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Old December 10, 2000, 10:17 AM   #1
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Got a 9mm carbine that I love to shoot. Thinking about an occassional tactical rifle league with it. Short to medium distances - 25 to 75 yards but I'd like the capability to shoot 100 yards. Plinking, light target, and some tactical competitive shoots. Most have HoloSights.

I hear that target acquisition and some accuracy increases are gained with a good red dot optic system.

I'm hearing bad things about BSA, the cheapo's, and some of the foreign-made knock-offs. But I'm hearing good things about Tascos, Leopolds, UltraDot, Bushnell HoloSights.

I was the Cabela's website and saw a Cabela's brand Wind (?) Ridge Red Dot Scope for $179.99 and it had four different recticles like 3 MOA w/circle around, 10MOA, and two different crosshairs. That seems to be the best value scope I could find under $200. What's the feedback on it?

For up to $250, what are the value red dot scopes that hold zero and are reliable?
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Old December 10, 2000, 12:09 PM   #2
The Plainsman
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I wish someone with some experience in this area would hurry up and respond. I'd like to hear from them too. I have a Tasco el-cheepo that I got free when I bought something else (don't even remember what). It's got a 5 moa dot and it works just good enough to know that a really good red-dot sight would be pretty slick - I think. The biggest problem with this sight is the adjustments aren't even "click" adjustments. You just turn the knobs (no arrows showing up or left) and hope the point of impact goes the right direction.

Anyway - somebody say something!!!
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Old December 10, 2000, 04:13 PM   #3
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I have used Red dots for a while on AR15s...I like them alot, however I just bought a Trijicon reflex II. The reddots of reasonable quality hold together well and are accurate. Stay away from the dirt cheap ones, and BSAs. I have two Tascos for sale, both are full aluminum with coated optics and are like new, with AR15 type aluminum handle mounts. Both have click adjustment for elevation and windage with screw on covers to protect the settings.
Tasco PDP3 35mm w/ shroud and covers, rings and mount $89
Tasco PDP3Plus 40mm w/ shroud, polarizer, amber covers, rings, mount. $125
I have instructions and warranty cards for both , but only a box for the 3 plus.
If you decide to buy a reddot, I can reccommend these, the Gilmore Leupold and of course the best are by Aimpoint. Specifically the Aimpoint Comp XL, I would not call these a value however. The weakness of all these sight is battery consumption. However I accidentally left one of my Tasco on for 5 days and the battery was still working, I replaced the battery and it cost me $1.75 so that I find acceptable, and they still allow iron site use even if they are dead.

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Old December 11, 2000, 12:28 AM   #4
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Millet Redot

In the $85 to $125 range I own an Aimpoint 2000, Tasco Acudot, a 30mm Millet Redot, and a 30mm Ultradot. I like the Millet the best, it's got the small dot (5 moa I think), it has the best sight picture, optics, workmanship, dot quality, 5 year warranty (Tasco's have a 1 year warranty and the Leupolds are only two years), and the Redot only cost about $100 mail-order NIB. Ultradots have a reputation for strength, mine sits on a .44 Mag hunting revolver that already ate two other dot sights, optically not as nice as the Millet but close. The Aimpoint I've had for twelve years, the technology is getting dated but it's still going strong. The Acudot is Tasco's low end sight and looks it. I love my Tasco ProClass pistol scopes, but their dot sights never impressed me much. IMO the multiple dot sights are a gimmick, the two guys I know that got one always leave it on the smallest dot anyway. Bottom line: I'd recommend a 30mm Millet Redot. -- Kernel
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Old December 11, 2000, 07:11 PM   #5
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the rolls royce will always be the ECLAN but its about 4x's what you want to too

i've had good luck with tasco's propoint but was leaning toward a holosight for quicker target acqusition. i stumbled onto the optima 2000 for half the price.

has 2 dot sizes, 3.5 and 7 moa, self adjusting brightness and a quick detach dust cover. i've had it on my armalite flat-top, ak47, ruger mkII and glock 19 (fits in the holster for CCW too) it looks fragile but has been holding up ok.

just a thought
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Old December 12, 2000, 01:44 AM   #6
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The ELCAN is a scope with tritium reticle, not a red-dot. I have one and it is wonderful. It is 3.6X (or thereabouts) magnification.
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Old December 12, 2000, 04:58 AM   #7
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What about Holosight ? How does it compare ?
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Old December 15, 2000, 11:58 PM   #8
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Bushnell Holosight Gen. I

I've got a first generation Holosight on my souped up 10/22. Really like it. Fast target acquisition, adjustable dot brightness and it looks great on the 10/22 with a Hogue stock.
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Old December 16, 2000, 10:32 PM   #9
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I have a holosight on a 10/22, also. Iv'e got the Butler Creek barrel/ stock set.

I really like it. And kudo's to Bushnell's customer service. They have a lifetime warranty. My first generation sight cracked the screen while adjusting it. They sent me a 2nd generation unit for no charge. It is smaller, but works as well as the first.

I have a Tasco ProPoint that I have had for years. It was $100 at a gun show. It works great on my Mini-14 for close up, quick shooting. The dot is too large for accurate shooting past 50 yards, though.

One tip:


I have had the batteries be dead or go dead one to many times. It isn't that they don't last long, it is just that they always seem to get left on accidentally or just go dead at the wrong time.
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Old December 17, 2000, 05:14 PM   #10
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I had this very same question when considering optics for my AR-15. I didn't want to pay the $300 or more to go with the new Aimpoint or the Reflex (though it isn't a red-dot, it's the same idea). I sent email around to some of the different schools that teach tactical carbine courses and was surprised when a few recommended the Tasco.

So I purchased a Tasco PDP5 from CDNN ( for somewhere around $80, and have been completely satisfied with it. It has 4 different MOA settings for the dot size, and 11 brightness settings. I do echo the advise above that you purchase extra batteries. Eventually we all forget to shut the thing off...
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Old December 17, 2000, 09:54 PM   #11
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Another vote for the Trijicon Reflex II

I got mine for $279 + shipping and it never needs batteries. I've had it on my Ruger Mk II, .45 Carbine, 12 gauge shotgun with no problems. No batteries, ever. Think about it.


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Old December 18, 2000, 09:58 AM   #12
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My vote: Aimpoint Comp M-XD (same as US military M-68 Combat Optic) or Comp ML-XD (same except lacks night-vision settings).

Not cheap, but worth the price for serious work.


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Old December 18, 2000, 10:33 AM   #13
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Ditto on the aimpoint. I'm not experienced with cheaper models; but if it doesn't work out it will cost you more in the long run.

IMHO - the COMP ML without the night-vision settings. I get the feeling that your carbine won't ever have night vision on it, and a red dot is AMAZING for aiming in cruddy light. The Comp ML can go brighter.

Not having batteries is a mixed bag. Battery model == you can adjust the brightness - too bright or (worse) too dim = bad. The tritium models can be rough coming from darkness into bright light/aiming from darkness into a bright area.


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Old December 18, 2000, 02:08 PM   #14
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Location: Madison, WI.... "78 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality"
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Tritium half life ???

Don't the Tritium sights have a certain self life? My understanding is the Tritium isotope has a very short half life. After 5-10 years it will have decayed enough you won't be able to see the elements. -- Kernel
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