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Old February 17, 2012, 08:40 AM   #1
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S&W model 410

Does anyone have any experience with the S&W model 410 in 40 cal ?
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Old February 17, 2012, 09:56 AM   #2
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I don't have experience with the Model 410 specifically, but I'm familiar with S&W 3rd-gen "Traditional Double Action" pistols generally.

Here's some info about the M410, copied from an earlier post of mine, with some edits.

The M410 is one of the "Value Series" S&W 3rd-generation metal-frame centerfire pistols. It's basically the equivalent of the Model 4004, with blued finish and an alloy slide.

Compared to the standard pistols, the "Value Series" had a straight backstrap, more squared-off slide machining, no RH-side ambidextrous decocker/safety lever, and a plastic guide rod, mag release, and sights. The backstrap can be changed by swapping the 1-piece grip from a standard 40xx/59xx-series pistol. Metal sights, a metal guide rod, and an ambi decocker/safety can also be retrofitted using readily-available standard 40xx/59xx-series parts, although I'm told that the decocker/safety swap is somewhat complex (and arguably unnecessary). Failures of the plastic guide rod are rare, but some owners complain that the flexible plastic makes it difficult to reassemble the pistol, as the guide rod is more reluctant to stay put in the notch under the barrel.

The "10" part of the model designation indicates 10rd capacity mandated by the 1994 AWB, but the pistol will readily accept standard 11rd 400x/404x-series mags; IIRC it was briefly sold as the Model 411 prior to the AWB.

Here's a brief summary of the good and bad points:

  • Built like tanks- just as tough as a SIG P226 or Beretta 92FS, but cheaper
  • Low cost
  • Very reliable
  • Very accurate
  • DA trigger smooth once broken in
  • Very crisp and short SA trigger reset
  • Slide can be moved with decocker/safety engaged
  • Mag disconnect (YMMV)
  • 100% drop-safe in DA/safety-off mode
  • Decent aftermarket support
  • S&W reportedly still has plenty of parts and will readily work on these pistols
  • LE surplus mags are available for super cheap; several vendors are currently advertising 11rd 400x/404x-series mags for $10/ea!

  • Built like tanks- bigger and heavier than new tactical plastic of equivalent capacity (just like a SIG P226 or Beretta 92FS...)
  • May be uncomfortable for shooters with small hands
  • The slide stop is a long reach forward, usually requires a shift in your grip
  • Somewhat complex manual of arms due to decocker/safety
  • DA trigger can be somewhat gritty on guns that have not seen much use, and pull weight is fairly heavy with stock springs
  • SA trigger pull from rest (rather than reset) has ~1/4" of crunchy slack as various safety doodads are moved out of the way
  • Slide-mounted decocker/safety is somewhat awkward to reach, it is moved down for safe and up for fire (the opposite of most common modern Western automatics), and the lever(s) can literally be a pain while operating slide- I have a little scar on the palm of my hand to prove it
  • Stock plastic grip is somewhat slippery, and aftermarket grip selection is very limited because the 1-piece grip unit is complex in shape and incorporates the mainspring retainer (hint: a Hogue Handall grip sleeve is your friend)
  • Mag disconnect (YMMV)
  • Field-stripping procedure is somewhat of a PITA; slide must be manually held partway back while withdrawing or inserting slide-stop takedown pin, the recoil spring is not captive, plastic guide rod may make reinstallation of recoil spring difficult (see above), and 3 fiddly little levers must be manually held down to reinstall slide
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Old February 17, 2012, 10:08 AM   #3
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Carguychris nailed it!

I'm the happy owner of the Model 410's 9mm brother the 910. It is one of my favorite pistols to carry and shoot. After several thousands rounds the trigger has smoothed out very well. I can't ever remember my 910 having a FTF or FTE. I'm sure that if I could load chunks of brick into my mag...the 910 would chamber it.

If the 410 fits your hands, you would be hard pressed to find a better aluminum framed traditional .40 pistol.
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Old February 17, 2012, 11:14 AM   #4
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I have a model 410. At least I have one right now. I'm thinking of trading it in today on a new Ruger SBH for another (I don't need) deer gun. I've had the 410 for about six or seven years and have nothing overly negative to say about it. It has NEVER fail to fire, feed, or eject. NEVER. It's as reliable as any semi I've ever owned. It's reasonably accurate for what it was designed for, it's not a target gun by any stretch of the imagination. The trigger is poor-moderate even after breaking it in (I own/have owned several high end target revolvers and semis so I'm spoiled on triggers). It has a lot of travel and is mushy. Sights are crude but again, work for the intent to which they were designed. I've used mine almost exclusivily as a nightstand gun or a carry to "scare bear" gun (I've actually had to use it to scare a couple bears away from my ground blind and trailer porch where screaming at them had no effect. Don't want to shoot them, just make a lot of noise). I don't know why you're asking but if you're looking for something to target shoot with, forget it. If you're looking for a carry's too big and there are a lot better choices out there. Lots of smaller, higher capacity guns available. If you're looking for a nightstand gun, casual carry walking the property, etc. it's not too bad a choice. It's cheap and reliabe and it did what I wanted it to do.
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Old February 17, 2012, 09:40 PM   #5
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Like wnycollector I also have the 9mm 910. I got it for dirt cheap, yet it is fast becoming one of my favorite range guns. Reliable, comfortable to shoot, probably the best DA trigger I've ever felt on a traditional DA/SA pistol. I'd imagine the 410 would be the same except for having more recoil.

It's a real shame the S&W 3rd gens were discontinued, and that they never had a larger following than they did. I must admit that I myself never really gave them the time of day back in the 1990's.
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Old March 1, 2012, 12:46 PM   #6
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I was really happy when I picked up my model 410 a few years back. Got it for a pretty good deal, although the friend I had bought it from got some wild hair up his *** and decided to polish off the slide. In this process it not only looks weathered ( less than 500 rounds so everything is still tight ), but he removed the rear sight paint. It shoots remarkably accurate for me but I know it would be a lot more precise if I had new sights.

Does anyone know of a really nice after market night sight system that works with this model? I've been coming up with very little, and when I do they seem to be sold out.

Thanks for any help or direction!

Great gun, will never sell/trade it.
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Old March 1, 2012, 01:08 PM   #7
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Trijicon's website lists sight set SA26 for the M410:

Night sights for S&W 3rd-gen TDA pistols are confusing because different rear sight dovetails were sometimes used in the same models at different times, or in otherwise similar models at the same time. However, since they only list ONE sight set for the M410, you should be good to go.
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Old March 1, 2012, 02:13 PM   #8
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I have the 910/915 guns and have shot an older 411. My 9s were in the 275-325 range, near mint but used. All great "value" no bells and whistles guns.
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Thanks CARGUY, I appreciate the direction!
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