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Old May 19, 2010, 03:19 PM   #1
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does anybody have any funny or strange hunting stories?

The strangest thing I have ever seen in my life of hunting is when I was hunting deer over in Pennsylvania and I see a senior citizen who looked on the good side of 80 walking around with a M1911 that looks older then her. She sees me and waved me over so I walked towards her thinking that she would ask me to point her to the nearest lodge but then I see a beautiful white tail about 200 meters away and before I could raise my Marin 336 she waved it away and without a word cocked her M1911 and took a two shots And to my surprise the deer drops easy as you please. In shock I walk over to the deer and saw ,to my surprise, two perfect shots in the heart no more then 4 inches apart. So after the woman walks over she asks if I would help her move the deer to her pickup so I help her out and never see her again.
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Was hunting with a couple buddies of mine one day. Probably one of the best water fowling days I had ever had. Puddle ducks coming in all the time. A single comes and lands right around the corner of the land we were on. *We were hunting from sleds* As he gets up to run to the corner of the land to spook it and shoot it, he trips and falls face first into the marsh. We all laughed pretty hard. The next duck that came in was on my side. Of course, I was had the same plan, but as I was getting out of the sled. I caught the corner and ate it too! I got about 5" of marsh caked into my barrel. So I spent my time cleaning it out while my buddies got more ducks.

Good times...
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Skunk in the 'coon need to elaborate.
had PTSD; (post trapped skunk drama):barf:
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The strangest thing I have ever seen in my life of hunting is when I was hunting deer over in Pennsylvania and I see a senior citizen who looked on the good side of 80 walking around with a M1911 that looks older then her. She sees me and waved me over so I walked towards her thinking that she would ask me to point her to the nearest lodge but then I see a beautiful white tail about 200 meters away and before I could raise my Marin 336 she waved it away and without a word cocked her M1911 and took a two shots And to my surprise the deer drops easy as you please. In shock I walk over to the deer and saw ,to my surprise, two perfect shots in the heart no more then 4 inches apart. So after the woman walks over she asks if I would help her move the deer to her pickup so I help her out and never see her again

The even stranger thing is the whole thing was illegal. No semi-auto rifles or handguns allowed for deer hunting in PA.
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Years ago while hunting deer in Mass. during the archery season I was sitting in my treestand.I was overlooking a high grass area for about an hour or so.
My hunting pals and I had chili the night before and I was experiencing gas and was trying to keep it inside.Finally I had to get rid of the pressure and I let er ripp. As soon as I let loose,a large buck that was evidently lying in the tall grass aprox. 50 yds in front of me stood up looking in my direction and blew loudly several times.He then trotted off away from me.From the sound of my loud eruption,he prob. figured I was another buck much too big for him to fool with.
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Old May 19, 2010, 08:00 PM   #6
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Ive twice had bucks go bounding past me as I were a pooping.

One a forky, another a very nice 4x4
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Not hunting. But maybe funny.

We lived in a house that was once damaged by a woodpecker, I let the thing stay, nest, and raise its young. Before I could close it up, though, a squirrel took the hole over. Again, I let it stay, raise it's young, whatever. By the time I had it out and the hole fixed, another generation opened it back up, because it was the old ancestral home.

For 8 years, I fought squirrels on that house. I patched, I rebuilt, I trapped, I poisoned, I did everything I could to keep them out of my house, and probably killed more squirrels over that house than any hillbilly in the country. I caused temporary mass area extinctions at times, and when I sold it, they once more invaded that home.

To the story. My daughter knew a boy. he was the stupidest thing I've ever seen that didn't have buck teeth and a long tail. She finally stopped taking his calls. He would then leave 5 minute messages for her. I have some collected on tape, I'd post them, but it could get dangerous if people listened to them and started having seizures.

To finish the story. One day, I had gone out onto our patio. It was an enclosed structure, a screen house. Apparently, a squirrel had pried up a window and gotten in. My dog went through the roof, as I was leading her out to the yard when we discovered it. The thing ran around that room a couple hundred times with the dog in pursuit, and the chaos was incredible. It eventually got out, and ran up a tree.

It sat there, waiting for us to leave, so it could come back. By that time, I was pretty fed up. I went in, got my squirrel neutralizer, and went out to eliminate that thing. I did. At this point, my dog was dancing under the tree, as she always got to play with the remains, but it didn't fall! The thing lay there, face down, 30 feet up into the tree, and would not come down!

So, I went and rebuilt the room. I carried on with the rest of the day. The dog never left the base of that tree.

4 hours later, the phone rang. It was her "boy."

At the first sound of his voice over the outdoor speaker phone, that (un)dead squirrel fell off of his branch, crashed through all the lower branches of that tulip tree, and fell squarely into my Koi pond. My dog dove in, grabbed it, shook it, threw it, chased it, and basically had a 1 man rugby match with it.

This is gospel truth. there is something weird going on between squirrels and me. Just this sunday, I woke up, and found one in our house, on my piano. He had only one way in, to my best estimation, and that was going from our two story roof, down through the water heater chimney to our basement, and up the stairs through my kitchen into that room.

