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Old July 8, 2012, 04:40 PM   #1
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Why Did You Buy An EBR?

I'll be square with ya, I got mine because times are tough and getting tougher. It can always be a backup hunting gun but guarding the Homestead from Bad Guys is it's real reason.
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Old July 8, 2012, 05:06 PM   #2
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I bought my first one because I am from California and it pisses me off when stupid, fascist politicians in this state think that they can be a good nanny to me, rather than letting me exercise my 2A rights. Didn't even really need an EBR, but bought it because the people who make our ridiculous laws in Sacramento don't want me to have one. A raised middle finger at them, if you will.

Built my AR pistol just because it is something different and fun and because SBRs are illegal in California and an AR pistol is the closest thing we can legally own to an SBR. Once again, if you are trying to take my rights away, I will make sure to exercise them so that you don't win.

So my reasons for buying EBRs are purely political, although I do enjoy shooting them.
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Old July 8, 2012, 05:08 PM   #3
Willie Lowman
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I bought my first one back when it was a "banned assault weapon"...

Before that folks were buying them because they were "Survivalists"

Before that folks were buying them because the commies were coming.

I got mine simply because I wanted an AR-15. There wasn't any socio-political crap tied to my purchase. Just liked 'em and wanted one.
"9mm has a very long history of being a pointy little bullet moving quickly" --Sevens
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Old July 8, 2012, 05:10 PM   #4
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Oh, I guess my reasons are: They're kinda fun. They're far from delicate- they can withstand incredible abuse (think basic training). Uncle Sam seemed quite insistant that I become familiar with them. They make good varmint rifles in a pinch when a heavy bbl long range rifle isnt available. They don't ever seem to go down in value. Even my beat up ones I could probably sell for what I bought them for in years past. Once well broken in- they don't require near as much maintenance as some here would have you believe. They work fine and dandy pretty much stripped down and plain-jane if you want them to. It's easy enough to teach new shooters on. They're cheaper to feed than a .30-06, .243, .308, and a whole bunch of other cartridges. And I guess the last reason I can think of is- nobody was around to tell me NOT to get one.
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Old July 8, 2012, 05:28 PM   #5
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I bought my first one because I was not allowed to take home the one I was issued. Then I bought the second one because it was a great price. Then I built the third because I wanted to learn more about it. Four and five are my next projects.
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Old July 8, 2012, 06:38 PM   #6
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I bought mine and many more after for a few reasons.
One it is a very versatile gun. In moments I can now go from a 22LR to as big as the 458 SOCOM with the swapping of the uppers for those I dont have a dedicated lower for.
This was the weapon I used and trained with in the Marines (well the M16)
So I think I know the AR15 rather well.
Plus it is just hard to beat as far as reliability and looks.
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Old July 8, 2012, 07:13 PM   #7
Art Eatman
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Location: Terlingua, TX; Thomasville, GA
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My AR is set up as a truck gun/varmint rifle. If need be, I figure I could repel zombies, but I see more coyotes than zombies. But I'm not supposed to shoot "Saddleback", my neighbors' sorta-pet coyote that cleans up leftovers.
You're from BATFE? Come right in! I use all your fine products!
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Old July 8, 2012, 07:16 PM   #8
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The first one was to experience one long term. The second was for plain fun. Saiga AK convert then a few AR's.

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Old July 8, 2012, 08:40 PM   #9
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Because a combat rifle is a flexible rifle.

Also, very familiar with the platform.
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Old July 8, 2012, 08:53 PM   #10
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Location: East Tennessee
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I used to live in CA and I wanted an AR badly but I refused to put a bullet button on it or go featureless so I waited till I moved out of CA to buy one. Now I can have a normal mag release button and normal standard magazines.
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Old July 8, 2012, 09:03 PM   #11
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Just because I likeum,You can never tell when you might need to keep the BG's on they're side of the fence.The ERB does that pretty good.
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Old July 8, 2012, 09:17 PM   #12
Charlie Fox
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Location: Summerville SC
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I bought mine for work at the time, but also because I didn't know if I'd ever be able to get another. Also being familiar with, and having recieved a LOT of training on the platform (AR) gave me a great deal of confidence and a sense of legal security if I ever had to use it.
"Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he's too old to fight, he'll just kill you."
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Old July 8, 2012, 09:18 PM   #13
chris in va
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Location: Louisville KY
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Fun, possible HD use, preemptive buy in case they're banned.
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Old July 8, 2012, 09:23 PM   #14
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I got mine because of the uneasy state of pretty much the entire world. I had a bolt .270 and sold it after building my AR the AR does everything I was using the .270 for as well and does things the bolt .270 couldn't. I have recently found PTA of enjoyment in the shooting sports so my AR fills that role too. Bottom line the gun is so versatile I couldn't justify NOT having one. Looking at getting an AK next.
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Old July 8, 2012, 10:41 PM   #15
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First firearm I ever shot was an M16 in basic. As I was preparing to separate from the service, I decided that shooting was pretty awesome and that I wanted to pursue it as a hobby after I got out. Because it was a platform I was familiar with, I decided the AR would be a good fit.
Good equipment will never be a substitute for good training.
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Old July 8, 2012, 10:42 PM   #16
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I bought (actually built) my first AR-15 because it was a firearm that I could build myself from parts. I find that extremely gratifying.
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Old July 8, 2012, 11:14 PM   #17
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I recently bought one that doesn't *look* evil (unless you notice the 30-round magazine) a Ruger Mini-14 with a "high-grade" walnut stock. It replaces a walnut-and-blue Marlin 1894C lever action as my Home Defense Rifle. A USGI .30 Carbine would fit in the same category, especially loaded with softpoint ammo.

