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I practice with my g21sf45acp at atleast 7 yards and work my way out as far as i can so that i can practice the most i can. how far is too far? ive seen more than plenty of shoots at 100 yards yet noone practices that far or at least 50 yards, gee i shot a five seven once that didnt have an issue ringing at 100... i find the 45 more practical for ccw but dont limit yourself is all iam trying to say, does competition guys are good because they try and are not affraid to try new things hence the "latest in training" thats how we get better so go out there and see how far you can shoot, its always a good excuse to shoot some ammo and have a little fun while experimenting.
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G21SF 45 ACP
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How big is this black area? I make my own targets out of loose lief paper, I trace a quarter with a sharpie then color it in.
25' - 1 1/2"

50' - 3"

25 yds - 5"

50 yds - 8"

When you can do these targets with slow fire you will find your time and rapid fire get a lot easier.
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If you credit Jeff Cooper as an authority, then you might follow his advice on "Skill Maintenance Exercises".

In part, his course of fire is mainly at the 3 yards (1 head shot from holster in 1.5 seconds), 7 yards (1 head shot from holster in 2 seconds) and 10 yards (2 shots to COM from holster in 2 seconds) distances (standing). At 15 yards you practice kneeling and at 25 yards you practice prone. [Page 143, "The Modern Technique of the Pistol" by Morrison]

Of course, his concept of "The Modern Technique of the Pistol" includes balancing Power, Speed and Accuracy. You could acquire a shot timer and work on balancing speed and accuracy.

You must place your shots (generally aimed pairs) in a vital area (8" center of mass) or you can not stop a threat. However, the shooter who can place those accurate shots faster is in a better position to prevail over the shooter who is slower to place accurate shots. A shot timer is critical to get an objective measure of how you are doing in the speed department.
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In a way I'm with Cooper.
I don't count group sze , ever.
I count disabling hits or kill shots.

Anything center mass is good.

Distance from 1 foot to 12 yards.

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My eyes are TOAST.

I don't practice any further then fifteen yards and most of the time it's seven to ten yards with some targets running towards me on the electric switch (indoor range)really close too.

If you can group well at 25 yards you're just a step ahead.
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Accuracy drill @ 25 yards

I took a handgun class from Louis Awerbuck back in 2006.

One drill he suggested was the following:

Target at 25 yards from the shooter. All shots begin from the holster. At the signal, draw and fire one round. When beginning on this drill, the shooter can begin from ready and with longer time limits, but the eventual goal is one center hit at 25 yards from the holster in 2-1/2 seconds.

The target is an 8 inch circle (the A zone on an IDPA target is an 8 inch circle)

I've done this drill on IPSC and IDPA targets, on 8 inch paper plates and on 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of blank paper.

I cannot routinely do this drill in 2-1/2 seconds! I usually set the par time on my timer to 5 seconds and I'm usually just under that.

I haven't shot the drill in a while, and I don't have my log book handy to check. Usually I do this drill 25 times and record how many center hits I've achieved and what time limit I was using.
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It depends on the gun. My S&W M36 and Walther PP are practiced with a 15 and 30 yards, all of my other semi-autos are 15, 30, and 50 yards, and my S&W Models 28, 66, and 629 are 15, 30, 50, and 100 yards. Occasionally, just for kicks and giggles, I'll take the 629 to the 200 yard range but I'm not particularly serious about it. I don't practice any closer than 15 yards because that's the shortest distance available at the range I frequent and mid-range shooting is prohibited.

I know full well that 30 yards is probably stretching what's realistic for self-defense, but I figure that it can't hurt anything to have the ability to make a longer shot even if I never have to.
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