Every time I think I can give it a rest, they have to restart the war. I'm really not looking forward to killing the things all summer.

There it is. Not hunting, not really funny, IMO, but every time anyone hears about it, they laugh themselves into fits.
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Best I can do is -3 ducks with 2 shots!! Neighbors hunting over a ways couldnt believe it. They had used a whole box of shells a skybusting and had zero!
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Old May 19, 2010, 08:31 PM   #9
Brian Pfleuger
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Originally Posted by Peetzakilla
My uncle and I were hunting woodchucks.
We were standing near the center of a field using a round hay bale for cover. After a few minutes I saw a quite young whitetail fawn come out of the woods into the field, maybe 200 yards away. I thought for sure that it had seen us because it was staring in our direction non-stop. However, my uncle was looking the other way and soon enough a large doe was spotted standing on a knoll just outside the field. (We are now directly between the fawn and it's momma.)
After a minute or two the fawn made a beeline for it's mother, on a heading that was to take it less than 3 feet from the bale which we were behind. As I'm watching it run my uncles says "Watch this...." When that little fawn got just about parralel with us my uncle jumps out from behind the bale--- "YAAAARRRGHHH!!!" he yells.
Still to this day the funniest thing I have ever personally witnessed. A whitetail fawn can jump VERY high. It must have been 8 feet in the air, legs still sort of running but more like just flailing around.
It did regain composure and landed OK, continuing on to it's momma, where they both stood looking at us like we were the two most evil people on the planet. I have never laughed so hard in my life, I'm laughing even now as I type this and it's been probably 15 years.
Copied and pasted from a previous thread. Still makes me laugh to this day.
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One time a friend and i were hunting ground hogs on a large farm, we hadnt seen any hogs in the first few fields so we decided to go to the other side of the farm, the quickest way was to cut through an over grown area where the grass was waist high as we walked through the grass i was in front of my friend when all of a sudden i heard a god awfull noise as i turned around to see what had made the noise i saw a whitetail fawn trotting away as i looked back at my friend i asked what had happened and all he could say was i stepped on it he was pale white and i started laughing and he got mad at me for it and still to this day he does not think that encounter is even slightly funny.
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Old May 20, 2010, 08:39 AM   #11
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Not hunting but a great time.

I had just finished mowing the lawn and my two nieces want to ride on the lawn mower. I have a zero turn so, I put one on my left knee and one on my right. I then wrapped my arms around them, grabbed the steering bars, and off we went. I noticed three rabbits towards the back of the property and wanted to point them out to the girls. Well, a 2 and a 3 year old aren't quite the best for spotting game. I thought that I would drive to the rabbits and certainly when they spooked the girls would get a good look. Boy did they! We spent 45 minutes chasing the three rabbits in and out of the fence row and our raspberry patch. I swear the rabbits were actully playing with us. I don't know who was laughing more me or the nieces.
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Out runnin' the hog dogs one night and Junior points off into the darkness... He seen a little fawn (no spots) just standin' there... He got to within 3-5 feet before it spooked off... Got others just can't remember them right off... I do have a pic of a doe in a hog trap but that ain't real funny or weird... My crippled buddy tellin' me to kill her instead of releasing her was kinda funny but me up on the trap releasing her so i didn't get the snot kicked out of me was fun too.
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anyone ever hunt fireflies with a BB gun, or was that only me?
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Any bug was fair game,,,

Those big bees that look like bumble bees, but aren't,,,
They were good bb-gun hunting.
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A cousin from Mich came to hunt pheas. We are working a draw and get to the end. No birds, we go to the truck and my dog in on point in the ditch right by the truck. I grab a handful of gravel and toss it. A rooster busts up, Ron kills it, went to step down into the ditch and fell flat on his face. He was covered in mud.

My brother and I were hunting a field, I told him 2 years before I was there with a cousin and a pheasant flew right into a high line killing it. Just then a rooster flushed right into that very same power line and died right there.

Was hunting with my 10 year old nephew (Now a Marine in Afgan) and my Dad. We were hunting a treeline, Dad on one side us on the other working it to the end. Josh (nephew) had a plastic shotgun that made bang sounds. A rooster flushed, josh was on it, he fired same time as Dad, bird drops, Josh says "I got it" , Dad says yep you sure did with a huge smile.

I was bird hunting when rifle season was on so I had some slugs in my pocket. Was on a hill in waist tall grass when I see a doe like 20 yards in front of me just walking along slow as you please. I load up a slug and crouch down holding my dogs muzzle so she would be still when a buck comes up nose to the ground licking when she pee'd. He got to her and mounted up. I shot him off of her, he died happy and never took a step. Just slid off her and fell down. She stood there for a minute like she didnt know what was going on. I could have took her too but had one tag.
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Heard a buddy shoot, and went to help him with a deer. When I got there, the deer was already field dressed. He was messing with the side of his rifle stock, griping about it being scraped, stomping around and cursing. Not what you usually find immediately after a guy kills a deer … so, I had to ask..