If there's ever a civil unrest, I want people seeing me to think "look how cute, he's got his dad's old deer rifle", rather than getting shot on sight by a rookie cop or deputy just on principle because my gun has black furniture.

I'm really liking this .223 / 5.56 cartridge.
"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun"
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Old July 8, 2012, 11:20 PM   #18
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I got my M1A in 1977 'cause I wanted to get into high power shooting.

I got my M1 from the then DCM because they were offered as a "once in a life time deal" back in the early 80s.

I got my AR (A1 or SP1) because I wanted something as close as I could get to the gun I carried in Vietnam. I use it now for 3 gun and multi gun matches shooting < 400 yards.

I got my FN FAL because my son got it for my for my birthday several years ago.

I got my AR (A2 style, White Oak) to allow me to get with the program as ARs were out shooting M1A/M14s at Service Rifle matches. Or any time I need an AR for > 400 yards.

I don't hunt or shoot any other varments with my so called EBRs, I have too many other rifles better suited for that.

I got my M1 Carbine because I heard CMP was running out, just made the cut.
Kraig Stuart
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Old July 9, 2012, 12:28 AM   #19
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I bought mine for it's versatility and the fun factor. I'm not much of a hunter, but my AR will work fine for almost any game in my area. 5.56mm is cheap, fun and easy to shoot plus different calibers are only an upper receiver swap away. Uppers in various calibers are easy to find and I can have them shipped to my front door. I may even get around to having my receiver registered so I can run NFA length uppers. It's also quite fun to customize the gun with the myriad of different accessories and parts out there.
"Si vis pacem, para bellum" - If you want peace, prepare for war.
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Old July 9, 2012, 04:34 AM   #20
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Because Bill Clinton said I shouldn't have one!!!

To be honest that is exactly why bought my 1st one during the AWB. Now that the ban has expired I have grown to really appreciate what the platform can do. I now own 4 and am amazed at how accurate and reliable they are. With good bullets they make a decent big game rifle and do double duty as a personal protection rifle. They are darn near perfect as a varmit rifle with accuracy hanging right with a bolt action costing much more money.
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Old July 9, 2012, 07:02 AM   #21
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The first one was issued, I had no choice. Ten years later I bought one because they are fun to shot, accurate, use cheap ammo. I'm still building and shooting them 35 years later, I must like them, eight of them and still looking.
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Old July 9, 2012, 08:47 AM   #22
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My first EBR wasn't an Evil Black Rifle but rather an Excellant Black Rifle, more commonly referred to as an M1A. One day my friend showed up showing off his new Bushmaster AR. My Wife didn't think much of this friend of mine and if he had one, I had to have one to keep up with the Jones's. I had one within one week after that.

It was funny the day it came in. They called while I was working and so I sent the Wife down to pick it up. Before the end of the day, I heard on the radio that a Colorado Springs cop had lost an AR off of the back of his squad car on the same street as my gun dealer.

No, I didn't have two waiting when I went home, but it was a nice thought. As far as I know, the police weapon was never recovered.
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Old July 9, 2012, 06:21 PM   #23
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EBRs are the sports cars of the gun world.
NRA Life Member, SAF contributor.
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Old July 9, 2012, 06:59 PM   #24
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I bought my first AR15, a Bushmaster Patrolman carbine, because the opportunity to buy one opened up for me as a trade for one of my pistols. I'm initially more of a semi-auto handgun guy, but after owning my first one, I've bought 2 more AR's and currently don't own any pistols.

That, and i'm a fan of tactical military rifles like the M16/M4 variants.
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Old July 9, 2012, 07:02 PM   #25
Baba Louie
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I prefer SLR to EBR

Once I left college and started earning a little money, I bought a Remington 7400, a self loading rifle (SLR) carbine in .30-06 for hunting. It was black polymer stocked. Is it an EBR? dunno. Owned a Garand, an M1 Carbine... both SLRs with a bit of history behind them, but they are either too heavy or underpowered for hunting IMO.

In '85, I wanted to try a Colt in 5.56. That led to a Springfield SAR-48, the M1A, etc. No big deal. 7.62x51 surplus was cheap. Got a cheap Chinese AK and an SKS or three back then as well, just because. Not my cup o tea, but ammo was cheap as were the rifles. Bought a Mitchell Yugo AK in 7.62x51 as well then. Just something different to shoot other than the old bolt action milsurps I owned. Somewhere along the way an FN49 (egyptian) and a Ljungman Ag42 found their way into the safe. Weird but wonderful.

When the Omnibus Crime Bill was passed, it meant I had mine, but I still used either the 7400 or my Winchester 94 for deer hunts.

While they all bring a smile to my face when shooting them, I have no Walter Mitty dreams of glory, tho I do feel every citizen should have access to and familiarity with whatever weaponry our military uses to protect our national borders. It isn't or should not be an Us v. Them internal situation, but rather it is US against anyone outside who dares the unthinkable... and I doubt they'd dare, nor do I see or hear myself shouting wolverine anytime soon.

But I was a Boy Scout.

They'll all either be passed down to the kids or grandkids, or should they all decide to live in CA all their lives, sold off to friends.
A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." - George Washington, January 8, 1790, First State of the Union Address
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