun will not fire unless you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it is unloaded and the chamber is empty (see next warning).* Don't assume that the ammo "went bad" (see warning #4) or that "Aunt Bea would never leave her gun loaded". CHECK- don't assume! [Edit to add note: DO NOT TRUST manual safeties or loaded chamber indicators. You may read the indication improperly, or a former owner may have disabled it.]
  3. If you cannot figure out how to unload a gun and/or verify that the chamber is empty, HANDLE IT WITH EXTREME CAUTION. Do not place you finger inside the trigger guard for any reason, much less place your finger on the trigger! Have it checked by someone who knows how to operate it.
  4. NEVER assume older ammo somehow "went bad" or "spoiled" in long-time storage. People on this forum routinely fire ammo made in WWII or before. Even under less-than-ideal conditions, ammo can still last a LONG time.
  5. NEVER attempt to fire a gun that has been in long-term storage without first checking that the bore is clear! People have been injured and valuable antique firearms destroyed because a round was fired into critter nests or heavy rust inside a gun's bore!
*FOOTNOTE: It's generally a bad idea to "dry fire" a gun this old, i.e. pull the trigger on an empty chamber; you may break parts that are very hard to replace.
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Thank you , sorry about the mistakes. I'm trying to load pics. A little history and maybe a value would be helpful . There seems to be a little confusion in SN numbers between 180,000 and 200,635 is it a model 30 or a Behorden Modell ?
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Don't worry mistakes. We all make them when we are starting out. You'll find plenty of experience and helpful folks here. Carguy has given you some good information and advice. Based on the age of the gun and the fact that it probably hasn't been fired for a long time I would suggest you have it looked at by a gunsmith or experienced gun owner to make sure its in good working order. Get online and learn how to field strip and lube it.

And welcome
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Yeah, don't sweat the clip vs mag terminology.
Some guys will go to their graves misusing them, with no harm.
But it's still like fingernails on blackboards for some of us.
We'll survive.
Walt Kelly, alias Pogo, sez:
“Don't take life so serious, son, it ain't nohow permanent.”
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and i thought jp sauer just did shotguns
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There seems to be a little confusion in SN numbers between 180,000 and 200,635 is it a model 30 or a Behorden Modell
The Model 30 aka model 1930 is the Behorden model. The other main Sauer models were the 1913 and the 38H. The "38H" comes from pistole 1938 hammerless. They use a decocker on the left side. A revolutionary feature for the time. I have always wanted a good Behorden. I have a 1913 and 2 38Hs. I am fond of WWI / WWII pistols and of 32 autos. These are both.

Given the condition of yours, I would say $300, give or take $50 - assuming it has the original mag that should be marked "S&S" intertwined somewhere. If the gun has some kind of special marking for police or something, that would help the value. If the mag is a replacement, deduct at least $50, since mags are not easy to find.

My 1913 is an Imperial proofed WWI issue gun.

Both of my 38Hs are police accepted Eagle / C guns. This one is SN 396XXX.
(it deserves a better pic). Sauer 38Hs were all made for the German war effort. Neat guns. They were the Sauer response to the PP/PPK of Walther.

This one I got last year came as a rig, with an original second mag and a holster. SN 440XXX. Also Eagle / C for police

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Thank you so much , I"m going to a gunsmith to have it looked at and hopefully out to the range. To start a new hobby. Thanks you guys.
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