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Old April 19, 2012, 02:10 AM   #1
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CCW in School?

I recently moved from a state where I was allowed to carry a concealed weapon with me to class at the public university. I now live in Washington State, and attend another university which is private. I have a CCP in both states. Both the school and the Washington Administrative Code have rules prohibiting guns on campus. However, with the recent and seemingly ever increasing occurrence of campus shootings, I am feeling less and less comfortable without my firearm.

The way I see it, I have a few options; (1) I could just get over it and learn to deal with it as if I have no other choice, (2) I could just lock my firearm in the car which I park in the parking garage about 3 minutes run from my class rooms, or (3) I could put it in an extra, unutilized pocket in my backpack which would never get opened, opting for a don’t ask don’t tell approach.

Leaving the school and going elsewhere is not an option I am willing to put on the table, and I realize that getting caught would almost definitely mean expulsion from the school, but I just wanted to see what the consensus of the crowd on this forum would be; play it safe with option 1, or risk it with options 2 or 3?
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The way I see it (and just me here) is no different then no carry at place of work. I do not presently carry but am in process of getting my CCP/CCW but did carry for many a year when I lived in Indiiana and with that said. No one ever knew when I had my gun on me. So therefor no one ever knew if I was "breaking" a rule. Not a law. But a rule. Big diference in my eye.

Now as a father I would pose to my son this question. Is this worth expultion to YOU? And the fact if you would get expelled probably loose financial aid and posibility of getting it again at another school?? And as I would tell my son. Don't look at me for this answer, it is an answer you must give...

I am responible for my own safty and the safty of my family. I can not make someone else be responsible for my safty or anyone in my family if they choose not!!!!!!!!!!
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Old April 19, 2012, 04:14 AM   #3
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IMO, if you're caught with a gun on school premise's that does not permit guns, school expulsion will probably be the least of your worries. Too, if you park your car on school campus(your post wasn't clear on this fact), check your laws/rules pertaining to this as well.

Since you are attending a 'private' school, they are entitled to set the rules as they see fit and I assure you, being a school, they(school) will have the fullest support from the local LE when it comes to enforcing the laws of the school as well as state laws pertaining to guns on private property.

In short, know the gun laws of your state pertaining to schools,private property and adhere to them by the letter or risk incarceration, loss of your carry permit and more likely...gun ownership period and of course expulsion.

Oh, and by the way, get involved in trying to change the gun laws as they now stand for many university's.
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Old April 19, 2012, 04:50 PM   #4
Aguila Blanca
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If carrying is against school rules, that's a private matter and the worst you face from the school is expulsion (which will not mean good things for your educational and future professional opportunities).

On the other hand, if carrying in/on university property is a violation of state law, then you are facing not only private, civil penalties from the school but also criminal penalties from the state. If carrying on school property is a felony offense, the consequence of being caught would that you will never, ever again have to worry about whether or not you should carry ... because you'll be prohibited for life.

Sounds like a no brainer to me: No gun for a year or two, versus no gun for the rest of your life.
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Old April 19, 2012, 09:16 PM   #5
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Both the school and the Washington Administrative Code have rules prohibiting guns on campus
If it is not only the "rules", but the "law" where you live, violating them and getting caught could mean a felony and a forever ban on you owning a gun

just something to think about
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Old April 19, 2012, 10:37 PM   #6
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The Washington Administrative Code does not seem to cover private campuses. Regardless, I think I will probably just deal with it for a couple more years, and continue to hope I never need to defend myself.
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Old April 20, 2012, 11:49 AM   #7
Glenn E. Meyer
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While some forums might allow such, we do not want folks to hint at or suggest, wink or nod - etc. at breaking the law or administrative rules.

Nor do we want folks admitting here that they do such or did - which is discoverable.

It is also possible to carry items that are legitimate - check out OC rules, flashlights, etc.

One can also attempt to change the laws - however, I am not hopeful about that lately.

Since the OP has decided not to carry a firearm, etc. - closed.
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