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Old June 13, 2012, 12:55 PM   #1
MSD Mike
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Lee Classic Turret Priming

Does the Lee Classic Turret Press have a better priming system than their Pro 1000? I have a beat old Pro 1000 that I do not like the priming system on. I use the press primarily for resizing and belling cases on then I hand prime and finish ammo on a single stage press. I am considering the Lee Classic but don’t know if the priming system is the same as the Pro 1000.

I know, I know, get a Dillon. I will one day but I am looking for a bit less expense for now.

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Old June 13, 2012, 01:04 PM   #2
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The classic turret takes the lee safety prime system. It's about as good as any other system, once it's set up properly, adjusted right. If you run the tray and feed channel down to the last 5 primers, It WILL fail to feed without some coaxing. Solution is to NOT run it down that far!
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Old June 13, 2012, 01:13 PM   #3
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I've reloaded 20k plus rounds through my LCT in the last few years. When using the SP primer arm it will feed down to the last primer and for the life of me will not feed that last one. When using the LP arm it will feed the last one without issue. The trick is to get it aligned properly, once so it runs pretty smoothly.
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Old June 13, 2012, 02:48 PM   #4
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I am no where near as experienced as most on this site, but if you are looking for a newguy's perspective, the Lee Safety Prime setup is quite effective. I just finished up my second box of 1000 primers and have no problem imagining myself using it for 10s of thousands more primers in the future.

As mentioned above, the key is getting it properly lined up. Once you have it lined up and get your technique down, you can easily fill the tray with 200 primers and feed them all safely into the primer arm without more than 1-2 "flyers". At least I call them flyers- these are the primers that for one reason or the other find their way to the floor because they either didnt make it cleanly into the cup on the primer arm, or they did make it in but the feeder pulled them back out. Once you get the feel of it, you can tell when you feed the primers which ones might pop out. Usually you can just hold your hand up there and catch it before it falls out and seat it manually. At first this may be common, but as you go along you will get it adjusted correctly and develop the right feel for how hard/soft/fast/slow to press the plunger.

The beauty of the setup in my eyes is that the whole operation is happening front and center at eye level (at least in my case, I use the 39" Lee Press Stand and a low swivel chair). Feed the primer, lower the ram, check that the primer is properly oriented and press it into place. Voila. Unless you are rushing or just not paying attention, there is really no way to press a primer in sideways or upside down.

The inherent safety features are a big positive as well.
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Old June 13, 2012, 03:52 PM   #5
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My reloading career is approaching the 2nd year so I am a newbie as well. I have a LCT and just recently added the primer feed option to my press. Like the others mentioned, once I got it adjusted it has given me no problems at all. I am pleased with it. It sure beats the hand priming tool.
Good luck!
~ "JJ"
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Old June 13, 2012, 05:07 PM   #6
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I have the Lee Precision turret and will always prime off the press. Love the Auto Prime.
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Old June 13, 2012, 07:27 PM   #7
Lost Sheep
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I got rid of my Lee Pro-1000s in favor of a Lee Classic Turret for a number of reasons, but tied for first place is the primer system.

The Safety Prime is the best I have ever used. Two things I really like about it is that I can clearly see the primer in the cup before seating and the fresh primer is placed into the cup well above all the debris from the spent primers.

Far superior, in my opinion.

Lost Sheep
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Old June 13, 2012, 08:48 PM   #8
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I quit hand priming once I tried the safety prime setup on the LCT. Very easy, fast and consistent seating. Most guys have trouble getting the last one or two primers to come out so fill the tray before then. The other benefits far outweigh this quirk, for me.
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Old June 13, 2012, 09:23 PM   #9
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I have done on the press priming with a Lyman All American and a C-H CHampion, hand priming with the original Lee screw-in shell holdermodel, bench priming with the RCBS bench primer, hand priming with two models of Lee hand held with the primer tray/magazine. The Lee Safety Prime on the LCT is, by far, the easiest and fastest and has the most feel.
I don't even try to go anywhere near the last few primers. The last thing I do when cleaning up is put a new box of primers in the magazine. I store the Safety Prime in a plastic coffee can with the snap on lid. Next time I load all I have to do, so far as primers are concerned, is set the proper size magazine on the bracket and I am ready for priming.
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MSD Mike
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Thank for the input everyone,

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