He was in the tree stand, realized that he needed to take a leak, and managed to make it down to the base of the tree (He had a medical condition that only gave him about 30 seconds warning.)
Anyway, just as he started his business, the deer came out …. so he swung the 30-06 up, steadied it on the tree, and fired … one handed… while his other hand remained holding his "other gun".
That’s when I noticed that his shirt, pants, and boots were a little wet … His aim with the 30-06 was good, but when it went off, it affected his "other aim"… causing him to hit the tree at close range, and get caught in the "rico -spray".

He didn’t think "ricospray" was funny, btw.
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Art Eatman
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markj, you could have been arrested for disturbing the piece.
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The Duck that wouldn't die...

When I was 11 or so I went duck hunting with my dad and grandpa. On the way back to land from the blind, we came across a wounded duck in the water. We ran him down and I caught it and asked my dad "now what?" He said "bang his head on the boat to kill it and through it in the bag with the others." I took him and whopped his head on the boat rail pretty good and he went limp and I through him in the bag. A little while later I feel something in the bag move. The duck was alive! I took him out and really let him have it this time and returned him to the bag! Now, before you think I was a small kid and just didn't have the strength to do the job, please note that I was 5'10" @ 175 and wasn't fat at this time... by 13 I was 6'1" @ 210 and again, not fat. Anyway, we get to the house and dump out the bag to show everyone how well we had done and the duck takes off down the street! We chased it down and broke its freaking neck this time!
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A short small game hunting story:
Just before the start of small game season I realized I didn't have a decent shotgun. At the local dealer, I found a nice used Savage single shot at a decent price. I'd used similar guns before, so took it.
In the field, my buddy and I were walking side-by-side with about 5 yards between us when I kicked up a rabbit. With the smoothness and economy of motion born of long practice, I mounted the gun, hit the opening lever and ejected the unfired shell as my so-called buddy laughed himself silly and the rabbit ran off.
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Once flushed a pheasent at...close...range... There was actually an exit hole from the birdshot.....Needless to say we only got 1/2 a breast and one leg out of that one...

Was coyote calling once and a badger popped his head out of a hole 5 feet in front of that was a disturbing feeling. But boy he looked purty on the stretcher

Also coyote calling: had a weasel walk around looking for that danged rabbit...confused the fudge outta him. That was funny.
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Had a racoon dive bomb me out of my buddies tree stand after I had shot two other racoons that were living in the tree stand while trying to clear them out.
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We are waiting for prairie chicken to come flying into the field, which they do before sunset. Grandfather and I are at one end of the field. My older brother and his friend are halfway down one side of the field.

A whole BUNCH of "prairie chicken" come flying in ... right over my brother's head. He stands up (we think to shoot) and yells out .... "if that were prairie chicken we could sure shoot a lot of them ". We're stunned.... and yell out... "they are prairie chicken... shoot you nitwit". Tooooo late..... they were all well by him by the time he got it.

We suggested next time he hunt, he make sure he knew whatever he was hunting, looked like.
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James R. Burke
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A few guys from down state came to the U.P. of Michighan to deer hunt. One of them just got a new pick up truck, so he was in the truck messing with the c.d. and some of the other stuff that came with it. He was parked on a logging road. He looked down the road and saw a real nice 8-pointer just standing there. He got out his gun made a nice shot, and the deer jumped into the woods. He loaded back up and took a walk down were he shot. When he looked in the woods the deer was looking at him, so he shot it again, and dropped right there. When he got to the deer about 30 feet away was one more 8-pointer laying dead. Two 8-pointers got them both while messing around in the truck. He did have a combo lic so he was covered for the two deer. We were in a bar when he was telling the story. Someone kind of doubted him. So we went outside to his truck, and there they were. I guess it's better to have luck than no luck.
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Last deer season I was sitting on a rock outcropping about half way up a mountain side and was glassing the small valley below and also the side of the mountain where the coues whitetails were coming around from the other side and down into the valley.

there is a small forest service road at the bottom of the valley and cars can make it about 500 yards into the valley. well i saw a car going real slow into the valley and I thought it might be drug or illegal smugglers ( AZ has a big problem with them) and I took out my spotting scope to get a closer look at the occupants and to my suprise they were a high school couple. I watched them stop and start to get "busy" and then I decided i should probably start looking for more deer.
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I was pheasant hunting in slew in one of my father in laws fields. The field draw was waist high grass. There were about half a dozen of us with shotguns and a few kids, plus a few dogs. We had knocked a couple pheasants down and they were runners. We got to a bottle neck and were expecting things were going to get busy. I took a step and my foot came down on something soft, but firm. Ok’ I just stepped on one of the wounded pheasants. I reach down and part the grass and I see black and white. Shoot I just stepped on a skunk and have it pinned between my boot and the ground. I yelled skunk, I’ve stepped on a skunk get over here and shoot the bastard. My brother in law ran over and I jumped off and he gave it hell. Needless to say I rode home in the back of the pick up. But honestly I only got a small dose of spray. I was more worried about my mini-dachund that was somewhere around me, than myself. He was one hell of a bird dog.
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