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8mm Mauser Components?

Well I have a Spanish 8mm Mauser. I am considering reloading for it. I need some links for budget priced components like brass, and projectiles. It will not be for hunting. Just for punching holes in paper out to 100 yards or so. I have some milsurp ammo that is corrosive, though I want to see what this rifle will do with some decent.

My problem is finding good links. I looked on Midway. Brass there is only one brand available, though I may end up buying some since it is good quality Nostler brass. They only list one brand of soft points that are in my case too expensive for paper punching. I am not able to buy in large bulk. My budget is around $50 to $100 for brass and bullets.
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Natchez still has Winchester in stock.

Also has Hornady bullets in stock...

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I haven't loaded a heap of 8mm for my old Mauser, and what I have loaded hasn't impressed me a whole lot, so I wouldn't say that it's worth sharing.

However... I have had some fun making my own 8x57 brass from .30-06, and it was -really- easy to do.

If you haven't done it, it's as simple as using the Lee cutting system for the 8mm Mauser on some decapped .30-06 brass, and after it's been cut down, you lube them up well and run them through the 8x57 FL sizer.

That's all it takes to make 8x57 brass and it works fine.
I use a case/forming die from RCBS. I form the case first, trim .254 from the top of the forming die with a hack saw, finish with a file then lower the ram, then I full length size the case to 8mm57, again I do not pass up the opportunity to adjust the case to the chamber, when using 30/06 cases to form 8mm57 the reloader can not miss, the shoulder on the 30/06 is ahead of the shoulder on the 8mm57 .121 thousands. Before forming dies and before Berdan primed cases were available, the 8mm57 die was used, shoulders developed dents, folds and wrinkles, the dents popp out when fired, the folds became creases and stayed that way. The trim/form die increases the success over the 8mm sizer die.

Bumping sounds like an accident, when adjusting the (A) die to size I control the gap between the die and shell holder with a feeler gage, rather than 'bump' the shoulder back I adjust the gap to avoid moving the shoulder further back than necessary.

On my press(es) and dies full length sizing is full length sizing, the die is adjusted down to the shell holder with an addition guesstimate of a turn 1/8 to 1/4, that is an additional .0085 to .017 thousands, cases sized in this manner are sized to .000 or .005 shorter than a go-gage length chamber from the head of the case to it's shoulder, if my shell holder does not have a deck height of .125 and the die does not size to minimum length I can send them back and have it replaced with a die that is as advertised, the dies are labeled Precision, Competition, bench rest, New Dimension, sizing is not an accident, I expect predictable results, and I do not have to purchase a tool box of tools to verify the results.

So rather than size cases mindlessly by screwing the die down to crush settings, I control the crush or shoulder set back which is anything but 'bump' I would call it 'wreck' as in change, establishing the shoulder .121 further back than the shoulder of the parent case allows the relaoder to establish case length from the case head to the shoulder to effect head space, for the most part I have form/trim dies from 243 to 300 Win Mag.

Success rate, new unfired cases, perfect. Once fired, 2ND best. When necking up as in 30/06 to 3387 or 35 Wileen do not use nickel cases, 30% of the necks could split on once fired cases. When annealing, anneal the case down to the point the new shoulder will be established.

When necking up 30/06 to 35 Whelen I have split 5 out of 100 cases, when using 280 Remington new cases the results is about the same, again the difficult part is trying to find cases with the case length from the head of the case to the shoulder longer than necessary and finding cases that do not shorten when necked up, 30/06 cases can be customed fit to the chamber of the 8mm57, 7.7 Japanease, 308 Winchester etc..

I use a RCBS forming/trim die, cases must be full length sized after forming, I have neck sizer dies and samll base dies, I choose not to use them, I use the full length sizer to neck size, partial neck size, neck size with partial body sizing and full length sizing but I know the size of the case I want.

F. Guffey
Google "form 8mm mauser" for lots more. Search this forum for "form 8mm".

EDIT: I checked Midway and in 8mmMauser, they have Rem, Win, and coming soon, Horanady. The only 8MM brass from Nosler I saw was 8MMRemMag

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Try Grafs:

PPU brand is great for low cost and decent quality.

Or for loaded ammo, try AIM Surplus:

About $14/box of PPU FMJ, good for paper punching and you can reuse the brass.
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Thanks for the links folks. Looks like I will be picking up some 30-06 brass at the range this week. On payday I will more likely than not be picking up bullets, dies, and maybe some powder. I have IMR 4320, Varget, Reloader 15, AA 2015, and H-335. I am sure there are some published loads with Varget which will get me started anyway.

I will more than likely start with a couple of boxes of Privi to fire form the brass. Then I will work on reforming some 06 brass later on down the road. I see that the Privi bullets are fairly reasonably price so I will more likely than not order some to try as well. I just wish they were as cheap as the .223 I buy for my Savage.

I am not going for tack driver, just something to shoot some holes in paper, and pop cans out to 100 yards with iron sights without having to go though the corrosive clean out after every trip to the range. (I have oother rifles for that.) Yugo surplus gave some honest 3 inch groups at 100 yards, though I am sure a better rifleman than myself would easily best that by half. The thing is it was shooting way high for all three of us shooting it this weekend.

Though I am fairly well versed in Kentucky windage so as long as it is consistant I can compensate for it.

Feel free to share more links. It makes the money burn a hole in my pocket looking for stuff to order.
No matter how many times you do it and nothing happens it only takes something going wrong one time to kill you.

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