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New Jersey to Pennsylvania Residence Gun Laws

Hello everyone. First post here. Very excited to get into the world of shooting. I just got my first firearm (Beretta 92fs) and I was wondering about some legality issues. I currently live in New Jersey, my permanent address is here. I used the NJ system to receive my firearms permit. Besides having an place in NJ, I also am leasing an apartment in the city of Philadelphia. I'm curious, am I allowed to store my firearm in my apartment in Philadelphia in addition to my NJ home? I know I am legally allowed to store it in my NJ home, but I wasn't sure if any of the rules changed when I took it out of state to a different residence of mine.

I tried reading through different laws, etc. and I couldn't find anything. Any gun rights experts know the answer out there? Thanks in advance.
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Aguila Blanca
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I don't believe there's any problem storing your firearm in the Philadelphia apartment. There are some issues about having a firearm in a motor vehicle in PA if you don't have a PA carry permit, but you can get a non-resident permit to take care of that (I think -- easy if you have a NJ permit, but if you don't have NJ you may have to get a non-resident permit from some other state that PA recognizes because I believe PA requires that you have a home state permit).

The real issue is, how are you going to get the firearm out of NJ -- legally? When you refer to your NJ firearms permit, is that a permit to carry, or a permit to purchase and possess?
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I do not have an NJ carry permit, just purchase and possess. I was told I am only allowed to take my gun to the range and back from my house in NJ. My grandfather said the remedy for a non-resident permit is to apply for something like a Florida Carry Permit or something or other, I guess there are many ways to do that in PA. You are right though, I guess driving to anywhere OTHER than the range in NJ is illegal. New Jersey is lame.
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Old April 23, 2012, 08:36 AM   #4
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NJ will let you transfer a firearm from one home to another home that belongs to you. You just can't drive them back and forth for the fun of it.
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So basically just one trip will suffice? Or do I need to sign some papers?
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*edit- Disclaimer: I am not lawyer. I just happen to be an NJ gun owner who's looked into this particular issue on account of storing guns at homes in both states.

If you are transporting a firearm from your residence in NJ to an out-of-state location where it is legal to possess that firearm, then you are covered by federal law. It doesn't matter if you're taking it to another residence or a range in PA... or just driving across the border to sit parked in your car with the gun locked in your trunk while making faces across the river before driving it back home. PA doesn't have the transport restrictions that NJ has, and it isn't any of NJ's business what you do with your property while not in NJ. Federal law protects the transportation of a firearm from one place where it is legal to possess (your house in NJ) to another (the whole state of PA).

Transport within NJ is sticky because it is illegal to possess a gun without a valid NJ carry permit anywhere except your home, your gunsmith's place of business, and the range. There is an exception for transport between those places, but if you make any stops along the way you're cooked... that is not the case on the other side of the river. In PA, it is legal to transport a firearm anywhere except the usual list of places where firearms are prohibited- schools, government buildings, military posts, etc. So long as it stays locked in the trunk of your car, you can stop and grab lunch on the way to the range, or swing by your friend's house... all the things you can't do in NJ.

PA also does not have registration or a purchaser ID card like NJ does; since you already own the gun you intend to store at your place in PA, nothing else needs to be done. It's as simple as driving it across the river.

Also, both resident and non-resident FL carry permits are valid in PA.... not to mention ~30 other states. It's a good investment to make- just be mindful that a FL carry permit (or any other out-of-state permit) will NOT be valid in NJ.
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Have you considered making your Pennsylvania apt you're permanent residence? Sounds like it would be easier.
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I was only up here for a job position which has served its use. My lease here ends in June so I can't make it my permanent residence. Until then I do want to be able to store my firearm.
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Old April 24, 2012, 09:49 AM   #9
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I am down in SJ. I thought that Philly had a ban on handguns. Other than that I often transport my firearms up to my property in Tioga county PA for hunting and plinking. Its my impresion that you may transport that pistol wherever you want in the US as long as its unloaded and cased out of reach. Such as cased behind the seat in a pickup or cased and in your trunk. PA as well as most any state other than NJ,NY,CA will allow much more liberty and the firearm "MAY" not even have to be cased. I also have property in NC and its legal for me to drive around all day with a loaded pitol on the passenger seat as long as its not concealed. Unloaded and properly cased is not a concealed firearm. Laying in the glovebox for example is concealed.
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maestro pistolero
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Have you considered making your Pennsylvania apt you're permanent residence? Sounds like it would be easier.
It is my understanding that he wouldn't even be eligible to a apply for a NJ carry license if not a NJ resident, if that is a concern.
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OP, you are good to travel from your home in NJ to your home in PA if the firearm is in a locked hard sided case.

As far as in NJ the ONLY places you can bring your gun as was said are the range, FFL/smith, and property/business owner by YOU (not your mom, not your brother, YOU) and you must have your FID on your person at all times while transporting your locked handgun.

My advise to you... either,

A: make a PA address your primary residence, apply for PA ccw. (apparently its not so easy within city limits of phily) This will cover you in all of PA. NJ Bullsh&t laws will apply no matter what while in NJ but this WILL get you around all the OGAM/FID/PPP senseless crap

B: Apply for either UT,FL, or AZ non-resident CCW. This will also cover you in all of PA. I have the Utah myself.

C: Join Its the best site to help you navigate NJ's unlawful laws.
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Ah yes of course, a good xzibit meme does help the discussion along accordingly. thank you for that lol. Based on what everyone is saying here it seems to be OKAY to drive from my home in NJ to my home in PA then store it there. What I can't do is drive to other places besides a shooting range or place of residence whilst in NJ. As for carry permit, yes I plan on applying for the Florida conceal and carry permit when I buy a more portable and pocket-fried gun within the next month.
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