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Reloading for the 45 Colt

Well my two buddys both have Uberti SAA .45 Colt revolvers and we went out and shot them, some were loaded with trail boss and some with real BP that he gets when he goes to Friendship Indiana for the weekend BP shooting, and man those BP loads were fun.

Soooooo now I got the itch to go buy a Uberti in 45 Colt and man oh man I got to scratch that itch.

My question is I know these are replica SAA .45 Colts, I need to know what are safe loads for these type guns I.E. best powder and is it safe for real BP.

Even though we shot BP some times people will do things that are not to safe, and I do want to come home with all my digits. my friend gave me a pound of the real BP and I got that locked up away from anything that might even look like it will cause an expansion of gases.

Thanks for the help.
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Just stay away from any Ruger load. The 45 Colt is a wonderful round. Start low and work up with a 255 gr bullet. Just like the ole days. Enjoy.
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I have a few different .45 Colt SAA revolvers and I shoot black powder in all of them.

Biggest thing is to make sure you clean them very well. I have a friend who did not clean his Ruger New Vaquero after shooting black powder and it is now pitted inside the barrel.
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Jst put some money down on a Cimeron Thunder, looks like it will be a ton of fun to shoot
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I have a.Uberti 1873 cattleman NM brass and my wife has a Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patron. I load 200gn lrnfp with 6.0gn trail boss and they shoot fine with that load. Pretty accurate and comfortable to shoot my wife is happy shooting that load.
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If yu decide to try Tail Boss,the low end loads are just terrible.IMHO,start in the middle and work up to the 'high end' loads. with TB,'high end' is kind of a misnomer as its' made to be a case-filling,low recoil/pressure powder,which it does well.
for more OOOMPH,the old standby in 45's is unique,with 255 grain bullets. I use 200 grain bullets for cowboy matches,but the guns do like the 250-255 range bullets better.
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is it safe for real BP.
Any .45 Colt revolver is safe with BP. Just make sure you fill the case under the bullet with at least slight compression. No air pocket. So you can put you mind at ease if shooting BP or BP substitute like Triple-7.

Here is my testing data with TB that might be of interest :

.45 Colt 255g SWC Trail Boss Test Results

.45 Colt 250g RNFP Trail Boss Test Results

More data and discussion in that thread....

I've got lots of loads that are good for .45 Colt, but 8.0g or 8.5g of Unique are 'standard' under 250-255g lead bullet. I've not bought or tested 'any' 200g bullets for .45 Colt over the years and probably never will.
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Sounds like you're up to speed about the safety aspect of BP but here's a hint for cleaning up after you shoot.

(This isn't needed if you're single.)

Lock the door to the laundry room, kitchen, etc. while you're cleaning and don't let folk back in until you're done and have cleaned up after cleaning.

BP can be messy and someone stumbling into the cleaning process part way through might be just a little put out (read shocked appalled and damn near apoplectic) at the condition of the kitchen. Don't ask me how I know this.
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