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I'm on my second and they have both done great on most bulk ammo. I usually buy federal champion bulk. Aftermarket mags are junk like previously stated. The best mod in my opinion is installing a volquartzen extractor. It's cheap and effective. I would experience the usual occasional jam before but now it just runs and runs...and runs flawlessly. Taking them down is easy once you do it a couple times but you can clean them pretty well without taking them apart if you want to use aerosol cleaners and blast out the action and chamber. After it dries you can shoot some Rem dry lube in the action on the bolt and reciever and you're golden. Don't stress too much, they are pretty forgiving and should eat nearly anything. Just take care of it and it will really last a lifetime.
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to the OP: A quick word about the Stingers. They sometimes have problems in certain semi-autos, but none that I have witnessed yet. It's a different matter in that Marlin of yours. Marlin literature warns strictly against using Stingers and like 'hyper-velocity' ammo in their semi-autos, as the recoil buffers in the Marlin rifles are not made to take the abuse. They will crack and will be in need of replacement. Hope this helps...
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CCI Mini-Mags work great in 10/22s.....and every other .22 ever made. Just keep an eye out for good sale prices. $4-5 per 100 hurts a little less.
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Old January 24, 2012, 06:10 AM   #29
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somebody was feeding you false fudge!

CCI stingers are normally the last resort ammo that many people with problematic 22s are forced to use because their rifles wont feed anything else. if a rifle is incapable of feeding stingers then there is something seriously wrong with it. I've shot a number of 22s over the course of my life and I would say that the 10/22 is the most reliable with the most kinds of ammo. I've shot a number of ammo types from ancient steel cased, lead tip to federal 525 box.

I've had best results with CCI stingers, CCI mini mags, federal 525 bulk box, american eagle 400 bulk box.

I generally keep away from remington gold(500/550 box) and winchester super X and 333 box because of a serious lack of QC.
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^Thats the PDF of the manual.

My first 10/22 gave me feed issues but I think it was the glossy finish they used on the all weather 351- serial # set. My new one has never given me one issue its all weather 353-.

My older brother has spent a bunch of time modding/tinkering with his. Its a tack driver and beautiful. Mine is completely OEM.

There is an auto bolt release mod you can do fairly easy if you are mechanically inclined. Its the only thing I do to my 10/22s. Look for it on Youtube.
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Old January 24, 2012, 07:49 AM   #31
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Rugers can be problematic as they come from the factory, but a few simple steps can turn them into pretty nice-shooting rifles.

The first thing to check is whether the firing pin strikes are deep and that there are no misfires with various kinds of ammo. If strikes are shallow and wide, the firing pin tip can be ground narrower, but with rounded edges to improve ignition.

Despite various attempts to free-float 10-22 barrels, they seem to shoot best with a pressure point near the end of the forend that provides about 5-8 pounds of vertical pressure. That's because there's only one stock screw and it's important to add pressure to the barrel to keep the receiver down in the stock, especially when a scope is used.

After loosening the stock screw, if the receiver fits loosely in the stock, there are two ways to make it better. I prefer to glassbed the receiver and the rear of the trigger mechanism; however, have used a few layers of electrical tape on a buddy's rifle receiver sides to tighten things up temporarily and we were astounded at the accuracy improvement. He went on to win a plinker class IR50-50 match that day!!!

The Ruger sporter barrels are fine for plinking, but if you get serious, a new barrel is necessary. I've had great luck with Green Mountain barrels, but most of the after-market bull barrels made are very accurate.

You can find out other low-cost tips to improve your rifle at Tips and Tricks Forum.

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Old January 24, 2012, 05:52 PM   #32
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FYI: Stingers are some more wicked 22s! I once shot a blackbird with them and it blew into chunks!
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Old January 25, 2012, 04:50 PM   #33
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I have not had much luck with Winchesters Super X 555 round bulk pack. The bullet always bend trying to chamber, which i have at least 1-3 in each magazine. I have tried CCI ammo that works perfect and Federal 325 round match ammo which says made for semi auto's works the best i have found.

As far a magazines, i have Rugers BX-25 mag and it is by far the best 10/22 magazine out there and i won't be buying anything but them
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Old January 25, 2012, 07:39 PM   #34
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what i gather from all this if im reading it all right is that .22 stingers can be used in a standard 10/22 chambered for .22lr without damage to the action?
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Old January 25, 2012, 08:23 PM   #35
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what i gather from all this if im reading it all right is that .22 stingers can be used in a standard 10/22 chambered for .22lr without damage to the action?
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Old January 25, 2012, 08:45 PM   #36
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I've currently got 2 10/22's in the stable; both are heavily customized. My first 10/22 spent the first 8 years of its life stock. That barrel would not reliably feed Federal ammo for its life; my brothers had no issues with the same ammo. It also HATED yellow jackets and vipers (Rem.'s answer to the Stinger). It did alright with Rem. Golden Cyclone, and Thunderbolt; when you got batches that didn't have QC problems. It always liked CCI Blazer and other thatn the residue issue shot them pretty accurately. It LOVED Mini Mags and shot them almost as well as Wolf / SK Jagd match. It ran Stingers just fine also. It did well with Winchester Wildcat and Super X. It was also totally indifferent to Aguila; it ran them but they didn't group for -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-.

Others who have posted will have results that vary from mine...each rimfire is a law unto itself. You will be well served buying or aquiring a few diofferent 50 or 100 round boxes of ammo from various makers and types and find what your likes. When you get tired of the poor trigger pull caused by the new plastic trigger guard, consider either and after market unit (Timney or Volquartzen) or get a metal trigger guard from an older model and drop in sear, hammer and springs. Don't forget the trigger return'll want the older metal one also.

The admonition of no Stingers comes from aftermarket barrel makers like Volquartzen, Magnum Research, et. al. That is because they have either Bentz or true Match chambers.

If / when you decide to customize the gun, start with the trigger group. Afterwards, think in terms of stock and barrel. If you go stock barrel first, you'llo probably be disappointed with your accuracy since you'll have a great barrel but lousy trigger. The stock barrels can be fairly accurate.
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