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Steyr M9A1 vs Glock 17

I saw a recently resurrected thread comparing the Steyr M9A1 and the Glock 19. I own a Steyr M9A1 and a Glock 17 (RTF2) so I would like to offer a comparison between the two. They both fit the mission profile they were designed for very well, which is close quarters combat. Both have been carried as primary sidearms on many occasions. Below are their respective features.

Glock 17- The grand daddy of all the Glock family. I purchased it because when the RTF2 came out so many people hated it that I got a good deal on it. ( I love it myself the grip is like super glued to your hand and the fish gills give a unique look.) It is 3rd Generation and is trustworthy. One the most supported guns on the planet, there are tons of holsters, after market mags, barrels, and just about anything else you may need to keep it going or modify it.

Steyr- People either love or hate this pistol. On the internet it was bashed constantly when it was compared with the Glock. People always quoted things like " My father's brother's cousin's former room mate had one and it blew up the first time he fired it and took his arm off at the shoulder." or " I hear the slide is made out of recycled Chinese cardboard." The M series and MA series could not find a friend even when it was paying for the drinks. Steyr had importer troubles and had to discontinue importing them for a while. (I got a great deal on mine a 2004 model purchased in 2008 because the wholesaler who was selling them was trying to get rid of them in a hurry.) That was a huge mark against it and it was tough for Steyr to over come. Stey fans took to the internet and created fan sites and talked up the Steyr constantly to all who would listen for years and years. Enough die hard Steyr fans pestered Steyr to bring back the pistol over the years and they finally gave in and started importing them a few years ago. The outlook for Steyr is much better now than it has been in the past.


Steyr- 15 round mags came with the pistol but you can now purchase 17 round mags for them.

Glock- 17 round mags came with the pistol but you can buy up to 33 round mags that hang 2 1/2 feet out of your pistol if you want to.


Steyr- the barrel 4 inches fully supported chamber

Glock- 4 1/2 inches fully supported chamber.


Steyr- The grip angle mimics that of the luger and the design helps you maintain a postive hold. Extremely easy for anyone regardless of hand size to get a good purchase on one handed. Anyone who has ever held it regardless of size or gender has never had a problem getting a good hold on the Steyr.

Glock- If you have medium to large hands the Glock fits your hand well, all of the ladies that have held it complain about the grip size being to big. The grip angle while good is not as pronouced as the Steyr is still good.

Trigger- Steyr- I have gone to the range and offered to let other shooters try the Steyr if they wanted to and the very first question asked is" Did you have a trigger job done to this pistol?" I tell them it is a stock trigger from the factory. No one can ever believe that, I have shot friends 1911's and Beretta's and no one has as good a stock trigger as the Steyr. Pulling the trigger feels like your driving a car down a smooth newly paved road to your destination.

Glock- When it was new it was a little more gritty and rough, but the more I shoot it the more that starts to smooth out. I don't think it will ever get to the point where it will be as good as the Steyr's is but I think some day it may get close. pulling the trigger on it is like driving down a gravel road, it will get you there but it aint the most fun.


Steyr- They are the trapzoid sights that you either love or you hate. If your used to shooting 3 dot sights like I was it may take a while to get used to them. They are designed for extreme close range shooting and once I got used to them I found I could get on target quickly with them and fire accurate shots easily.

Glock- The use the white outline of a u with a dot, again I had been used to shooting 3 dot sights. Once I got used to the glock factory sights it became easier getting accurate shots.

Recoil Control-

Steyr- It is muzzle heavy and it helps the muzzle flip and the low bore axis helps with the recoil contol. You hardly feel any recoil with this pistol at all.

Glock- It does not recoil much either,very easy to control.

Which is better? Why not own them both and enjoy the experience.

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