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Tips for sighting .22 LR

I am new to shooting rifles I recently bought a Marlin 925r bolt action .22 LR with a Barska 4x32 scope. I was shooting targets from about 25 yards and I was probably only getting about 20% of the shots on the target it was about a 8"x10" target I bought a sight-in target kit today and I was going to take it to the range sunday and see if I can't get it sighted in. Any tips I can get will be greatly appreciated. I was also looking at the laser bore sights. Any comments on those?

I figured this seemed like a better place to post this I originally posted this in the art of the rifle can anyone tell me how I can delete that post?
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Were you "grouping" with the 20% of shots you were on target with?
If they were all catching just one corner of the target, you need to adjust the scope using its adjustment knobs.

If your target hits were randomly scattered across a 8X10 target.....its probably the shooter; possibly the rings/scope/rifle.

Are you shooting from a rest?

If you want, send me a PM, I can talk you through adjusting your scope and checking your scope and mount.
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I dont know what kind of target frame/support you are using.

When sighting in a new gun/scope combo get up close-25 yards or 50 at most-inc CF cannons. Bore sight it.

Place a big a piece of paper as possible-newspaper, good size on the target support first, then the target. The newspaper will catch the ones that dont hit the target. Freezer paper is also good and the holes are easy to see.

I was at the range last fall. A shooter was sighting in a new shotgun-slugs at $14/box. He had 3 boxes and had shot 2 boxes of em before I arrived. He had yet to hit the paper. The gun shop, where he bought the outfit, assured him it was 'bore sighted'.

I moved him to 25 and he shot one-we looked and looked thru scopes. Finally I saw a half hole on the topedge of the paper. I suggested a correction to get to the bull--NO WAY- that is way too much.

He shot up has remaing ammo and all he accomplised was getting a little familiar (very) with his new gun and wasting $42 worth of ammo.
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Bolt action rifles are very easy to sight in.
But you need some kind of support for the rifle, so it's solidly in place.
Set up a target at about 10 yds or so.
Then remove the bolt.
Looking right through the barrel, (from the chamber end, of course), center it on a small place on the target.
Adjust the scope or sights to the same place on the target.
And it's done, except for maybe some fine tuning for distance.
Shoot a few rounds to double check.
If the hole in the target and the scope/sights don't quite agree, leave the gun pointed at the hole and adjust the sight to the hole.
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I bought a sight-in target kit today
I would like to know what this is. I've never heard of one. I hope it is not a ripoff gimmick.

Assuming you are at a range with a dirt berm I would do this:

Pick a pebble on the dirt berm
Put the front end of the rifle on a rest of some type (sandbag is fine). Make sure you put the stock on the rest, not the barrel.
Shoot at the pebble.
Make coarse adjustments with the dials on your scope until it seems like the dirt puffs are right on the pebble.
shoot at the paper target of your choice.
Make fine adjustments with your scope dials.

If you are still all over the place tighten your scope setup or better yet, take it to a shop and pay someone to show you how to do it right.

You cannot tell if you're "sighted in" without using a rest.
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Get a bigger target or move a little closer. Shoot 3 shot groups. If they aren't grouping good (they should be close together) it is the shooter assuming the scope is mounted correct. Adjust the scope as needed shooting 3 shot groups in between. It's a good idea to use a rest when sighting in.
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Old April 23, 2012, 05:45 PM   #7
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Most of the sight in problems I see are related to scope mounting. either loose mounts, bases, or rings. With a cheap scope, you might also have a bad one that won't hold zero. Degrease and use blue Locktite when you mount the scope, and when you get it zeroed, test the scope for repeatability and make sure it holds. You might also check the rifle for some major problem, a bad crown, out of spec barrel, or something.

Boresight, either with a good optical bore sighter or through the barrel from a good rest. Shoot close and then move out.
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